Railway Counter timings for Reservation

 Railway Reservation Counter timings are needed for people to book their train tickets at reservation counter. Even though there are different ways for booking or reserving the train ticket such in Online & offline. For few People Railway  reservation office plays major role for railway train ticket booking

Railway Reservation Counter/Office Timings to book train Ticket:

Railway Reservation counter is primary method for reserving your railway ticket. Even though Indian railways has modernized the ticket booking process, still few people who doesn’t know to access computer or mobile use the old method for booking their railway tickets. Also there are few who book their tickets at counter like concession holders specially defense personnel and other para military people also use counter facilities. Also people who are new to the cities and want to reserve tatkal ticket or normal ticket immediately then they are visiting Indian railway reservation counters.

Office Timings Photography
Office Timings Photography

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Do you want to check out the railway reservation counter timings for going to railway office and book the train ticket for your journey?

Railway Reservation Counter Train reservation Counter timings
Booking Timings on weekdays (Monday – Saturday) 8 A.M To 8 P.M
Booking Timings on Weekend’s (Sunday) 8 A.M to 2 P.M
15 Min Lunch Break 2.00 – 2.15 P.M

Other Details on Indian Railway Reservation Counters:

  • If you book a train ticket at the ticket counter, then Mode of Payment will always be in cash. Few railway offices accept credit card for the payment.
  • After booking your ticket at railway counters, if you want to cancel the ticket then you need to go to counter for cancelling the ticket. Also refunds for the cancelled tickets will be made at reservation office
  • Break journey can be booked at railway reservation counters
  • Train tickets can booked under various quotes like foreign tourist, defense etc…

Timings to book a train ticket at reservation Counter:

Most of the large city railways station is connected with satellite which is known as satellite reservation office. Reservation office is opened from 8.00 A.M to 8 P.M from Monday to Saturday with a fifteen minute break at 2 P.M. On weekends Sundays the office will be opened at 8 A.M to 2 P.M.Some reservation offices have seats that allow you to sit while you wait. But most of the reservation offices will not have this facility.

Comment us about your nearest railway reservation counter  Whether the reservation offices have seats that allow you to sit while you wait to book the train ticket so that it might be helpful for other passengers near by your railway stations to book their tickets at the railway counter


  1. It’s not possible to reserve a ticket in railway counters after 12:00p.m in North Chennai

  2. Thanks the reservation counter timings information was helpful. I have canceled the train ticket at the reservation counter.

  3. We both senior citizens want to book reservation to Thanjavur from Chennai Egmore today for the journey on 22nd of this month for Trichy express at the west mambalam raliway station. Can we get tickets at the counter itself ? Please reply.

  4. It is not only uneducated people who book their train tickets at counter but concession holders specially defense personnel and other para military people also use counter facilities.

  5. Thanks for sharing railway reservation counter timings. I have booked train ticket at Indian railway reservation counters.

  6. Thanks for Sharing the Railway reservation counter timings. It helped a lot to book train ticket at railway reservation counter.

  7. Train number-12487 is running between Jogbani to Anand vihar. Train has stopped at Aligarh until 17 September. But Now the Aligarh stop is cancelled. Please do the needful. When i asked in railway counter they said timings are not getting matched so they have removed the same.

  8. Physical and mentally challenged people’s concession ticket is also booked at railway reservation counter.
    Why Indian railways doesn’t allow to book such tickets online?

  9. You will have an option of PHYSICALLY HANDICAP in the Select Quota. You can find that in top of the Train details. You can book through it rather than going for reservation counter. Please let us know if you still face any issues for reserving train tickets.

  10. In Mumbai there are many suburb local station even three lines (Central, Western and Harbour) Can I make any reservation from any line or have to go same line (central for central and western for western)?

    Can I make reservations from Local train station?

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