How to book train coach for marriage

How to book full train coach for marriage ? Want to check out how to do the same?  Have a decided to go for a tour in college or office (i.e.) with large group of people. Do you want to book the entire/full coach or train? Is it possible to do train coach booking ? Yes, it’s possible to do train coach booking. Follow the steps for reserving train coach for marriage.

Train Coach Booking for Marriage/Other Events – How to

FTR is a new service started by IRCTC which let you to book full train coaches or even whole train. I just want to write this article because last week my friend marriage happened. He loved a north Indian Girl and their marriage got fixed and we plan to celebrate their wedding over south India. Since the marriage function/event is happening in south India we were responsible for transport. When we checked the flight rates it was too high for our budget. So while we are discussing why can’t we book the tickets in train for marriage. Still we were confused because when we book the train ticket in online. Only four tickets can booked at a time. Also we are not sure that railway train tickets will be scattered across the train coaches. So I was searching for all these information for the train coach booking. And I wish to share the collected information on train coach booking for marriage so that it will be more helpful for the people like you.

Train Coach Booking
Train Coach Booking

The best way for booking the whole train coach would be FTR Services. It can be booked easily from online. Also you can book train coach offline. First let us see how to do train coach booking Online

Train Coach Booking Online:

First you need to register IRCTC FTR Service. Your Normal IRCTC login id is not applicable on this service. You have to register separately for this service. Before registering for the service make sure you got the PAN card Number because it is must for getting your FTR registration done.

Note :  User Registration is on hold due to technical reasons

Follow the below steps to do new registration for FTR Service

Step #1: Click the link to Navigate to FTR Service Page (i.e.) Train Coaching Booking Page

Train Coach Booking

Step #2: You will redirect to ftr registration page and where you need to fill the personal details.  Pick the username. Also fill the personal details like Email Id, First name, last name, PAN card number, location, pin code, city, mobile number etc… Select party type choose ‘public’ and party subtype choose one of subtype choose one of India tourist, foreign tourist, or general, whichever is appropriate/ applicable to you.

Step #3: Click on ‘register’ again.

Step #4: You will get a confirmation message to your mobile phone and username will be automatically generated and sent to your email id.

Step #5: That’s it your registration process is done.

Step #6: Login with username & password.  Provide booking type, journey details of caches & route. Now submit the request. The user will get reference number & registration amount to be paid.

Step #7 : Now the user has to pay the amount against the registration number to get FTR number

Step #8: Amount should be paid in 6 days including FTR request submit day. After 6 days FTR reference will be flushed

Train Coach Booking offline:

If you need to book train coach fully for marriages in offline then you must follow the below steps to do the same.

Step #1: For offline Train coach booking the user has to go to CBS (chief booking supervisor)/Station Master (SM) of the starting station (i.e.) Source railway station /Initiating railway station, and you need to provide composed application containing trip details for FTR Train coach booking.

Step #2: CBS will raise this in FTR framework. Also CBS will provide a generated slip to the user. The generated slip contains the reference number & the amount to pay by the user.

Step #3: Now the user with the slip he/she needs to go to the UTS counter and provide cash again the registration number

Step #4: After paying the amount, UTS counter will give you printed cash receipt with a FTR number in it.

Step #5: Now with the FTR number provided by UTS counter, he/she now again goes back to CBS and they can take printout of the details by giving the FTR Number.

Step #6: That’s it! You have booked train coach for marriage.

