TDR Filing in IRCTC for Train Ticket Cancellation

Want to Indian Railway(IRCTC) train ticket after chart preparation? Did you booked your train seat in any of these class AC First class, Executive Class, AC 2 Tier, AC 3 Tier, AC Chair Car, AC 3 Economy, Sleeper & second sitting Class. Missed to cancel the IRCTC Ticket before chart Preparation? Is the Chart Preparation is done? Do you want to still cancel the Ticket? Is it Possible to cancel the booked e-ticket now? Yes it’s possible he/she needs to file the TDR to get back or refund the amount for cancelled ticket. Find the Steps to do TDR Filing on IRCTC Website Online below.

TDR Filing in IRCTC for Railway train ticket Cancellation [Steps & Rules]:

After Reservation charts are prepared by indian Railway. There is only one Possible way to cancel the booked train e-ticket and get back the amount is to file TDR online in Indian Railway Website IRCTC.

Checkout all the TDR Details like What is TDR ? When TDR can be Filed ? TDR Rules ? TDR Refund Process ? in my last article. We also specified the rules to do TDR filing in IRCTC online in the same article. we would highly recommend to read it before you File TDR.

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Procedure to do TDR Filing for IRCTC e-ticket Online :

Step #1: For Filing Online TDR, Under ‘Services’ Menu, Select ‘File Ticket Deposit Receipt (TDR)’. If you have booked your train ticket in Old website, navigate to ‘My Transaction’ Menu under that ‘Old Transaction History. ‘Now enter the Password, then Select ‘File TDR’ in the Left panel under the “My transactions” Menu.

Step #2: Select the Ticket and click on File TDR. The IRCTC will forward the claim to indian railways to process the refund. Money will be credited back to the same account through which the payment was made.

IRCTC TDR Filing [Step 1]
IRCTC TDR Filing [Step 1]
IRCTC TDR Filing [Step 2]
IRCTC TDR Filing [Step 2]

* If you have any clarification you can mail to

Did you already Filed TDR? Do you want to track the TDR Status Online? Check out how to track existing Filed TDR.

How to File TDR Filing for IRCTC e-ticket Online for Agents :

Are you an booking agent? Do you want to cancel the passenger ticket and file TDR. do you want to know how to file TDR and get back the amount for the customer. e-tickets cannot be cancelled after chart preparation.

Whenever the agents receive such request from their customer, the agent need to send a mail to with the following below details. we filled a sample form as like the same. you can check out for the reference.

PNR No: 4201944556
Transaction ID : 100000111314294
Train No: 12686
From: TUP
Date of journey: 05-Jan-2015
PASSENGER NAME: Prem krishnan
AGE: 25
SEX: MaleReasons for filing TDR: Passenger not feeling well

After that IRCTC will file TDR online & forward the claim to indian railways to process the refund. Money will be credited back to the same account through which the payment was made.

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  1. R C Kandpal. Gokul Bhuryal, D bisht
    PNR 2642754740 T I D 100000087710721 RAc TDR amount not recd.
    PNR 2859759838 10000004259000932

  2. On 15-05-2016 I booked an e-ticket and the PNR No. 2646416042, I have booked this e-ticket through Android IRCTC Mobile app IRCTC connect. Due to some reason I have not traveled and chart was prepared I want cancelled my ticket by filing TDR on-line well before the scheduled departure of the train. But I see TDR option in the Mobile app but cant able to file TDR through irctc connect app and when I try to do with the same in my website account then I cant find the booked ticked which I was booked through the mobile app because mobile account and website account not sync up so in this condition how to file TDR. Could you help me on this.

  3. Sir, Thanks I filed TDR Online e-train ticket after chart preparation with the above information.

  4. After Chart preparation my tickets Partially confirmed, but all the passengers are not going to travel. Is it possible to cancel the partially cancel the tickets which are currently in waiting list. Will I get refund for the same ? Please fine my PNR number 4119871529.

  5. PNR Number: 6554774175, TDR ID 100000563878099 Ticket Type RAC
    Still I didn’t receive my TDR amount.

  6. We Are seniorcitizens (Wife &husband)aged 67 & 66.We booked train ticket through IRCTC website by 14-07-2016 for journey 6-08-2016 from DMM to SBC Banglore. They have allotted seats in different coaches. See how they are working for old aged couples.For that i have cancelled journey. Please let me know how to apply for TDR.

  7. My tickets are not confirmed yet. When is the best time to file the TDR? My travelling date is 14th August 7.00 PM.
    If I will cancle my tickets then lot of money will deduct. Please suggest me
    What should I do now?

  8. I have booked my tickets online by myself. My tickets are not confirmed yet. My travelling date is 14th August 7.00 PM. What is best time to file TDR? Please suggest me what’s the best procedure to do now? If my tickets will not confirm I want my full money back. Should I cancle the tickets or i will wait till the chart will not comes out? My ticket waiting numbers are 10 to 15 one side and another side are 25 to 30.

  9. Transaction :100000553685382
    PNR: 4121712476

    Chennai Egmore( MS) to Trichy TPJ
    Dt of Journey: 12-08-2016

    Train No:16177

    I try to enter TDR from 8.30 PM after Chat preperation but Checkout box not unable to enter online transaction.
    Please guide me to claim that amount

  10. Before cancelling the train ticket you would have asked Suggestion from us. Because you can go and speak to some person on the coach and changed the train seat. Also there is an option while booking your train ticket online. You should check only book tickets if both are available in the same coach. So if there are full your ticket will not be booked. To apply/ file TDR for the follow the steps given in the articles, if you still face any issues please revert us we will reply you as soon as possible.

  11. If your train tickets are not confirmed. It will get auto cancelled and full amount will be refunded to your bank account . TDR should filed when you have confirmed ticket and you are not able to travel on the same . TDR can be done after chart preparation.

  12. It may useful information for whom booked waiting list tickets in tatkal and those are not confirmed after chart preparation also. In this cases no need to file TDR. The amount would be fully refunded

    I received a mail from IRCTC When i tried to book TDR

    Kindly note that as per Railway rules names of the Passengers who are left out fully (all the passengers in the transaction) on waiting list after chart preparation, their names will be dropped and will not appear in charts. Their cancellation shall be done by IRCTC after chart preparation and refund shall be arranged from Railways by IRCTC and credited to customer/Agent account electronically. They are not allowed to board the train. If detected traveling in the train, they shall be treated as passenger traveling without ticket as per extant Railway Rules.

  13. I have booked a current ticket and its confirmed. After that immediately I filed TDR. Can i except refund for the same. PNR Number : 8657245019

  14. My train is delayed for 4 hours.Now Want to cancel this ticket and how I get refund for online tickets booked?

  15. TDR can be filed only after the train departure. Instead of filing TDR immediately you can directly cancel the train ticket. If you have done after chart preparation then your amount will be refunded. FOR more details on TDR please check out here

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