Train Coach Position Information

Train Coach Position enquiry is easy now. Want to know about the train coach position information? Where these coach information are getting displayed. Here is an ultimate guide to know the information on train coach. Just follow the instruction given below to get the right coach position.

Train Coach Position Enquiry/Information

Train coach Position is necessary for boarding into right coach of train. If you don’t know the exact coach position then you need to run here and there to catch the train. We highly recommend you to identify the exact train coach position before the train arrivals.

Train Coach Position

We want this article because one of my friends has missed the train by standing in wrong coach position. He wants to get boarded at Ooty railway station. He got group of members travelling in train with lot of luggages and they were standing in right platform spot, but he was not near to his exact train coach. Here are the articles, which I have written previously about the train coach position information which might help you.

Here are ways to find the Train coach information easily. They are given below

  1. Railway station Helpdesk enquiry – Where you need go and manually enquire about the train that you are travelling. They will give you information like coach position, train timings, platform number etc…
  2. Train coach position Information Announcement – Before the train arrival, usually in most of the railway station they will announce the platform number and the coach position etc in three different languages. Example: Train Number XXX from XXX to YYY will be arriving shortly at platform. Next Train Number XXX coach Position 1st general compartment, 2nd AC two tier, 3rd Ac three tiers etc
  • Coach position of Train from engine – You can find the exact coach position order from engine information based on the train that you travel. If you want to know more information or to enquire on the same then check out “ Train Coach position from engine
  • Train Coach Enquiry Online – You can enquire all the information about the position of train coach in Online. You just need to enter the PNR Number in the IRCTC PNR Status official website, and then click on “get status”. After that you will find a coach position column in the table.

Note: The train coach position information & the enquiry can be made only after the reservation chart gets prepared. Coach Position of trains will be generated only after the reservation chart gets prepared by Indian Railways

We hope this train coach information & the coach position enquiry will be helpful for you. Stand on the right Coach Position with the enquiry you made and board into the right train. Have a safe journey 🙂

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