Train Coach Position from engine – Find/Track

Find Train coach Position from engine in Online for each train. Want to track and check out the position of the coach before you get into railway station. Is it Possible to do the same? Do we have any online portal where we can track coach position from locomotive in live of running train?

Train Coach Position from engine – Find / Track

Naturally, people will travel in train with their family and friends that too lot of luggage’s. If you got confirmed tickets, you need to reach the railway station with the group of family members. If you don’t know the train coach position exactly then you need to walk for more distance and there might chance of missing the right train coach.

Train Coach Postion from engine
Train Coach Postion from engine

If you looking for the train coach order as like given below then you are at the right place.

You will be carrying lot of luggages in one hand and in other hand you need to maintain your family members. So if you are not sure where the train coach is located from the engine then it will really difficult for you. That too if you are in intermediate railway station then might be chance of missing the train too. Since you will not know position of the coach from engine you will run here and there to get into the right coach.

Consider sleeper class S1 (train coach) is positioned second (i.e.) Next to engine. If you at standing at the last coach of train or in the intermediate train coach at railway station, then you need to run the starting position of the engine to get bored into second class S1 train coach. At the time if you have old people, children & heap of baggage then it will be very difficult for you to make everybody to get into the right train coach.

The train coach order from engine. (i.e.) Train coach position is arranged in order from the locomotive.  It will be very easy for you if you at the train starting point (i.e.) The Source station from where the train spots because train will stand in the railways station for a while like half an hour to one hour. So if you know the right platform it will easy for you to find the train coach positon by walking on the platform near to the train engine.

But if you at intermediate station then it will be extremely difficult to run near the right train coach and also train will stand at the station only for 5 minutes. So it will be extremely difficult for train passengers to track their train coach position order.

Important Note: For each train the order of coaches from the train’s engine will get differed. Based on Number of train coaches & type of rake of the train coach it gets differed. If interested to know more types of rakes like ICF & LHB train coach then check out “ICF & LHB Coach details”

There are two ways to find the train coach position from train engine.

Train coach Position from the engine [Offline]:

Before the train arrives, in intermediate railway station they will announce the train information, Platform number & the train coach position Offline for running train. And the train coach position will be drawn at the information board of railway station

Train coach Position from the engine [Online]:

Step #1: Navigate to

Step #2: By default Search train will get selected, Enter the train number directly in the Train text box and select that train. Now Click on Go.

Note: If you are not sure about the train number type from and to railway station and click go. It will list out number of train. Now find the train and select it.

Step #3: You will find your train gets listed out in the table. Now select the train.

Step #4: After selecting you can find the diagram which is given bottom of the screen (i.e.) exactly above rating with a name of ICF rake/ LHB coach

Step #5: That will clear idea on train coach position from engine.

That’s it hope you have found your position of train coach and we hope you are standing near to spot (i.e.) train coach at the railway stations. Share the article with your friend which might help others

Have a Safe Journey 🙂



  1. Train Number : 12137 Punjab Mail (PT). Please tell me HA1 Coach position from engine for the train

  2. Sir mujhe batao ki coach me GN MATLAB kya hota hai

    Aur special train kaise check karte hai ?

  3. I had booked rail ticket in 16187 (Ernakulam Exp) from NGT to ERS on 30th dec … but my 3 seat is reserved in HA1 and 6 seats in A1. Whether these coaches are interconnected so that I can move between the coaches if necessary ?

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