Tatkal Ticket booking time for Sleeper class & AC

Tatkal booking timings updated again by IRCTC. Online Tatkal ticket booking time changed for AC & Non AC class Tatkal tickets from June (i.e.) Jun 15 2015. The booking timings for Tatkal has been changed from today. These changes will reduce the load of the ticketing websites and I personally believe its good mice

Tatkal Booking Timings for AC & Sleeper Classes:

Tatkal booking is for the people whose travel was unplanned. If you want to go to your native immediately the next day. If the ticket fairs are high in buses then you will try for Tatkal ticket. It’s like a war First come first served. So it’s very important to know the timings to book your Tatkal tickets.

Man Paying Bill Online with Credit Card
Man Paying Bill Online with Credit Card

India railways has come up with an innovative approach for Tatkal booking timings. They found that their servers are getting much loaded while booking Tatkal tickets. So they want some approach to balance the servers. Now they have introduced a new approach based on Non AC & AC classes they are going to set the Tatkal booking timings.  Generally there are many classes in Indian trains

Different classes of Train tickets:

1 AC – One Tier AC (Luxury Sleeper)

2 AC – Two Tier AC (Middle class Sleeper)

3 AC – Three Tier AC (Normal AC sleeper)

CC – Chair Car (like AC second sitting)

SL – Sleeper (Non AC)

2S – Second Sitting (Non AC)

GL– General

Tatkal Ticket Booking Timings for AC & Non AC Classes:

At present the Tatkal ticket booking time opens at 10:00 A.M for all the classes on the previous day of journey.

  AC Classes Non Classes
Tatkal Ticket 1 AC, 2AC, 3AC & AC CC Sleeper (SL) & 2S
Booking Timings From 10 AM From 11 AM

* But now Tatkal booking timings starts from 10 A.M for AC Tatkal tickets and for Sleeper & Non AC Tatkal tickets starts from 11 A.M to 12 noon

History of Tatkal Timings:

In beginning Tatkal ticket booking time was from 8.00 A.M. If I need to travel next day or to book Tatkal ticket then I want to wake up by early morning. 8.00 A.M is too early for me because I used to sleep by 3.00 A.M So I couldn’t wake up early. Then After few days It was been changed to 10.00 A.M for all classes, I need to rush up office at this time so it’s like in between if I need to book ticket I should be there either at office or home. I used to book train ticket & travel only in sleeper classes. Now for Non AC train passengers its 11.00 A.M which sounds more good. I will be in office and I can book the ticket faster since I have high speed internet connection in my office. But still there are two difficulties in it. Only Two Tatkal tickets can booked for an IP. Since its 11.00 A.M everybody will be awake as like and the completion would be more. I personally love this timings change since I can sleep deeper at early morning

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