RLWL Status & Confirmation Chances in IRCTC

What’s is RLWL in Railway Reservation? RLWL Means ?  Full form of RLWL ? Whether RLWL railway ticket will get confirmed ? How about the chance of confirmation of RLWL in IRCTC? RLWL Meaning in IRCTC ? Do you want to know the answers for the above questions in IRCTC ? Confused with the terminology used by Indian railways? Here is an ultimate guide information for Indian people to know the RLWL exact meaning & waiting list type information on the terminology that is used in IRCTC

Passengers Queue in Indian Railway Station Photography
Passengers Queue in Indian Railway Station Photography

RLWL- Remote Location Waiting List Meaning :

            Passengers started to book their tickets in IRCTC Online. While they book they the tickets in the trains, after all the train seats & tickets get’s booked. IRCTC website doesn’t show “House Full” Or “Train Full” board. Instead of that it still allows you to book the train tickets. (i.e.) Indian railways which always have few seats in the name called “Waiting List”.

What is Waiting List in IRCTC?

            Waiting List tickets are like Waiting for the ticket to be confirmed. (i.e.) If a person cancel their confirmed ticket, automatically the first priority member in the waiting list gets confirmed. There are different type of waiting list in IRCTC. If interested you can refer our previous article on short description & Meaning types of Waiting list in IRCTC


RLWL is a kind of Waiting list in IRCTC. The Acronym RLWL Stands for Remote location Waiting List. This quota for all type of train passengers who live in major cities and metros. RLWL type of train tickets will be given a separate priority & confirmation will depend on the cancellation of a destination of confirmed ticket. If you still confused of the meaning of RLWL & the information, then read out the below example.

Check Out: If you want to cancel the RLWL ticket , check out the IRCTC Cancellation Chargers for e-tickets

For example if you booked a train ticket from Salem to Tirupur in a train which starts from Chennai and ends at Coimbatore , your ticket will be confirmed only when a confirmed passenger cancels his train ticket from Salem to Tirupur.

RLWL Chance of confirmation:

RLWL Chance of confirmation are less because there will be only very less number of RLWL tickets. (i.e.) The passengers travelling from Salem to Tirupur will be very few. so the chance of confirmation for RLWL waiting list will be low, but at the same time the chance of Confirmation of waiting list will be more if you book from Chennai to Coimbatore. Because there will be more number of passengers will be travelling from source to destination in trains

Note : The status of ticket can be checked using the 10 – digit PNR number on any railway station or online sets.

Comment us your train number & the RLWL status we will revert you back in a day whether your tickets will be confirmed or not. if you are frequent traveler , feel free to post more information about the experience of RLWL ticket which would be really helpful for the passengers. Thanks in advance.

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  1. RLWL 5 Raipur to Howrah
    Azad Hind Exp.
    Any chance of confirmation for my RLWL Waiting List ticket?

  2. Hi Koustav, Thanks for Commenting. RLWL Confirmation will depend on the cancellation of a destination of confirmed ticket. Your ticket will be confirmed only when a confirmed passenger cancels his train ticket from Raipur to Howrah. Don’t forget to comment us back whether you tickets are confirmed or not. It might help others 🙂

  3. Hi Jacky, Thanks for Commenting. RLWL 3 Confirmation will depend on the cancellation of a destination of confirmed ticket. Your ticket will be confirmed only when a confirmed passenger cancels his train ticket from adoni to kalyan . Please comment us back whether you got the train tickets confirmed or not, which will help others to know about the RLWL status of this train from your place 🙂

  4. What is the meaning of RLWL/AVAILABLE?

    I am booking a ticked of 2AC via Kota to Mumbai through Delhi Mumbai rajdhani.
    I am getting status as RLWL/AVAILABLE-what does that means as generally we see the number of tickets Available along with AVAILABLE.

    Kindly reply as soon as possible.

  5. 22.03.2016. Aravali express. Baroda (boarding from baroda at 00.30) to Mumbai RLGN WL 1 to 21 ( total 21 tickets). No change in WL status since last 3 months. Kindly let me know the chance of confirmation for all 21 tickets.

  6. rlwl/15 3rd ac
    from phagwara to daltonganj
    is there any chance to confirm ticket?

  7. Can you still board a train even if you do not have the seat cofirmed?
    What are the chances of a confirmation on Shatabadi 12014 from Phagwara to New Delhi?

  8. Hi i Booked tickets from Vizayanagaram to Yeswanthpur my RLWL is 9 & 10 but train Starts from Howrah, any chances for confirmation Journey date is 6/03/2016

  9. Train no. 12975. RLWL 6&7 for 20th March Kachiguda to Jaipur. Is there any possibility of confirmation?

  10. My husband & I had booked 2-tickets for 1st AC …. one is confirmed but mine is RLWL 1 on Train no. 13005 (Amritsar Mail) for 15th March Lucknow to Amritsar. ……Is there any possibility of confirmation?… How would I know the status of my ticket?…..What should I do with the confirmed ticket?…. Please help…. thanks

  11. Hi sarita Vyas,
    The RLWL status confirmation depends on train & the day u r travelling. You can check the RLWL confirmation after chart preparation of the train. After Chart preparation, you can check your tickets through PNR status if the current status is still RLWL then it is treated as RLWL.

  12. Help me train me TC extra to ni lenga kuch i mean seats to milengi na rlwl par if not confirmed my ticket

  13. Train No 12904 Golden Temple
    ticket booked from BCT to MTC, when I booked ticket its show RLWL 10 but now current status is WL 5. my question is there is any chance to confirm seat ?
    my ticket is convert RLWL to WL as current status show or not ?

  14. I am still on the waiting list for Sleeper Class (SL) and I think it won’t be confirmed. I don’t mind if I won’t get place for sitting or sleeping but can I travel in that train if I will be on WL?

