Waiting List Cancellation Charges [Tatkal & Normal]

Waiting list cancellation charges for sleeper class, 3 ac , 2 ac, Second sitting (2S) & chair car are updated (i.e.) IRCTC cancellation charges are revised from November 12th 2015. People love train journey. When all the confirmed railway train tickets are booked, people still go ahead and reserve the train and book the tickets which will fall under the category of “Waiting List”. 

IRCTC Waiting List Cancellation Charges for Train Tickets:

Waiting List is categorized into different type (i.e.) waiting list (WL), CKWL, RKWL etc…If you want to know more about the Waiting list categories then individual categories then here is an ultimate guide to know about the Waiting List Meaning & Chance of Confirmation for the waiting list. People are still booking in the Waiting list because when confirm tickets get cancelled, the waiting list tickets will get confirmed to them.

Passengers Queue in Indian Railway Station Photography
Passengers Queue in Indian Railway Station Photography

For your information the chance of confirmation & the cancellation of the waiting list reserved train tickets purely depend upon the day and the waiting list number. If you are on the top of the queue in the waiting list 1 to 5 then waiting list tickets will not get cancelled and it automatically get confirmed. Also it depends on the day, if it is normal days the chance of confirmation of waiting list are higher and if it’s a festival day then sure your waiting list railway train tickets will get cancelled.

When waiting list cancelled, railway passengers worried about their travel and also their cancellation charges, about the cancelled amount refund? Also their not sure about when the waiting list cancelled charges will be refunded to their bank account? Here is the information for the people who search for the IRCTC waiting list cancellation charges for their train tickets.

There are two types of cancellation in the waiting list

  1. Manually cancelling the train ticket
  2. Automatically cancellation by IRCTC

Manually Cancellation: People go to Indian Railway website (i.e.) IRCTC and cancel the ticket directly by clicking on “Cancel ticket”’. If you do manually cancellation then the cancellation charges will be taken. The cancellation charges are taken irrespective of normal or Tatkal ticket.

Automatic Cancellation: Automatic cancellation means when the charts are prepared, the waiting list ticket will get automatically cancelled if it is not confirmed. At the Indian Railway IRCTC automatically cancel the waiting list and you are not allowed to travel in the train.

Important Note: We highly recommend on automatic cancellation because the refund amount (i.e.) the Waiting list cancellation charges are much lower. Don’t rush up and cancel the ticket immediately after it goes to waiting list. Just wait for few days booking keep watching periodically on the status of train ticket that you have booked. If it is increasing gradually on the waiting queue then don’t cancel the ticket. If it’s not confirmed then your railway tickets will get automatically cancelled as said earlier

You can find the exact cancellation amount of both type of details in the below table

Class of Travel Cancellation Charges  & Cancellation Type
Automatic Manual
Normal Ticket Tatkal Tickets Normal Ticket Tatkal Tickets
Sleeper Class (SL)      Rs 120 90 % of the Amount will get refunded


     Rs 120 No Refund for Confirmed Tickets



Second Sitting (2S) Rs 60 Rs 60
Chair Car (CC) Rs 180 Rs 180
AC Two Tier Sleeper (2A) Rs 200 Rs 200
AC Three Tier Sleeper (3A) Rs 180 Rs 180
AC Three Tier Economy Rs 180 Rs 180
First class AC (1A) Rs  240 Rs  240
First class (FC) Rs 240 Rs 240


Note: If you travel with the waiting list ticket then you will be treated as a Passenger without train ticket. If the TTR catch you with waiting list then you will be charged and asked to pay fine. So we highly recommend not  to travel with waiting list tickets



  1. indian railways is doing extortion services they know very well seating capacity of perticular train if they issued 50 nos extra it can be adjusted by cancellation tickets .but it was not happening continuously they will issue the tickets on which basis they are issuing ?once seating capacity fullfilled why canot they stop issuing tickets( it will be indicate to passenger to take some other option) but it wont happen becoz the core intention of the railways is extorton

  2. i have booked two 3AC train ticket of Tatkal quota Worth Rs 3005 /- How much will i get refund if we cancel manually?

  3. I have booked train tickets of normal Sleeper worth 730/-. It is in PQWL Status. How much will I get refund if we cancel manually ?

  4. I was charged a Sum of Rs.309 towards 3 tickets under PQWL. On non confirmation I am told that Rs 95 would be refunded.I believe it is Indian Railways,and I am an Indian for sure.

    Am I not entitled for a full refund for I have not availed any services nor derived any comfort for the value of money being deducted. If not could some one please explain me the logic behind it.