Train Coach booking Charges:

  • The registration for this service can be done with both online on IRCTC as well as offline on UTS (Unreserved Ticket Service) counter.
  • You can book entire train coach or a train
  • Maximum 10 number of train coach can be booked
  • Amount for booking of train coach up to 7 days of tour journey period is 50,000/- per coach. If you still want to extend your journey period an additional Rs.10,000 per day/per coach will be charged
  • If you are booking whole train you can book maximum 24 coaches in FTR train including 2 sleepers which are mandatory
  • The amount for booking of a train is minimum of Rs.900,000 with 18 coaches and up to 7 days of tour journey. Additional Rs 50,000/per coach will be added if you adding train coach

Note: The amount may vary/change in case of any revision by Indian Railways

Train coach Booking Details:

  • Booking Period: FTR registration can be done maximum 6 months in advance and minimum 30 days prior to journey date.
  • Refund process:In case of cancellation, either by party or by railway, refund will be processed as per existing manual process through Chief Commercial Manager (PM).

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Pilot for WR:Online booking of FTR is on pilot basis and currently booking is allowed for journey starting from stations of Western Railway only.
  2. Booking period:FTR registration can be done maximum 6 months in advance and minimum 30 days prior to journey date.
  3. Payment realization:Party will provide the booking type, journey details of coaches, and route. After submission of the request, party will get a reference number and registration amount to be paid. Party will pay the registration amount against provided reference number to get FTR number. Payment of registration amount must be received within 6 days (including FTR request submit day). After 6 days, FTR Reference Number will be flushed and party will be required to follow the above mentioned process again to book coach/train.
  4. Refund process:In case of cancellation, either by party or by Railway, refund will be processed as per existing manual process through Chief Commercial Manager (PM) of the concerned Railway.
  5. Permissible number of coaches:
    • Coach Booking: arty can book maximum 10 numbers of coaches on FTR in a single train in one tour programme.
    • Train Booking: P arty can book maximum 24 coaches in FTR train including 2 SLR coaches as mandatory.
  1. Registration Amount:
    • Coach Booking: Registration amount for booking of a coach up to 7 days of tour journey period is Rs. 50, 000/- per coach. Beyond 7 days of tour journey period, additional Rs. 10, 000/- per day/per coach will be payable and added in the registration amount.
    • Train Booking: Registration amount for booking of a train, for minimum of 18 coaches (including minimum two SLR coaches) and up to 7 days of tour journey period is Rs. 9,00,000/-. Beyond 18 passenger coaches, additional Rs. 50,000/- per coach will be added in the registration amount. For tour period beyond 7 days, additional Rs. 10, 000/- per day per coach will be added in registration amount.
    • Even for booking of a train with less than 18 coaches, registration amount for 18 coaches as minimum will be charged.
    • The above amount may change in case of any revision by Ministry of Railways from time to time.
  1. Registration of coaches/trains does not guarantee allotment of coaches/trains. This will be subject to the operational feasibility and availability of coaches.

We have booked train coaches for my friend marriage with same procedure on offline. If you got any doubts feel free to contact us through comments. We will revert to your queries as soon as possible


  1. Can you give me details of Fare Charges, Service Tax, Extra Charges, Destination Charges for SL or AC 3 Coaches to book train coach for marriage.

  2. Thanks for the information, just want to know is the coaching booking is only for Sleeper Class or we can get 3rd AC coach too.
    And what fair do they charge, Does Rs.50000 include everything.

  3. Very nice, Do we have to book for return journey ? or only one way journey is booked ?

  4. 50000 is registration fee.
    Does this fee get adjusted in fare once booking confirm?? or we have to pay 50000 extra on top of regular fare??

  5. I would like to book train coach for marriage purpose in the month of October 2016 for Indore to Jaipur and return journey.
    What are formalities & charges please let me know.

  6. Thanks wonderful Explanation. I have already booked the Train Coach in Railway Reservation Counter.Next time let me give a try to book coach for marriage in online.

  7. Hi. What if we want to book coach from point A to B and then have to return from point B to A after two days, so will there be separate bookings.

  8. Thanks for the details, kindly tell if coaches are AC or non AC. How many people allowed in a ordinary coach?

  9. What if we want to book coach from point A to B and then have to return from point B to A after two days, so will there be separate bookings.

