How to find coach Position of running train

Find Coach Position of running train in Online is very simple now. Running train is like the train is currently running between the railway stations. It would have started early and you will be waiting for train at your railway station which can refer as running train. If you ask me Is it possible to track the position of coach in the running train? Then I would say it easy you just need to follow the steps given below to do the same

Coach Position of Running Train

Basically most of train passengers will have lot of luggage’s in their hands because they will travel to a long distance in the train. Also luggage’s are not chargeable in trains. And people will be waiting with the luggage’s at the intermediate railway stations. Since it is intermediate railway station the train will stop only for five minutes. You just need to get into the right train coach quickly

So you need to know the train coach position (i.e.) where exactly the running train coach will get stopped at your railway stations. If you don’ know the exact train coach position of running train  then you might have chance to miss the train because you might standing at different spot where your running  train coach will be located at different spot.

Train Coach Position

If you are standing on the wrong spot of the platform with all the family members with stack of luggage, it would be extremely very difficult to get into train or sometimes we could not able to reach the right train coach & board into the train. There is lot of chances of missing the train in these cases. Also it would be very difficult for old people & children to run in the huge with you and the luggage’s to find the right train coach.

If you need a comfortable journey, then must get the information of train coach of running train that will arrive on the platform. And stay closer to the spot or train coach position before the arrival of the train. So that we can avoid running and catching the right train coach at last minute.

There are three ways to find the exact train coach position of running train. They are given below

  1. Enquiry at Railway counters
  2. Announcement at Railway station
  3. Tracking Coach Position of running train in Online

Enquiry at Railway counters:

In the railway information help desk of railway station will have all the details of the running train. So if you enquire with your train number, they can provide the details like coach position, platform number, train timings etc…

Announcement at Railway station:

In most of the railway station, platform number of the train will be announced


  • “Train number 12679 Coimbatore Intercity Express from Coimbatore to Chennai will arrive shortly on platform number 7”
  • “Train number 12723 Andhra Pradesh Express from Hyderabad to New Delhi will arrive shortly on platform number 6”

Note: if you want to know the platform number in online then check out “How to find the Platform number of train in online”.

In intermediate railway station they will also announce train coach position of running train


  • Train Number 12679 Coach Position 1st General Compartment, 2nd S1 , 3rd S2, 4th S3 5th Pantry, 6th AC Two Tier, 7th AC Three tier, 8th General Compartment

Note: These announcements are made in three different languages such as English, Hindi & local language.

Tracking Coach Position of running train in Online

Will you arrive to the railway station at last minute? Are you in a position that you could not here the announcement from railway station?  Do you want to know the position of the coach in running train? That’s the exact position of train coach or in which train coach position are ordered.

Train coach postion OnlineTrain coach position Online

There are number of online websites to find the Running train coach position. Go to any one of the website given below

  • IRCTC PNR Status – IRCTC Official Website

Step #1: Enter the PNR number and click on PNR Status

Step #2: You will find the complete detail of your train ticket (i.e.) Coach & Seat Number, train timings, Status of the ticket and coach position

Note: Coach Position will be displayed only after the chart preparation. Then “When reservation chart gets prepared”

If you can’t find anything and still if you are in hurry burry then at least check out “Train Coach Position from Engine”. So that you will know at least approximate spot of train coach from the engine (i.e.) if your coach number is S12 then check out train coach position order from the engine, through “Train Coach Position from Engine” and now stand near to the spot so that you can catch the train.

Hope the article on Train coach Position helped you 🙂 have a safe journey

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  1. Thanks for helping me to find the running train coach Position 🙂 I boarded into the running train on time 🙂

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