  15. hi,
    my PNR number is 2214163447. From vadodara to solapur. Can you just let me know if my ticket will get confirmed.

  16. Rajdhani exp train no.12431 On 8th april 2016 from madgaon to delhi…. rlwl 5 6 & 7 2nd ac… any chances of confirmaltion…

  17. My rlwl 71 do my ticket will get confirm. Train no: 19708 of date 31 may, from Ajmer to bandra

  18. My pnr no is 2761539394 today ,I check d pnr it show booking status WL72/RLGN. And current status shows WL 71. We have booked total 9 ticket, and all ticket shows same type of WL__ / RLGN and current status as WL __. Please suggest will my ticket get confirm. Please help.

  19. Hi, This is Rakesh,
    My brother booked a ticket from Pune to Wardha on 22 Mar 2016 for the Train Maharastra Express with Train No.11039,
    when he booked it was like 95 WL,now it was showing Like RLGN56,Kindly tell me will it be confirmed by departure time,

    your feedback is highly appreciable.


  20. HAI,


  21. Train no.15623 sleeper status from delhi to shahganj is RLWL38? Is there any possibility of confirmation.

  22. Hi
    Train no 16382
    Date of Journey – 18th March 2016
    ERS to Tirupati
    Am having the following status
    37 CNF/B1/43/UB CNF
    32 RLWL/1 RLWL/1
    7 RLWL/2 RLWL/2
    will i get a confirmed ticket from the RLWL status

  23. Hi Prem
    My Train No.is 12647 and the RLWL is 3&4
    and the other one is…
    Train No. 15023 and the RLWL is 4,5,5,&7.

    Can you please help Prem ?

  24. My current status RLWL1, train is from Hyderabad to New Delhi and my ticket is from Bhopal to New Delhi on 23rd Mar. My question if a passenger cancels a ticket from Bhopal to New Delhi, what will be the status of my ticket, will it get GNWL (General Waiting List) or RAC or Confirmed?

    Is it only when a passenger cancels a ticket from Bhopal to New Delhi, it will cause a change in my ticket status OR a cancellation of ticket from Hyderabad to New Delhi can also cause a status change?

  25. If RLWL is not confirmed after chart preparation of the train then you should not travel with the RLWL ticket because it will get auto cancelled & the money will be return back to the customer. So you will treated as a passenger travelling without ticket.

  26. Hello,
    Im traveling on 24th march to Delhi from Goa my ticket is PQWL 17……. n back on 4th April from Delhi to Goa n my ticket is RLWL15…….will they get confirmed????? If not what should be done…..need to travel urgently…….

  27. Hi Pawan,

    Thanks for Commenting 🙂 As you said you travelling on 24th March from Delhi to Goa I believe its weekend holiday season due to good Friday. From my analysis it would be really difficult to get confirm ticket and again for return still there are chances of train ticket to be confirmed because you still got 15 days to go. So i request you do some alternatives based on my suggestions.

  28. No you should not board the train if the tickets are not confirmed. if you travel which will treated as “train passenger travelling without ticket”. Also the confirmation chances for trains are completely depends on the day and train of travel 🙂

  29. We suggest you to get a unreserved ticket & travel in morning trains because morning trains are liberal compare to night trains. We want you to get a unreserved ticket because your waiting list will get auto cancelled after chart preparation and if you travel it will be treated as without ticket. so better take unreserved before you travel 🙂 Happy travelling 🙂

  30. The chances of confirmation AC waiting list train Tickets will be always low because the people who want to travel luxurious they will book those tickets. they will make sure they travel in those type of trains. since we have 1 month you just need to wait and watch 🙂

  31. 19/05/2016, Thursday, Pachim express . Navsari to New Delhi PQWL-8 & PQWL-9 (3Tier AC)
    No change in WL status since last 45days. Kindly let me know the chance of confirmation for ticket.

  32. 19/05/2016, Pachim express . Baroda (boarding from baroda) to New Delhi RLGN WL -1.(3 Tier AC) No change in WL status since last 45days.
    Note that: Total booking of 03 Tickets, Two tickets are Confirmed & 01 is RLWL-1
    Kindly let me know the chance of confirmation for RLWL-1 ticket.

  33. I have booked a train ticket with PNR no 2762053866 on train no 22475. I will depart on 2/06/2016 from jodhpur & my destination is Cannur (CAN).
    It is showing RLWL 43 in 3rd AC. Is there any chance of confirmation?

  34. My RAC IS 72

  35. Hi
    Train no 17604
    Date of Journey – 07th April 2016
    ATP to Kcg
    Am having the following status
    RLWL/11 RLWL/7
    RLWL/12 RLWL/8
    will i get a confirmed ticket from the RLWL status

  36. hello my train no. is 14674 shaheed exp and i m booked ticket delhi to lucknow my current status is
    booking status /22 ,current status RLWL/17 what are possible for confirmation….

  37. hello my train no. is 14674 shaheed exp and i m booked ticket delhi to lucknow my current status is
    booking status Rlwl/22 ,current status RLWL/17 what are possible for confirmation….

  38. Usually in the last minute people may cancel their train ticket. But in your case its 3 tier AC, People wont usually cancel their AC ticket since the cancellation charges are higher. so the chance of confirmation chances are higher 🙂

  39. Belgaum to Bangalore
    Train # 22686 / YPR S KRANTI EXP
    RLWL # 17 & 18

    Any chances of confirmation?

  40. I have booked ticket from ratlam to sawai madhopur
    Its RLWL4/WL4
    Pls tell me chances of confirm
    Trail no 12955
    Date 13/04/16

  41. My train no is 19269…porbandar motihari express….and my ticket is RLWL11…and journey date is on 7.05.16…can it be get confirmed….