  5. It is sad to inform that our own country is making its own people fool. Initially reserving so many ticket in Tatkal scheme and no refund for waiting list train ticket when it is cancelled manually. Thanks to its Policy Makers.

  6. Waiting list charges got increase. I would recommend Government to decrease the waiting list charges in the next budget.

  7. My Train ticket was in waiting list and it is not Confirmed now and chart has been prepared. If it get cancelled automatically then how much will i get as refund to my bank account.

  8. Surprise to see my 2S WL ticket cancelled automatically, by irctc, the total cost of ticket was rupees 630 plus service charges and the refund amount was only rupees.45, it was the 2nd class sitting ticket for 10 passengers(2child +1Snr ctzn+7 adults) in intercity express for a journey of 1hr50min nearabout 100kms. what a loss to the passenger for not travelling and paying Rupees 600 for nothing.

  9. My Train ticket was in waiting list and it is not Confirmed now and chart has been prepared my ticket fare 350.00 Rs.& service tax amt : 23.00 Total Amt : 373.00 And it get cancelled automatically then how much will i get as refund to my bank account and how many days will get amount in bank account ?

  10. My Travelling Date is today and i am still in the waiting list WL 20,21,22 ? Is there any chance of confirmation and for your information My train timing is by 11.15 PM. At what time chart will get prepared?

  11. In 4th Nov,16 I have a exam at Bhagalpur.My waiting list is 89(SL Class) at Gaya Express which will depart in 3rd Nov.How much it possible to confirm my ticket?If it will be not confirm than what can I do and what is the automatically cancelation charge?

  12. I have booked a Train Ticket in 3 Ac ..
    Still it is in not confirmed status..
    I just want to know whether it will cancelled automatically if i didn’t manual cancellation.

  13. In 4th Nov,16 I have a exam at Bhagalpur.My waiting list is 89(SL Class) at Gaya Express which will depart in 3rd Nov from Howrah.How much it possible to confirm my ticket?If it will be not confirm than what can I do and what is the automatically cancelation charge?

  14. Your waiting list will not get confirmed. You need to look for some other option to travel. Your ticket will be auto cancelled. If you wish to do manual cancellation for Waiting list. Please check out the above Waiting list cancellation charges for tatkal and normal ticket.

  15. Waiting list cancellation Charges will get vary based on following this 1. Normal or Tatkal ticket 2. Based on Class of Travel. Please let us know the class of travel and how many person you are going to cancel the train ticket. It will take almost 2-4 business days to refund the amount to your bank account.

  16. Yes Sawan! you are right. Only this year budget they have hiked the price of cancellation. since the cancellation charges are low last year , more People are booking before 3 months and cancelling the train ticket. So people in need to train tickets are getting affected. So they have increased the waiting list cancellation charges for Sleeper and Tatkal tickets.

  17. Did you cancelled the confirmed Train tickets. If so they have hiked the waiting list cancellation charges since more number of people are booking and they are cancelling at last minute since cancellation charges are low. so people who want to actually travel they could not book their tickets. That’s the waiting list cancellation charges are higher.

  18. I have book ticket Thru Credit card and my tickets are in waiting list. If my tickets not confirm than it will automatically cancel. In that case, Where I will get refund amount?

  19. I just booked 6 ticket from direct window. I mean in railway reservation Counters, but all are in waiting list
    If i want to cancel the ticket, how much they will refund me ?

  20. Sleeper Class (SL) Rs 120 (Auto cancellation) charges mentioned above is for how many tickets ? Because out of 1200 I received 880 and one more ticket out of 700 I received 460 (both the tickets for 04 tickets). Please help me

  21. Thanks for sharing waiting list cancellation charges for Tatkal Ticket. i have book 2 tickets for 9 Dec 2016 from Delhi to Bhopal and my status is RLWL/5 and 6. Is there any chance that it will be confirmed ?

  22. Indian government is following looting technique for earning money. I have booked two tickets which have got automatically cancelled after charting. Railway has not returned the money to my bank account from which i had paid. I have got the message that it has been returned to the paytm. But i do not understand in whose paytm account the money has been returned.
    Now they are not giving any reply to my query.

  23. I booked 3 tickets for RS 430 approx , I manually cancelled the e-ticket as it was in waiting list above WL-40.
    But I only got RS 230 as refund money. IRCTC is collecting service tax and online charges extra, then why they are taking this huge cancellation charge, what is the purpose. After all it is not a confirmed ticket. Does IRCTC needs any manpower to cancel this tickets and to make note of them, no its all done by the computer. Are they collecting these cancellation charges for server maintenance or for Internet billings.Some stupid rules and loudly saying we are the biggest networks.

