Train Coach Layout/Seat layout Plan

Want to check out Train seat layout for the coach before you travel on the Indian Railway train. People always want to check the train seating plan before boarding into the train, because they will get ready based on their seat map positions. (i.e.) if your seat position layout is in the middle of the coach then you might not carry wool, a normal bed sheet would be enough. You will not feel so cold ,since the seat position is in middle of  the coach layout . Also you might not find any door opened, only you will have windows if you close that that’s enough.

Train Coach Layout & Seating Plan Map/Seat Layout :

As discussed earlier, they are many other reasons why people are searching for the seat layout. They want their luggage to be safe in the train coach. If you seating position is at the middle of the train coach  in a good layout then you will be safer. Similarly People don’t want to sleep & travel near the rest rooms (i.e.) the dead end corner seats of the coaches in the layout. The corner berth seating position in the train coach layout will be always an irritating one because as said earlier it’s unsafe and also it’s near rest room. & the train doors.

Girl Travelling on Window Seat in Indian Train Girl Travelling alone in Indian Train

Since there would be many number of train coaches, it difficult to find the proper coach and the seat on the coach. If you already booked the ticket, checkout the at the coach number which would be printed on the train ticket or sent through SMS to your mobile Phone. We have set of diagrams which will tell the Position of seats/berths in the train Coach. If you have not booked that’s well and good because you can frame idea based on the train Coach layouts. and book the ticket.

How to locate your seat on the Train Coach Layout diagram:

Before checking out the train coach seat layout, first check whether your train runs with older design ICF or newer design LHB coaches ?. Most of the trains will be run with ICF coaches.

Check Out: What is LHB Coaches & ICF Coaches?

You can locate the exact position of train seat/berth in Coach layout in two ways. They are

  1. With the help of Train Ticket details – you need to search below
  2. Other with Train Coach Description you can search below

With Ticket Number:

If you already have a train ticket, checkout the train coach number printed on ticket. Are you travelling first time in Indian train. Do you don’t know to read the train ticket. Here is an ultimate guide on “How to read the train ticket.’  After finding the coach number checkout the below column, Suppose if your coach is B2 then checkout the train layout diagram for the “Coach number” column which says B. If S3 then checkout the train layout diagram for the “Coach number” column which says S

Suppose if you don’t have train ticket and you know the respective train coach description (i.e.) Whether you are travelling by Sleeper class, AC , Second sitting etc.. Based on that you can check out the seat layout of the train.

Class/coach description Coach type Coach number ICF-design layout
Second AC Full A View Layout
Second AC and Three-tier AC Composite AB View Layout
Three-tier AC Full B View Layout
AC Chair Car (Normal trains) Full C View Layout
AC Chair Car (Shatabdi/Duronto Express) Full C View Layout
AC Chair Car (Double Decker) Full C View Layout
Second Sitting Full D View Layout
Executive Class Full E View Layout
First Class Non-AC Full F View Layout
First AC Full H View Layout
First AC and Second AC Composite HA View Layout
First AC and Three-tier AC Composite HB View Layout
Sleeper Class Non-AC Full S View Layout


  1. Thanks for details we are plan to book a coach for marriage purpose & i have some query can you please help me .
    Please confirm is the coach attached from the A destination & detached at B destination.
    as we required time at both destination to loading & unloading of the luggage.

    & also confirm is there any holding charges for coach
    also confirm security deposit is refund by rly or not & by which mode & time

    Also confirm can we have to deposit separate security deposit & separate booking for return journey

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