  42. Dear Sir, My train number is 17316 & the RLWL is 3, 4, 5, 6. I will be grateful if you could tell me whether my tickets will be confirmed or not.
    Thank you.
    Sincerely Yours
    Maria Domnick

  43. Train 16524; RLWL – 26
    Train 16523; PQWL – 67
    will these train ticket get confirmed ?
    Also can you tell me what is PQWL?

  44. Dear Sir, My train number is 11014 & the status is RLWL. I will be grateful if you could tell me whether my tickets will be confirmed or not. PNR number is 4318914204
    Thank you.
    Yash Sharma

  45. I have booked a ticket from ALIGARH JUNCTION TO NDLS in LUCKNOW SHATABDI for the coming Sunday. My Status is RLWL 135, are there any chances for confirmation.
    Thank You

  46. My train is hapa ten express My RLWL status is showing as 15,16 ? Can i get confirmed train tickets. Please tell me

  47. my train no. is 19047
    i have 4 tickets for 3AC
    RLWL/26 TO 29
    MY PNR IS 824-6676574


  48. My PNR No. is 8402240656. Train is 12010 for April 25. The RLWL were 2 and 3 at the time of booking and now, it shows CNF. But I want to know the coach and seat numbers because we both want to be together. Can we know now?

  49. 16022 / KAVERI EXPRESS
    RLWL 83 will it get confirmed
    Traveling date is 23/04/2014
    If confirmed how will i know the confirmation?
    which seat i have been allotted?

  50. Dear Sir, My train number is 12975 Train Name ( Jaipur Express) and PNR No-4630941998 or my ticket booked from secunderabad to Jaipur & the RLWL /8, I will be grateful if you could tell me whether my tickets will be confirmed or not.
    Thank you.

  51. Hey,
    I had booked ticket for train 19707.
    But now coach is full and waiting list started. But i have a one another person to travel whose ticket isn’t still booked. What i have to do to travel together? All coaches are full. Its two tyre Ac coach on 20th june. Is it possible to travel with WL on counter ticket?

  52. Kudos for Getting the confirmed ticket. CNF means confirm. You will know the seat number only after the chart Preparation. It is usually before 12 hrs of Journey. But you don’t worry because you can interchange the seats between the coaches. You just need to convince any passengers who travel lonely. And just inform the respective TTR of both train coaches.

  53. Try for the Tatkal train ticket of the same train. If you luck, you guys can travel together on the same coaches.But with counter open ticket you can travel in Two tyre AC coaches. Only if both have confirmed tickets on the same train and same coach, you can travel together on the same train


  55. We have booked tickets from Delhi to Mount abu. The PNR no. Is 2863569260. Will the train ticket get confirm?

  56. Hi, My train Number is 19578 / HAPA TEN EXPRESS, Travel date 7th May 2016, current status showing RLWL/1 & RLWL/2 ( PNR 8343347826) .. Any chances of confirmations or we need to book tatkal tickets. Please reply fast

  57. Date : 11-May-2016
    Train Number : 22692 Train Name : BANGLORE RJDHNI
    From Station : Hyderabad To Station :Banglore
    Age Booking Status Current Status
    36 RLWL/13 RLWL/9
    32 RLWL/14 RLWL/10
    8 RLWL/15 RLWL/11

    What are the chances ???

  58. Train Number -22883 I have booked tickets from VSKP-YPR for 06-05-2016. RLWL is 54,55
    Is there any chance of confirmation?

  59. 16336/Nagercoil – Gandhidham Express, RLWL 11,12,13, Usually have seen tickets getting confirmed on this train despite being RLWL. I assume since most of the trains gets vacant in mumbai. they usually confirm the tickets for further jouney.
    Please confirm. The train is scheduled to depart tomorrow

  60. Last week I have booked 2 tickets from Pune to secunderabad and also i have booked return tickets, at the time of booking it shows WL 6-7. Any chances to confirmation?

  61. Hello, the status of my train ticket, sleeper class, train no 16382, Angamaly (AFK ) to Chittoor (CTO) is: RLWL 5. DT of journey is 22 May, Sun . Is there any possibility of confirmation? The ticket was bought from Railway station. If not confirmed’ can we travel by the train without birth?

  62. Train no. 12979, From Surat to Jaipur.
    Status is RLWLl39/WL35
    What are the chances of getting tickets confirmed?

    And I didn’t receive any message regarding seat and status. Please reply

  64. PNR NO 4739191565 TRAIN NO 12629 / SAMPARK KRANTI. Traveling date 13/05/2016 from Miraj to New Delhi. RLWL is 21. what are chances of seat getting confirmed ???

  65. I booked train tickets for DATE- 04-09-2016
    RLWL is 9,10,11.As I have booked 3 tickets
    since i have more than 3 months ..
    will train ticket get confirmed??

  66. Hello,

    I am having RLWL 1 and 2 from TATANAGAR to New DELHI for 12th May 2016. I booked 3 tickets and 1 is showing CNF and other 2 as RLWL 1 and 2. Will it be confirmed ? If not then what other options are available to me.

    Thanks ,
    Jimut Roy

  67. Train #18189. DOJ 12 MAY . CURRENTLY RLWL 15, 3AC CHENNAI TO SALEM. Whether this will be confirmed?

  68. Train Number -12484 I have booked tickets from CAN-TVM for 10-05-2016. STATUS is RLWL44/WL31
    Is there any chance of confirmation?

  69. Train No. 12626 /Kerala Exp. Bhopal to Tirupati Date 04/06/16 and ticket WL25 and WL 26. Is it possible to get confirm ticket ?