  24. I booked my tickets from railway reservation counter, the train tickets are still in waiting list. I also gave my mobile number during train ticket booking. If my train tickets will be not confirmed, then will I get refund automatically. If so how and how much will i get money refund ?

  25. I just booked a sleeper class tatkal ticket, But it is in waiting list…
    If I want to cancel the sleeper class tatkal ticket how much they will refund to me?

  26. When the waiting list train ticket get auto cancelled then will it get automatically deposited to your credit card(i.e) If you have booked your train ticket through credit card. what will happen when we book our train ticket through net banking.

  27. My tatkal waiting list refund amount for the Train Ticket PNR 6558926174 Rs.1325 has not yet received in my account. Please let me know what is the procedure to get back my Waiting list cancellation charges to bank account.

  28. If your waiting list cancellation charges are auto cancelled IRCTC will refund the money to respective payment method while paid during booking. So if you have booked your train ticket through Paytm then amount will refund only to Paytm not the bank account.

  29. Thanks for letting me the Waiting list cancellation Charges for both Tatkal & Normal Train Tickets.

  30. I have booked a sleeper class train ticket in IRCTC. How Much will i receive if i have cancel the sleeper class train ticket manually (i.e) Waiting list cancellation charges.

  31. How much will be the cancellation charges for wait listed dynamic fair ticket for Duronto. I have booked Durango ticket for 2nd AC for Rs 4750. Base fare was 3500. Ticket is waiting list. How much will be refunded if I cancel it manually.

  32. I have booked online ticket for Pune to Mumbai. Train No. – 22106 Indrayani Express, Dt 20th JAN 2017 for AC Chair Car. It was waiting list. This ticket was not confirmed, so I shd get full refund back. But instead of Rs.375, I got the SMS for refund of Rs.310/- only. The ticket got cancelled automatically, then also IRCTC taking charges too? & How much charges IRCTC take for such auto cancellation?

  33. I booked a Train ticket (Train no 18616) from Ranchi to kharagpur in 3 ac on 26/01/2017 and tickets are in waiting list 11,12,13. What will be the chance of confirmation of train tickets ?

  34. My waiting list was 2. If the sleeper Class train ticket get automatically cancelled, then how much refund will i get?

  35. I have booked an e-ticket on Rs.315 From Jabalpur to Indore in sleeper class and my train ticket was in Waiting list. Now the tickets are automatically cancelled by Indian since there is no confirmed train ticket. After automatic cancellation I have got a message to mobile saying that “you will get 255 refund in your account why Rs.60 is getting deducted”. Does the waiting list charges for sleeper class are right?

  36. If its a confirmed ticket, then the cancellation charges will be high compared to waiting list cancellation Charges. Is your train ticket confirmed? And also it depends on the time of cancellation. Sooner the better. For waiting list auto cancellation will be the best option.

  37. I have 3 Waiting tickets Worth 840 and I want to cancel it now. I just wanna to know will they detect waiting list charges of Rs 120 for each single ticket

  38. I have booked IRCTC website 4 tickets from Salem (SA) to Chenngannur(CNGR) for travelling on 17th May 2017 in Sleeper Class which is on Waiting List. Among 4 tickets, 1 is for Senior Citizen and the total amount deducted from my bank amount is Rs.1100.00.

    If I cancel the tickets how much will be the cancellation charges. Please advice

  39. Yes! For Auto Cancellation of Waiting list tickets have cancellation Charges. The Auto Cancellation Waiting list charges depends on the class of travel (i.e) Sleeper class, AC, 2AC, 3AC, 2S, CC. for AC Chair car it will be around Rs.60. Your waiting list auto cancellation amount was also calculated & it was refunded to you.

  40. I booked an e-ticket on Rs.210/- From Vijayawada to Secunderabad in sleeper class on 12th june 2017 and my train ticket is Waiting list (WL-5). I would like to change my ticket on same from Narsapur to Secunderabad. could you tell me how much charges I have to pay for that and where is the the modification option.

  41. While booking train ticket, my ticket was in waiting list and after few days it got confirmed. Could you please tell me if have cancelled the confirm waiting list train ticket ? Will they refund money to bank account ?

  42. Yes! If your ticket is confirmed Tatkal train ticket the cancellation Charges will be 100% (i.e) No Money will be refunded to your bank account. If it’s normal train ticket then waiting list cancellation charges will be detected and remaining amount will be refunded to your bank account.

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