Sleeper ticket cancellation Charges

IRCTC cancellation charges for sleeper & other class are revised from November 12th 2015. Are you frequent traveler in Indian Trains? If yes, then you must have planned & booked your railway train ticket for your upcoming journeys. Did you cancel the train ticket now in Online now? Are you surprised that the cancellation charges are higher and the refund amount initiated is less? Then you are at the right Place you must read this article to understand the new rules of cancellation & refund charges of IRCTC.

IRCTC Cancellation Charges for Sleeper:

Railway transport is cheaper than bus transport. So most of the middle class people wish to travel in Indian railway trains. Even I personally love to travel in sleeper class. I will be booking the train ticket for every weekend to home in sleeper class. But I used to go to home only twice in a month. Since the IRCTC cancellation charges for sleeper are less I used to cancel the train ticket whenever I am not going home. But here after I could not do the cancellation charges for sleeper because IRCTC has increased the railway ticket cancellation charges for all the class including sleeper class.

Indian train Sleeper Canecellation
Indian train Sleeper Canecellation

You can find information for sleeper IRCTC cancellation charges & other classes given below

For Confirmed tickets:

Class of Travel in Train Duration IRCTC Cancellation Charges (Before) IRCTC Cancellation Charges (Now)
Second Sitting (2S)  

IRCTC Cancellation Online before 48 hours in advance before scheduled departure of train

Rs 30 Rs. 60
Sleeper Class (SL) Rs 60 Rs. 120
Third AC Ticket (3A)/ Third Economy (3E) Rs. 90 Rs. 180
Chair Car(CC) Rs. 90 Rs. 180
Second AC Ticket (2A) Rs. 100 Rs. 200

If your train is going to start in next 48 hour and if you still want to cancel train tickets. Please find the cancellation charges for the same below

Duration before the schedule departure of train IRCTC Cancellation Charges (Before) IRCTC Cancellation Charges (Now)
Between 48 hours & up to 12 hours 25 % of the train ticket 25 % of the  train ticket
Before 6 hours & up to 2 hours after actual departure of train 50 % of the train ticket This has been removed
Between 12 hours & 4 hours 50 % of train ticket 50 % of train ticket

For other tickets:

Nature of Train Ticket Time limit for cancellation of Ticket Cancellation charge Per passenger
Untraveled Unreserved Ticket Within three hours of issue of tickets Rs. 30
Untraveled Unreserved Ticket in advance To be presented up to 24:00 of the day preceding the day of Journey Rs. 30
Partial Confirmed Ticket Up to 30 min before schedule of train Rs. 60
Untraveled Waiting List/ RAC Tickets Up to 30 min before schedule of train Rs. 60

The increased the IRCTC cancellation charges due to [more number of cancellation & refund of fare] by an individual railway passenger. Since we are misusing and booking the ticket with the help of Advance reservation period Indian railway has taken this decision. Hope we will not doing the same again.

If you still want to save money for your ticket, then you checkout the IRCTC Paytm Offers. Comment us if you got any clarifications about the IRCTC ticket cancellation.


  1. My train ticket is of Rs 960 for 6th september 2016 (6 People) . I want to cancel it today i.e. 26th July 2016. I am confused about the refund which I will get.

    Will Rs 120 be cut per person or on whole ticket.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. I Want to change name in e ticket. Is it possible to change Name in train ticket online/offline?

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