  70. I have booked from IRCTC website . My PNR Number is 4119741102
    Train number is 16338 boarding from Aluva to Mookambika on 13-05-2016
    My Current status is PQWL W/L 175,176,177,178 !!
    Will this get confirmed . Please tell me

  71. sir I am traveling from Bilaspur to Kalyan date of journey is 20/05/3016. RLWL /13 .train no-12810 . Is there any chance of confirmation.

  72. Train Number : 22653 Train Name : Nizamudeen express
    From Calicut to Madgaon
    Current RLWL Status : 12
    Any chance for getting confirmed ticket?

  73. Hi, we have booked 3 tickets from Allahabad JN to New Delhi via the Shiv Ganga Exp. Train no. 12559. Current PNR status is RLWL 5, 6, 7.
    Date of journey is 29 May.
    What are the chances of confirmation?

  74. My Current RlWL Status is 5,6,7 Bsb to Dhn on 21-5-16. Any chance to confirmation?

  75. Hi, My PNR No. is 4531940579 of Train from pune to Nizamudin and below are the detils of PNR
    Booking Status Current Status
    RLWL/132 RLWL/1
    Should I hope to get my ticket booked on/before 17 june 2016.
    Waiting for your quick response.

  76. Train Number -22694 I have booked 2 tickets from NZM-JHS for 18-05-2016. One is CNF however seat is RQWL 1
    What are the chance of confirmation?
    Awaiting to hear you. Thanks

  77. 12624/ Chennai Mail on 08-06-2016
    PNR No: 4839835239
    From Coimbatore to Chennai
    RLWL status is 12,13,14,15,16

    12624 / Chennai Mail on 08-06-2016
    PNR No: 4532213571
    From Coimbatore to Chennai
    RLWL status is 20, 21, 22, 23, 24

  78. Train Number : 11077

  79. PNR NO. 4838957327 . train no. 12513,
    Passenger 1 W/L 26,RLGN W/L 17
    Passenger 2 W/L 27,RLGN W/L 18
    Passenger 3 W/L 28,RLGN W/L 19

  80. rlwl 1,2,3,4 from Nagda junction to Ambala train departing Tuesday Amritsar mail. Any chances of confirmation?

  81. Train no: 11043 & RLWL 1, RLWL 2, RLWL 3 & RLWL 4 (TPTY to MDU )

    Will these ticket get confirm?

  82. Current position of train is RLWL12/WL6. My reservation status is RLWL2 to RLWL5. What are chances of confirmation on 28.05.2016 ?

  83. Give me solution Train no.12626/Kerala Exp Bhopal to Triputi RLWL 25- 26 is there is any possibility for confirmation ?

  84. Pnr no. 8647404478

    RLWL 1
    From RTM to BCT
    2nd june Avantika express 12962
    2nd AC

    Please give me prediction about my confirmation. I have been checking my status from 5 days but its still the same.


  85. Train No. / Name : 12766 / AMI TPTY SUP EXP
    Boarding At : KRNT Date Of Boarding : 09-Jun-2016 Reservation Up to : TPTY
    Current status : RLWL1

  86. Hi Prem,
    Its nice to see that you respond to everyone and help to plan out. I have a query on the same. I am travelling from Secunderabad to Pune on 08-Jun-2016 by COA LTT Express (17221) and my RLWL is 8 & 9. Is there any changes to get confirmed. BTW this is 3Ac ticket.
    Also I am returning from Pune to Secunderabad on 12-Jun-2016 by Konark Express 2AC (11019) and my RLWL is 12 & 13. It would be great help if you can let me know the conformation possibilities for both the request.

    Thanks in advance !

  87. I have booked ticket Vishakapatinam to Chennai train No.12839 3 AC RL/wL 22 WL 16,17,18. Traveling Date is 11/6/2016. will my ticket get confirm?

  88. 17221 has come to 5 & 6. Could you please let me know the chances. If not I have to book Tatkal tomorrow. i.e. 07-Jun-16.



  91. I will travel from Bathinda to Mumbai on 20 June Monday with RLWL 1. How about chances of confirmation?

  92. I booked 2 train tickets from Alipurduar to Ranchi railway station and my train ticket status are RLWL Booking RLWL status 25/26 and current RLWL status 12/13 and the journey date is 21 June 2016. Is there any chance of confirmation on my tickets ? Please reply.

  93. Nice information. Earlier i had a lot of confusion over RLWL and GNWL,but this articles gives me clear picture of RLWL & GNWL. Thanks very much Prem 🙂

  94. Konark Express from Secunderabad to Bhubaneswar on 26 Jun 2016. Status is RLWL/1.
    What are the chances of confirmation please and if at when can it be expected?

  95. Train number 16346: Date of Journey 09/07/2016, Booking status WL38 & WL39
    Current Status WL/6 & WL7 Is there any chance of confirmation?

  96. PNR Number : 2647626048 Date : 30-Jun-2016
    Train Number : 19611 Train Name : AJMER ASR EXP
    From Station : AWR To Station : BTI
    Boarding point : AWR Reservation upto : BTI
    Class : SL No of passengers : 1
    Charting Status : Chart Not Prepared
    Quota : GN
    Age Booking Status Current Status
    38 RLWL/6 RLWL/6

    Any Chances Of confirmation?

  97. I am going on 12July from Ahamadabad to Nizamabad train no 16734 i Got RLWL/37,38,39,40 41,42,43
    What are possibility chances for confirmation?

  98. PNR Number: 2800176573
    RLWL Status: 1
    Please let us know if the passenger will be allotted confirmed berth from MATHURA TO SURAT ON 10.7.16

  99. My PNR no – 2800176573, myself & my wife need to travel on 10.7.2016 from Mathura to Surat by train No. 12904 in 1st A.C. We r Sr Citizens.My berth is confirmed. My wife is on RLWL1. WILL this be confirmed ? What r its chances pl ?

