New Trains in Railway Budget 2016 -2017

Check out the new trains list announced in the railway budget 2016-2017. Get all the Railway budget new trains & routes declared by railway minister

Railway Budget 2016 -2017 New Trains:

Interestingly there are no new trains announced by the Rail minister Suresh Prabhu in the last rail budget 2015-16. So People were expecting new trains in railway budget 2016-2017. And the Railway minister Suresh Prabhu has filled the same on Feb 25, 2016 in this railway budget.

Indian Train Photography
Indian Train Photography

He said there are four New Trains declared this year. The four new trains are given below

  • Humsafar
  • Tejas
  • Uday
  • Antyodaya

Find the description of each new train declared in the railway budget

Humsafar – For the middle class

This Humsafar train is mainly for middle class people.(i.e.) It will mainly focus the India’s Middle class travelers which is an exclusively 3-Tiered AC train with optional meals

Tejas – For those in a hurry

Tejas will be for the hurry people (i.e.) High Speed Train. The long awaited expectation of bullet train in India will be full filled under this scheme. Bullet train will achieve the speed of ranging up to 130 km per hour with quality onboard facilities

Uday (Double-deckers) – For those travelling on busy routes

The double-decker Uday trains have been introduced with the intention of increasing passenger capacity in railway services on busy routes. These trains will run overnight, connecting major cities across the country.

Antyodaya – For the economically backward

These superfast trains, which will have only unreserved coaches, will focus on transporting the common man in a time-bound manner without burning a hole in his pocket.

Important Note: There are the different type of new trains. Still they are yet to announce the train route of those new trains and between from where to where

Will our frequent travel routes get the new train? I am expecting for my frequent travel route between Chennai to Coimbatore. How about you?

Comment us what do u feel about railway budget 2016 -2017 new trains?


  1. DURGAPUR is the steel city of Bengal. It has no train service originating from DURGAPUR to state capital sealdah or Howrah. If new service can be introduced from DURGAPUR to sealdah / Howrah , can have better service not only for DURGAPUR but can serve from bankura and birbhum districts also. Please give a new service from DURGAPUR in next budget 2016-2017.

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