IRCTC Ticket Booking Wait time [35 Sec] – New Rule

35 Seconds Compulsory Wait to book railway train tickets on IRCTC Website. It can be normal train ticket or tatkal train ticket, but you need to wait for 35 seconds to book the tickets. The above new rule 35 seconds will be implemented from today.

35 Seconds Compulsory wait to book Train Tickets on IRCTC

From today we have to wait for 35 seconds to book train ticket in online through IRCTC website.  If you ask me is it possible to book railway ticket before 35 seconds? I would say no, because I have tried in the morning today. It was not possible for me to book before 35 seconds.

35 Seconds Timer
35 Seconds Timer

IRCTC says This method has been implemented to prevent mass booking by some fraud agencies.

Also most of the people to book their tatkal ticket they are using certain automated software to book the tatkal ticket faster (i.e.) with in fraction of seconds. So other people are not getting the tickets at the proper time.

But I searched and found few ways for booking your tatkal train tickets faster. I tried the same tricks it was working for me. If you want to try the same then check out the article below “Tricks to book tatkal ticket faster”.  These 35 seconds will not get impacted over there, because with this trick it takes around 40 seconds to book the train ticket. So these is no harm

The new rule is taken to prevent the manipulation of IRCTC Website. Earlier 10 seconds was the minimum waiting time for booking the train ticket. Now they have increased to 35 seconds because it will take at least minimum 35 seconds to fill the booking form followed by bank transaction etc… In online. If they increase more than 35 seconds they say that it will affect the delay of ticket booking train ticket will be longer to all. So entire Irctc system will get collapsed

Important Note: 35 seconds count down starts only after login of the IRCTC website.

Other Safety Methods taken by IRCTC recently:

Now more and more people are prefer online ticket booking method rather than from booking the tickets directly from the railway stations. Online ticket booking is more convenient and time saving one.

  1. User need to enter CAPTCHA at all the times. Like Login, reservation & in payment stages.
  2. Only Two tatkal tickets for single user ID in 10 -12 hours period. Also maximum 10 train tickets in a month can be booked by a user
  3. Only one Tatkal ticket for single session (Expect return journey)
  4. Only two tatkal tickets can booked for an IP
  5. OTP (One Time Password) is mandatory for net banking payment options for all banks
  6. Now new one 35 sec compulsory wait to book the train ticket has been added as a new rule.

Don’t worry still there are many loop holes in IRCTC to book the train ticket. You can check out in the upcoming article on “Loop holes in IRCTC”

Happy Booking 🙂

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