  100. 6253978468 I booked 5 tickets and out of them 4 are confirmed. 1 is in RLWL status.
    Please let me know asap if this would get confirmed.

  101. Train no. 14003
    Boarding Point: Patna jn(PNBE)
    Destination: New delhi(NDLS)
    Date of Journey 16-july-2016
    Date of Booking 02-July-2016
    Train Ticket Status: RLWL/23 and 24
    PNR: 6756865578
    is there any chances of confirm or RAC?

    It is very important for me to reach New Delhi on 19th July as i have to attend a viva for the admission for M.Phill in JNU on that day. Kindly let me know is there any kind of student quota if my tickets get cancelled.

  102. Confirmation chances are high. even if it is not confirmed, I would suggest you to take open ticket on railway reservation counter, and they can travel with you. And you guys can adjust within yourself.

  103. PNR NUMBER: 8648847030, Train number 17222: from Solapur to Guntur with RLWL 1.
    What is my chance of getting ticket confirmation?

  104. Confirmation chances for train ticket on Sunday will always risky. Most of waiting list people are not getting confirmed on Sunday. So it better to search an alternative option. And you can’t travel in train birth without confirmed ticket.

  105. Divya, If you didn’t receive any message to your Mobile Phone regarding ticket status. Then check out the booking ticket history option online. If the ticket is booked then it will be in booking ticket history. Sometimes you wont receive message even after train ticket booked properly. If the train ticket is not available in that, then amount will be auto refunded to your card. RLWL will have auto cancellation option, where if ticket are not confimed then amount will be refunded to your account.

  106. I have booked a ticket from VIZIANAGRAM JUNCTION TO YESHWANTPUR JUNCTION and my current status is RLWL5/RLWL5. Train runs from HWH TO YPR. Journey date is 15th Oct. Can you please tell me the confirmation chances of this rlwl status?

  107. The confirmation Chances are higher. Also you got so many days so you can just wait and see whether the RLWL is getting decreased. If so don’t find any alternatives for travel. If not then do it

  108. MY PNR is 4634413529 from Gunthkal to Mumbai CST. DOJ is 15-August-2016. RLWL1 and RLWL2. How about confirmation chances?

  109. Train number 11301 udyaan express (Manthralayam to Bangalore)
    DOJ: Saturday 6th aug 2016
    rlwl 1 and rlwl 2
    what are the chances of tickets getting confirmed?

  110. Train Number : 22608
    Journey : Salem to Aluva
    Status : RLWL 4
    Journey Date : 11 – Jul-2016

  111. PNR Number : 2548231859
    Train Number : 13006
    From Station : RMU
    To Station : PNBE
    Class : 3A
    Date : 17-Jul-2016
    Train Name : ASR HWH MAIL

  112. RLWL – 3
    PNR – 8348399122
    doj – 14 Jul 16
    From – kota to patna
    Train no -12947
    Class- SL
    Azimabad exp

    is possible to conform

  113. Train no. 22863
    Status RLWL 22
    DOJ 18-07-2016
    What are the chances of confirmation?
    Please let me know.

  114. Status of ticket on date of 16th July 2016 is RLWL4
    Journey date: 19-08-2016
    Around 32 days are remaining,
    So, What are my chances ?

  115. Train no-12218
    kerala s kranti
    Booking status-PQWL/2
    Is there any chance to get confirmed ticket?

  116. I have reservation of sampark meantime exp train no. 12629 from pune to Nizammudin Delhi, Single ticket booked, status are showing RLWL/Available. I am confused, What does it mean. Is my seat or berth confirmed or it is as a waiting. Please help me out.

  117. PNR:4121972019,
    What is status means?

  118. RLWL 1 For 12345 Saraighat express
    My PNR Number is 6657207977.
    Chart is prepared but i am unable to check the status of the train ticket. Can you help me?

  119. RLWL/13 for 19019 on 26-10-2016 in Dehradoon express and My PNR Number is 8349343877
    Is it a confirmed seat?

  120. Usually when the chart will be prepared for RLWL tickets ? Before the train departs from origin station? And how many hours before?

  121. PNR No: 2420903564
    Train No & Name: 12628/ Karnataka Exp
    Waiting List : RLWL-17
    Place : Kopargaon (KPG) To Bengaluru ( SBC )
    Date : 15-09-2016 ( Thursday )
    Any chances of confirmation the ticket…..

  122. train 22640 CHENNAI – ALEPPY EXP
    DOJ : 31/7/16
    RLWL 1

  123. One more thing should I Opt Vikalp or not as its showing an option for Vikalp opt.
    Please tell if there are any chances that my reservation would get confirmed or not?
    Thanks in advance.

  124. Hey
    I am planning to travel by Train no. 18110 BATALA to DELHI by 2A dated Aug 11
    Any hopes of confirmation??

  125. Hi
    Departure time of train 19613 Jaipur to Amritsar is 20:10 on dated 10/8/16. But still at 12 pm status of booked ticket is RLWL 5 & RLWL 6…..Any chance of confirmation.

  126. Train Number 12690 Date: 15-August From Salem to katpadi Status: RLWL43/WL30. Will my RLWL get confirmed?

  127. Am planned to travel from Manthralayam to Chennai on 13th Aug’16 Saturday, and I have ticket with RLWL 55.
    Will it get confirmed, pls advise ASAP.


  128. I have 2 tickets from Jharsuguda to Bhubaneswar having PNR No.6554966079
    But the current status is RLWL 3&4
    could you please check whether it will be confirmed or not !!

  129. hello
    I am travelling from banglore to trichy on 21st of august and my train number is 16232
    and the status is RLWL50.Will it get conform?


