IRCTC Railway Train e-Ticket Cancellation Charges

Are you cancelling IRCTC train ticket? Did you booked your train seat in AC First class, Executive Class, AC 2 Tier, AC 3 Tier, AC Chair Car, AC 3 Economy, Sleeper & second sitting Class. Do you want to know the IRCTC cancellation charges for those e-tickets? Want to check how much refund will be processed to your bank account if you cancel railway train ticket online?

IRCTC Railway train ticket Cancellation Charges [e-ticket]:

The Train Ticket cancellation charge will be based on when the user is cancelling their tickets. The user may cancel their IRCTC tickets before a day, or a week before or 6 hours before. So based on it the refund amount or the charges will be processed. Before Cancelling we would recommend you read the guide on How to cancel the Railway Train e-Ticket 

Cancellation Stamp
Cancellation Stamp

Consider a scenario two months before, you booked a train ticket for four people. Now you want to cancel all those tickets. Do you want to know when I should cancel the IRCTC ticket, So that you will get minimum penalty charges for the cancelled e-tickets? It’s better to cancel the ticket as early as possible. If you delaying it then up to 50% of the Ticket amount will be charged for cancellation (i.e.) At least more than 48 hours before the scheduled departure of the train, So that you will get only Flat Cancellation Charges for the tickets. You can refer the Flat Cancellation charges for each class in the table below

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Note: The e-tickets booked online cannot be cancelled in the Railway counters.

IRCTC Cancellation Charges:

You can Check out the IRCTC Ticket cancellation Charges in the below table

Timings Class IRCTC Ticket Cancellation Charges Note
If you Cancelled the train e-ticket more than 48 hours before the scheduled departure of the train AC First Class/ Executive ClassAC 2 Tier/First ClassAC3 Tier/AC Chair Car/Ac 3 EconomySleeper Class & Second Class Rs. 120/-Rs. 90/- 

Rs. 60/-


Rs. 30/-

Flat Cancellation Charges

*cancellation Charges are per passenger.

If you Cancelled the IRCTC train e-ticket within 48 hours before the scheduled departure of the train For all Classes 25% of Fare subject to minimum flat rate mentioned in the above Clause  
If you Cancelled the railway train ticket less than 6 hours before the schedule departure of the train up to chart preparation of the train For all Classes 50% of fare subject to the minimum cancellation charges * Note the Chart preparation time is the time for the chart preparation from the Train Originating Station or from the Previous chart Preparation station. 

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