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Finding Coach Position of train Online is very simple. Most of train passengers need to know their train Coach Position before they get bored into train. Also some of the people who board at intermediate railway station are necessary to know their Coach position of running train. Here is an ultimate guide for railway passengers who want to check their train compartment position in online.

How to Find Coach Position of train Online

People who want to travel in train wanted to Check Train Coach Position Online because of the following reasons

  1. Train passengers don’t want to go to railway station and search for their coach position of train which will be really difficult in crowd.
  2. Some of passengers, who travel in train, will arrive to stations at the last minute, so there might be chances of missing train because of seeing Wrong Platform number and coach Position on the notice board in hurry.
  3. Manual error may occur while writing the Coach Position information on the railway station notice board
  4. Need to go to the railway station prior 45 min of boarding, since we need to see the details over there and go to right platform & coach number.
  5. You need to wait in station until the coach number gets displayed on the screen before the train arrival.
  6. In Intermediate station we need to wait for some time, because only they will announcement will be made before 10 min of train arrival.
  7. Also in the Intermediate railway station, it will be always necessary that you need to listen whether they are speaking regarding our train & respective train coach number.

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So if people started to see their train coach Position/Compartment Position in Online, then we can overcome all the above points mentioned. Are you interested to check the coach position of train in Online now? Are you at intermediate at railway station, Want to check the train coach position of running train immediately. Then follow the steps which are given below to do the same.

Train Coach Position

Steps to find Train coach Position/Compartment Position in Online:

In order to find train coach Position, you must know these things. When the train coach position will be displayed at railway station? When it will be available online? Generally, Coach Position of train is generated only when reservation chart is prepared by Indian Railway.  You can easily check coach position of running train in online.

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There are number of websites to find the Compartment Position of train in Online

You need to log into any one of the website given below

  • IRCTC PNR Status – IRCTC Official Website

All you need to do is to enter the PNR number and click on PNR Status.  Now in a window you will find complete detail about the train ticket & the train. All coach Position numbers are referenced by numeric number. For example if your coach position number is 12, it means that is its 12th coach starting from the engine. Do you know exactly how the train coach will be arranged like AC, sleeper, UR etc…? Check out this article “Train Coach Position from engine” which explains clearly about the position of each coach from the engine.

That’s it you will find train coach information in a minute.

Important Note: If you train ticket is still in wait list after chart generation then, you will not able to track any coach position for the train ticket.

Happy Journey 🙂

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