  131. We have booked tickets for Sep 23rd night from Chennai to Coimbatore in Rapti Saagar express. Our current ticket is from RLWL 1 to RLWL 13. Whether tickets will be confirmed ? Because we are going with family of seniors and kids. So we need to know as soon as possible.

  132. RLWL Status: 24 From Pune to Jabalpur Pune Train Name : Patna Express
    Any chance of confirmation for My RLWL Waiting List ticket?

  133. Uttar sampark kranti Express on 04 Sep 2016 .. RLWL is 6,7,8
    Booked on 3 July 2016. Any Chances of confirmation?

  134. RLWL status is 4 FROM SURAT TO MUMBAI BY AHMEDABAD EXPRESS 59442 TODAY AT 9.30 PM WHAT it Means? Is my seat confirmed or not ?

  135. My Train journey is on 20-09-216 From Kavali to samarlkot . And my RLWL status is 42 & 26 . The train no is 17209. Will my RLWL ticket will get confirmed ?

  136. Train No: 18189 , Journey Date:13-01-2016
    Source: Chennai Central (MAS), Destination: Coimbatore Jn(CBE)
    Ticket Status: RLWL 10 (While Booking).
    Is there any possibility that this ticket gets confirmed? Or whats your suggestion on cancelling this train ticket?

  137. Please tell my RLWL Ticket Confirmation Chances
    Train Number : 13010
    PNR : 2800568769
    RLWL Status : 19,20,21,22,23,24

  138. Thanks for the great help that you doing for the people. I also would like to know the status of my RLWL Ticket to make an alternative arrangement. It would be really good if you can help me as soon as possible. Please find my train details below.
    Train Details:
    Train No : 17311
    Train Name : MAS VASCO EXP
    RLWL Status: 43,44
    Date of Journey: 30th Sep 2016

  139. The cancellation Charges would be same even if you cancel it nor or in December. So I would request you to wait for some time and check the status. We feel that confirmation probability will be higher since it is on Jan.

  140. I booked train ticket and status of RLWL is 1 on Train No. 22452/CDG BDTS SF EXP, which is travelling from Abu Road(ABR) to Bandra Terminus(BDTS) on 19/10/2016.

    How about the chances of confirmation of my RLWL/1 ? Will it get confirmed?

  141. Usually in Rapti Sagar Express RLWL waiting list will not get confirmed. Also you are travelling on weekend. My Personal advise is not to wait for the RLWL ticket to get confirmed, try for some other alternatives immediately since you are planning to travel with family of seniors & kids.

  142. Train no. 13351(Dhanbad to alleppey)
    RLWL status : 7
    Ticket Type : 3AC
    DOJ- 06/10/2016.
    Any Chance?

  143. I have booked 2 tickets for my daughters to travel from Kannur to Trivandrum on 7th October in VRL TVC Express. Please find other details below Train No: 1633
    PNR No:8351356179
    Present status is W/L 13 & 14
    Is there any chance of confirmation ?

  144. 12218/KERLA S KRANTI
    DOJ 15th Oct 2016
    RLWL1, RLWL2, RLWL3 and RLWL4

    What about the chance of confirmation of above RLWL train ticket?

  145. Suni1 You confirmation chances are about 50-50. Because I could see about 6 – 7 ticket cancelled for the train and your waiting list status got decreased due to the same. Please wait and see for a while.

  146. Thank you for the reply. One more query, do I need to cancel the RLWL tickets or it gets cancel automatically and money is refunded?

  147. Hi Prem,

    We have booked 14 tickets in 3AC for 14th November 2016 from Kurduvadi to Lokmanya Tilak on the 11014 LTT Express. We are on RLWL3 – RLWL16. Kindly advice if there are any chances of getting this confirmed even for a few. Also generally when does the chart preparation happen? how long before the departure date?

    Thanks for your help in advance.

  148. Sarath, I could see you are travelling with many people and your status is still in RLWL status. I Would tell its better to see any other alternatives. Because Even though the RLWL train ticket got confirmed it will confirmed only for few like 1 or 3. Also the chart is prepared before 8 hours of departure of train.

  149. Thanks a lot Prem. My RLWL train ticket got confirmed. Your Confirmation Prediction Works. Thanks for helping railway passengers like me.

  150. Train no 11301 travelling from Manthralaya to Bangalore on oct 29. booked for 7 members
    it says RLWL 1 – RLWL7 respectively for all seven. Will there be any chance of booking

  151. Ravi Your RLWL Ticket Confirmation chances are very less. Even though if the RLWL status near it very tough to get to get confirmed for all seven people. Also its Diwali I don’t want you to take any risk during this time better try for other alternatives


  153. I have booked My tickets for 1 Nov 2016 RLWL is 15 & 16 in 3 AC. Will RLWL train ticket get confirm or not?

  154. 12382/ Poorva Express Second AC (2A) 26-Nov-2016 from BSB to Gaya for two People – Any chance of confirmation of our RLWL Ticket, please?

  155. 12779/GOA Express
    DOJ 29th Oct 2016
    RLWL1, RLWL2

    What about the chance of confirmation of above RLWL train ticket?

  156. Train number 18519, 3AC, WL10, RLGN from Secunderabad to LTT (Mumbai), it will confirmed or not? Journey starts on coming Monday. Or is there any chance of getting RAC?

  157. Hi, my train ticket status is RLWL1 for GORAKHPUR to Katra, my town is 100 Km away from GORAKHPUR, so should I go to station or not , how can I sure for this.

  158. I have RLWL-33/32/31 three nos rail ticket on 30-12-2016, train no -12988, ALL-SDAH express, From agra fort to sealdah. Have any chance to confirm it. I will journey with two children.

