Waiting List Types & Meaning in IRCTC [Confirmation Chances]

Confused with waiting List types? Got doubts on Mind?  PQWL Means? CKWL Means? RLWL Means? RAC & WL Means? Are you seeking for the answer for the above what Questions in IRCTC? These are noting but Terminology used by Indian Railways IRCTC while booking train tickets. The ultimate goal is to make you understand these terminologies used by IRCTC

RLWL | CKWL | RAC |GNWL |PQWL – IRCTC Waiting List Types:

Confirmed Tickets:

Usually there will be fixed number of seats will be available at the time of booking in all coaches such as General, Second Sitting, Three Tier & Two Tier AC. When you book the ticket within that specified number then train ticket is Confirmed Ticket and the status will be “Confirmed”. You can find the coach number and the other details of the train with the same. You can directly check in to train without checking the current Status.

Passengers Queue in Indian Railway Station Photography
Passengers Queue in Indian Railway Station Photography

What RAC Means ?

The Acronym RAC Stands for Reservation Against Cancellation. If all the fixed number of tickets is booked in the train, then it will start booking into RAC automatically (i.e.) The Train tickets are marked as RAC. The IRCTC will have 90 additional seats in RAC as side lower berth. These side lower berths are allotted to RAC tickets where two share each other (i.e.) Two RAC can share one Side lower berth seat where can sleep and sit together. Even I had an experience of traveling RAC with My DAD where we slept together ont he side lower birth

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Waiting List (WL) :

When the RAC tickets gets filled, then the Tickets which booked after that will be marked as “Waiting List” (i.e.) your tickets are not confirmed & it just in queue. So when confirmed tickets get cancelled the Waiting List number will be decreased. Generally People can book up to 300 Waiting List tickets, after that it will be marked as “REGRET” But after preparing chart if your tickets are still in Waiting List(WL), your ticket will get auto cancelled and the amount will get refunded to your bank account in 10 days.

Chance of Confirmation:Depends the day but generally if you waiting list is between 50 – 70 there are more chances of getting ticket to get confirmed. It’s better to book even Waiting List Tickets because the amount will be refunded fully if it is not confirmed.

Example: WL 60 on your train ticket which means there 60 people in queue waiting to get an RAC tickets at least before your. WL80/WL6 which means Currently, you are the at the sixth position,& 80 would be the status of the tickets while booking.

Important Note: Don’t ever travel with waiting List because your ticket will get cancelled automatically so TTR might catch and you will be put in a situation to pay Fine. It has happened once to me but thank god I got money in my wallet. I generally swipe cards where ever I go.

CKWL Means?

This waiting list type is seen while booking tatkal train tickets. It will get confirmed when the taktal ticket gets cancelled as like the confirmed tickets cancelled.

Chance of Confirmation:The chance of Confirmation CKWL Tickets is depends on the day (i.e.) If it is festival day or weekend the tickets won’t get canceled everybody will be moving towards native or return from native. If it weekdays there are Chance of Conformation if your CKWL slot is less than 10

PQWL Means?

The Acronym PQWL stands for Pooled quota Waiting list in IRCTC. These are frequently used by small stations. This will not be available from the staring journey point it will be available between the main stations. Mainly used by small station people.

Chance of Confirmation: Very less number of PQWL tickets is available so probability of confirmation will be lower

RLWL Means?

The Acronym RLWL Stands for Remote location Waiting List. This quota for the people who live in major cities and metros

Chance of Confirmation: There will be anvery less number of RLWL tickets same as like PQWL tickets. So there are very rare chances to get confirmed. I personally never had change for trying on RLWL, PQWL, CKWL tickets

Other Quotas: Emergency, Ladies, Foreign tourist which will fall under waiting list category.

We hope now you have an clear idea on the all the IRCTC Waiting list types & Chances of confirmation. So you can decide whether your tickets will get confirmed at the time of booking itself.

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