IRCTC Railway Train e-Ticket Cancellation Guide

Confused with IRCTC Ticket Cancellation on Indian railway Website? Don’t worry here we are here to help you on cancelling your own ticket online & offline. If you want to cancel the ticket offline in Railway ticket counters then dowload the below form and cancel from counters

 Indian Railway Cancellation Form Free Download

Before you cancel the train ticket we request you to read the following guidelines given below

  1. E-Tickets can be cancelled on Internet in Indian Railway Website before Chart Preparation of train. Chart Preparation is usually done on the previous night for the train starting at 12 noon.
  2. Cancellation is not allowed in Railway Counters.
  3. Before cancelling the ticket we would recommend to Checkout the train ticket Cancellation Charges

Railway train ticket | e-ticket | IRCTC ticket Cancellation:

Cancelling of Railway train ticket is a simple process that can be done in online for e-tickets in Indian Railway Website. Is it Normal ticket Or Tatkal Train ticket? If you need to cancel the tatkal ticket then Checkout the steps & procedure to cancel tatkal ticket for refund

Online Cancellation
Online Cancellation

IRCTC Ticket Cancellation is divided into two types of railway ticket Cancellation. They are

  1. Before chart preparation of the train
  2. After chart preparation of the train

Why do we need cancel the Railway train ticket before chart Preparation?

We need to cancel the train ticket before chart preparation, because after the chart prepared the user cannot cancel the railway ticket. Is the Chart Preparation is done? Do you want to still cancel the Ticket after chart preparation? Is it Possible to cancel the e-ticket? Yes it’s possible He/she needs to file the TDR to get back or refund the amount for cancelled ticket.

Checkout : steps to cancelling the IRCTC ticket after chart Preparation

Steps & Procedure on how to cancel e-ticket Online:

Step #1: Login to Website with your login.

Step #2: Navigate to “Booked Tickets” link.

Step #3: Select the tickets that you want to cancel

Step #4: Now select the passenger for whom you wish to cancel the railway ticket.

Step #5: Now click on Cancel Ticket Button.

Step #6: That’s it your tickets are cancelled. You will receive a message that “Your Ticket with PNR number is cancelled. Your Refund will be processed soon.”

Note: Consider if you have booked tickets for four or five people. Now you would like to cancel the ticket of two then you need to make sure their names are selected in the cancellation checkbox form, So that the particular person will alone get cancelled. If you want to cancel all the railway train tickets online then make sure you selected all checkbox and Click on cancel button. And also make sure you do IRCTC ticket Cancellation before chart Preparation.

Find the Screenshot which might give an clear idea on cancelling your e-tickets online

Screenshot For e-Ticket Cancellation:

1. Select the train ticket that you want to cancel

IRCTC Ticket Cancellation [Step 1]
IRCTC Ticket Cancellation [Step 1]
2. Select the passenger that you want to cancel the train ticket

IRCTC Ticket Cancellation [Step 2]
IRCTC Ticket Cancellation [Step 2]
3.  Confirm the Train Ticket Cancellation

IRCTC Ticket Cancellation [Step 3]
IRCTC Ticket Cancellation [Step 3]
4. Train Ticket Cancelled

IRCTC Ticket Cancellation [Step 4]
IRCTC Ticket Cancellation [Step 4]
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  1. Hi, I have booked a few tickets on IRCTC online using my credit card. Now I want to cancel a couple of tickets. But when I log in and go to booked tickets, I could see only a couple of tickets for which the journey was completed already. I could not see the other tickets. I understand that only when I get the tickets under booked tickets, I can select the ticket and get it cancelled. So I have an issue. My journey dates are April 30 and May 7. How do I go about it and get both the tickets cancelled? Please help me.

  2. First Are you sure that you have booked the ticket with this same login id ? Second Do you have any message in mobile phone for the ticket booked with PNR number ? If you know the PNR of the Booked then try searching with the PNR number. Also by default IRCTC will show only 5 tickets in the first page. so click on next button on the booked history page to see the other tickets you have booked.

  3. I booked my train tickets online . Now during my cancellation, it says “You have not booked any train ticket”. The train ticket should be cancelled for 19 September. Please guide me to cancel my train ticket.

  4. I booked a e-ticket of members for Joychandi Pahar to Chennai Egmore today through on line mode from the IRCTC site. Due to some family problem I have to cancel the same immediately. I have tried to cancel the same but failed. Please guide me . My contact no : 09832777800 and thanks, S. P. Paramanik.

  5. Thanks for article on IRCTC e-train Ticket Cancellation. I have cancelled the train ticket as per guide lines.

  6. Hi, I booked my ticket dated on 7/1/17,using my Debit card from PRS counter. On journey dt 8/1/17 train was canceled. Hence, from PRS counter I got my ticket canceled. Window Clerk informed me that fare will be refunded electronically. But as on date the fare amount hasn’t been credited. Pls advice to whom to write to and the PNR details 242-6755264

  7. Rakesh, it will approximately take 7-12 bank working days to get your refund back to your bank account. if you have still received your you can contact nearest railway reservation center with your PNR details and file a complaint . Else you can call IRCTC help desk and ask for the status of train ticket refund status.

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