  159. Hi,
    Train no – 12938, Garbha Express,
    PQWL – 9, From Howrah to Agra Fort,
    Date of journey – 26-12-2016.
    Have any chance to confirm it

  160. Train no 12652, DOJ; 04-11-2016,from BZA to Mdu.
    I have booked three tickets RLWL 25,26,27 for 1 month back. now it will be decreased RLWL 10,11,12. Is any chance to confirm?

    RLWL 5 on 4 Nov 2016
    Any chance of confirmation for RLWL ticket ? Or Will i at least get RAC ticket?

  162. Train Sultanpur Express from GZB to Lucknow. PNR NO 2704983390 and the Current Status is PQWL 21
    and Return train sln dee Express from Lucknow to GZB. PNR NO 2652410435

  163. I hv booked thane to shegaon for 11th Nov 2016 of Shalimar Exp which hv WL 8/9 also Shegaon thane for 14th nov of Geetanjali exp which hv RLWL 2/3. What are chances of confirmation?

  164. RLWL/6/7/8/9
    Train Number: 22456
    DOJ : 15th Dec 2016
    Class : SL
    Delhi to Shirdi
    Have any chance to confirm it. I will journey with two children.

  165. I have RLWL-02 in 2 AC train ticket from Nizamudeen to sakti for 22 Dec… is there any chance for confirmation..or should i go for other train.

  166. Hi my ticket status is RLWL 1 TO 7 for Train number 12719 Ratlam to Hyderabad. Will it get confirmed ? If it doesn’t get confirmed can v travel in that train ?

  167. You are asking me to wait and cancel it after some time. I am Confused. Please suggest me one strong decision and Fare was 2040 and please tell me how will i get refund amount.

  168. Train No: 12628
    Departure from – Kopargoan to Bangalore
    Date : 02 December 2016
    RLWL – 2-7
    Any chances of ticket confirmation. Please let me know asap because this has been booked as return ticket.

  169. Train No. 12355/Archana Express.
    From Lucknow to Ludhiana.
    26 Nov, 2016.

    Do I stand any chance for a confirmed berth? Thanks.

  170. Hi ,
    I have booked train ticket for my wife and status is “RLWL”
    Here are the details :-
    PNR No 2424821539
    Date of Journey: 01-Dec-2016
    Train No./Name: 12264 / PUNE DURONTO EXP
    Quota: GENERAL (GN)
    How about the chances of confirmation of her “RLWL” status ? Will it get confirmed?
    Will she be able to travel even if the ticket wont get confirmed? (Ticket Type: E-ticket)

  171. Train Number:13147/UTTAR BANGA EXP
    DOJ :21- 1-2017
    Current status WL 3,4.5
    CLASS : 3A
    Have any chance to confirm it ? What are possibility chances for confirmation?

  172. MAS to CDG
    Indian Railways 12687
    Departs MAS
    Thursday, 19 January 2017
    9:45 AM
    RLWL 3 & 4 is there any chances that my seat will my ticket get confirmed?

  173. Status:- RLWL11 Ajmer to Kasganj
    Train name :- GORAKHPUR EXP.-
    Train No.:- 19409
    Date of Journey:- 09-12-2016
    Any chance of confirmation for my RLWL Waiting List ticket?

  174. RLWL Chance of Confirmation is based on train and railway station that she is boarding. If RLWL ticket is not confirmed then the ticket will get auto cancelled. If a passenger travels with the RLWL train ticket, then it will considered as without train ticket.

  175. Hi this is Jose.Please help me. What are my chances for a confirmation of the below ticket.
    Status:- RLWL 27 (Booking Status RLWL – 38) Travelling from Katpadi to Trivandrum
    Train 17230 Sabari Exp on 23/12/2016.

  176. 14708 – Rankpur Express [Travelling from Vadora to Rani]
    DOj 16-12-2016
    Current RLWL Status 1
    How about Chance of Confirmation ?

  177. RLWL – 1
    PNR – 8252045550
    doj – 23-Dec2016
    From – Vadodara to delhi
    Train no -12925
    Class- 3A
    Pachim exp starts from Mumbai

    What is the possibility of confirmation

  178. Train no 17311
    MAS Vaco Exp – KJM – VAS
    Booked from – Krishnarajapuram to Madgaon – KJM to MAO
    Booked for 23rd Dec 2016 – 20:00 hrs Departure
    Current Status: RLWL – 25/26
    PNR: 4427006011

    Please suggest will it confirm.

  179. Rohan here. I’ve booked a ticket from Madgaon to Calicut RLWL/3 in
    Train no. 12484. Date of Travel 6th Feb 2016
    What are the chances of it getting confirmed?

  180. RLWL Status: 8
    Pune to Nizamuddin
    Date: 6 Jan 2016
    Karnataka sampark Kranti exp.
    Plz tell me whether it will be confirmed or not.

  181. Will this RLWL ticket get confirm?
    Availability Train Number: 16022 ( KAVERI EXPRESS ), Class : 1A, Quota : GN
    Date 7-1-2017
    Availability RLWL1/WL1

  182. Train No: 17031 , Journey Date:Jan 11, 2017 ( Wednesday)
    Source: Pune , Destination: Hyderabad
    Ticket Status: RLWL 12.
    Is there any possibility that this ticket gets confirmed? Or whats your suggestion on cancelling this train ticket?

  183. Train NO : 16022 KAVERI EXPRESS
    DOJ : 08-JAN-2017

    RLWL/12 – Can you please let me know on the chances of confirmation?

  184. I have booked from Secunderabad to Mumbai CSTM. My RLWL is RLWL 3.
    Other Details:
    Train no:10020,
    Date of Journey: 07/01/2017.
    Any chances for getting confirmation….???

