IRCTC Paytm Offers [Promo Codes]

Paytm IRCTC Offer is available indirectly now. You may think that there is no option to get IRCTC offer for train ticket booking. Yes! Its true Indian Railways IRCTC doesn’t provide offers for booking the train tickets because the trains will get automatically filled without any offers. Also the price is so cheap compared to road transport. So we can’t expect the direct any IRCTC discount offers.

Paytm IRCTC Offer [Promo Codes] for Train Ticket Booking:

As said in the earlier post, Most of the people from India travel frequently in trains. Being an IT guy I used to book train ticket & bus ticket frequently in online. I was thinking to reduce my travelling expense. So for bus ticket I use Paytm promo codes offers available on the internet and get discount for my ticket. But I didn’t find any IRCTC offers for train ticket booking.

Paytm Wallet
Paytm Wallet

Before checking out the IRCTC Paytm Offer here is an ultimate guide for you on “How to book IRCTC ticket with Paytm”

How to avail Paytm IRCTC Offer:

When I was browsing through internet I found Paytm offers 5% Cashback on adding money to their Paytm Wallet.  I thought why can’t we add money to Paytm wallet from my bank account, So that I will get some cash back for the amount. Also I can book my train ticket through Paytm Offers. So if you add Rs 1000 to your Paytm Wallet, you will get Rs 50 extra. So with this offer you can add money to the wallet and book the train ticket in IRCTC. So through this trick you can avail Paytm IRCTC offer. It just like indirectly you are getting offer through Paytm. I just want to share this trick to everyone so that people may use this trick for booking their train with offers.

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Note: The amount may be small

I personally believe a proverb “As one penny save is one penny earned” said by Benjamin Franklin. Share this trick with friends and help your friends to book train ticket with IRCTC Paytm discount Offer and make them to save their one penny for train ticketsJ

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