  185. Train no 17305
    NZM Link Express
    Booked from – Pune to Khandwa – Pune to Knw
    Booked for 14 January 2017 – 04:00 hrs Departure
    Current Status: RLWL – 1
    PNR: 4124104160

    Please suggest will it confirm ?

  186. Train no 12476
    Booked from – Sabzi Mandi(New Delhi) to Ahmedabad – SZM to ADI
    Booked for 17th Jan 2017 – 21:36 hrs Departure
    Current Status: RLWL – 9
    PNR: 2126563146
    Please tell me what are the chances to confirm.

  187. MY TRAIN NO. IS 12841

  188. Hi this is ayush kainth .Please help me. What are my chances for a confirmation of the below ticket.
    PNR – 2325819456
    Status:- RLWL 1 and 2 (Booking Status RLWL – 1,2) Travelling from ADI to okha
    Train 22970  BSB OKHA SF EXP on 19/02/2017.

  189. I have booked 2 tickets , one is confirmed and the other in my mother’s name is showing RLWL/1 . The train number is 18567 and boarding point is renigunta. Date of travel is 2nd March 2017 The question is what are the chances of getting it confirmed?

  190. I am gonna travel from Bhopal to Bengaluru on 28th April 2017.
    My current status is RLWL8/WL4.
    What does it mean?
    Will i get my ticket confirmed?

  191. Date : 13-Apr-2017
    Train Number : 11013 Train Name : COIMBATORE EXP
    From Station : BNC To Station : CBE
    Boarding point : BNC Reservation upto : CBE
    Status: RLWL/2

  192. I have booked 2 tickets from Coimbatore to Chennai in Chennai Express(22640). The RLWL status is RLWL 5 & RLWL6. How about Confirmation Chances?

  193. My status is RLWL 5
    Bikaner Express -17038
    From Ahmadabad to Secundrabad, on 6 May 2017 at 7:00 a.m.
    May I please know my chances for confirmation?

  194. Sir i have booked 2 SLEEPER tickets for PURI ADI EXP 12844 for journey on 29th April 2017 Night At stating I got as RLWL 17 & 18 and Now it came for RLWL 4 & 5. Is there any chances to confirmation?

  195. Gitanjali Express RLWL 137 / WL 88 from Raipur to Rourkela. How about Confirmation Chances ?

  196. I have booked 10 tickets from Nagpur to Mumbai, it’s in Waiting list of RLWL/27 on May 10th Evening. Will it get confirmed?

  197. I booked 2 tickets from Ernakulam to Bangalore for travel on 21st May 2017. Train number is 16316.
    Current RLWL wait list is showing up as 39 and 40. Is there any chances for confirmation ?

  198. I have a confirmed ticket from Bengaluru to Mumbai on 19th May by Lokmanya TT Express in AC I Class while my wife has only the status of RLWL1. What are the chances of her getting a confirmed berth ? Can she board the train along with me and share my berth ?

  199. You have confirmation Chances for your RLWL Train Ticket. Wait until chart preparation and You can ask TTR before you board into the train. For a safer side you can take a unreserved train ticket and keep it. so that even if you travel without confirmation ticket, this unreserved train ticket will help you at the time of checking.

  200. TRAIN NO. 12961 (AVANTIKA EXP)
    Any chance of Confirmation?

  201. RLWL 19,20,21
    Train No.12106
    Date of Journey 08/06/2017
    Is there chance of confirmation?

  202. i Booked 2 Tickets Chandigarh to Kolkata on 21 may for 12th June 2107 in Kalka mail 12312, it’s showing RLWL-4-5. Will it confirm or i should go for Tatkal? PNR NO 2331910664. Is there chance to Confirm??

  203. Train no 12304 ALD Junction TO HWH Junction 3AC and RLWL Status 1 will it be confirmed ?

  204. i Booked 2 Tickets Chandigarh to Kolkata on 21 may for 12th June 2107 in Kalka mail 12312, it’s showing RLWL-4-5. Will it confirm or i should go for Tatkal? PNR NO 2331910664. Is there chance to Confirm??

    Sir You reply me for Wait until last moment and then go for Tatkal,

    Plz. suggest me that i should wait until Chart prepare or when?? my train is at 01:00 AM on 12th June.

  205. Today I am travelling to Bangalore to Tirupathi. And My train tickets are in RLWL 03/04. Will it be confirmed?

  206. PNR Number: 8260462391
    Train Number: 11021
    Date of Journey : 22 June 2017
    Departs At : Bangalore
    Total Passenger : 3
    Status : RLWL 33, RLWL 34 , RLWL 35
    Is there any possibility for confirmation?

  207. Train Number : 18421
    Train Name : PURI AJMER EXP
    Waiting List : RLWL 1/WL 1
    From : BD to ADI
    Will these train tickets get confirmed ? Please respond me as soon as possible since 2 lay passenger are travelling with one senior Citizen.

  208. My Booking Status : RLWL/WL19 . I will travel on 5th August 2017 and going to travel from Secunderabad to Pune. Please let me know Chance of Confirmation.

  209. My booking status is RLWL 18 in Duronto Express (Train No-12246) on 22nd September 2017 from Vijayawada to Howrah. What is chance of confirmation?

  210. My booking status is RLWL-14 in Konark express on 29th September 2017 from Secunderabad to Visakhapatnam. Is there any chances of confirmation of my ticket?
    PNR number:- 8762514880

  211. RLWL-4, Rourkela to Howrah in AC Coach on 8-Oct-2017.
    Train Number – 18006
    Please let me know the chance of confirmation.
    Waiting for your reply.

  212. Hi My train number is 12508 and my RLWL is 9,(Howrah to Ernakulam Town). There is two months left for journey. Please tell me the chances of getting the ticket confirmed. Its 3AC class. I will be thankful if you mail me the answer.

    Thanks & Regards
    Saiyed Ehtsham

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