  10. I also have done few enquiries and some details shared here:-
    1. 50,000/- break up:- 25 k will be security deposite, which will be returned after completion of trip less any other charges Rly owe from the party. Bal 25K will be adjusted in the fare on confirmed booking.

    2. This 50 K is registration for coach (Any class and type + fare will be charged for the class of Journey at full tariff rate for adult(No concessions or reduction in fare for children/ senior etc allowed).

  11. We want to book only one sleeper coach,only for 1000-1100KM, maximum 24 hours, not for one week, then what will be the amount, we have to pay to Indian railway. Please someone reply me.

  12. I have a requirement for about 40-45 seats only. Will I still have to book the entire coach or I can book 40-45 seats only ?

  13. I have tried with link you have provided but it brings me back to the same where it says it’s on hold due to technical issues.
    Do you have any other link thru which can i register?

  14. Hi. What if we want to book coach from point A to B and then have to return from point B to A after two days, so will there be separate bookings. I am going from Nasik road to New Delhi on 16 NOV -2016. 72 Members. How much money required for booking.

  15. i am a student and doing my 3rd year of study, during this year we are taken for educational trip cum excursion for around 25 days, either north India or south India. We are thinking of either booking tickets or the whole bogie, we are around 115 students so we will need around 2 bogies. The thing is students get 50% concession for educational trips in sleeper class. But with this bogie booking process will we get the refund?.

  16. If any one has inquired can u please tell me.
    1. 50k the fare is adjusted in tickets fare?
    2. If 1 want to go from A-> B and after 1 day I have to return B->A. So its within 7 days journey. So 50k- (actual ticket cost) will be charged ?
    3.FTR site shows User Registration is on hold due to technical reasons. Wee need to contact station Station Master (SM) for this process ?
    4. Is there any other method to get tickets for 80-100 peoples? I heard there is some party booking option also.. is it so?
    Thank-you for your help 🙂

  17. Myself Nitesh Kumar I want to book coach for marriage. Please find the details below
    Date of Journey: 16-2-2017 | From Raichur to Bangalore
    Return Journey Date: 19-02-2017 | From Bangalore to Raichur
    No of Seats : 110

  18. I want to book One coach in January for marriage purpose from Varanasi to Indore Double side. Let me know full procedure to book and fare charges, and how to book a complete coach for marriage online?

  19. Can I book a coach for Mumbai to Gulbrga (south) through FTR service. What will be the charge ? Share if you have any idea about it

  20. I want register On FTR coach booking here is technical problem. How i can book coaches ? Please tell me some ideas and please give me any helpline contact no.

  21. That mean i have to give only 50000 and after trip they will refund 25000/- so overall expenses are 25000/- that’s it?
    what if reservation charges for 72 people go up from 25000/-? If i have to go on trip to different station then also all charges will be same?

  22. Let say the tickets at IRCTC website are not available now and if we go for a coach booking is it possible that we will get an additional extra coach with all 72 seats for any preferred type of coach?

  23. Understand that you need only around 50 members to travel on the same coach for marriage. You can still book 50 seats on the train coach through nearest railway reservation centers. It’s possible to book a portion of train coach for marriage.

  24. Brain This is not an official website of IRCTC. We just projected the information what ever we know. You can clarify all the queries through IRCTC customer care or through nearest railway station counters.

  25. Hi, I wanted to book return trip from Kannur to Chennai for a marriage party. (Return on 2nd day).
    The trains are starting from Mangalore and return train is terminating at Mangalore. So I have the following doubts.
    1) Do I have to visit Mangalore station which is the train starting place or Kannur which is my trip starting place to book coach.
    2) Do I pay fare for the complete journey (Mangalore to Chennai and return) or Kannur to Chennai and return.

    Can you please let me know if you have the details.

  26. Please explain the process for booking one coach or half coach with fare from Secunderabad to Rajahmundry with return journey

  27. Hi I want to know that if I want a on side trip for marriage and we have 55 people so I can use this FTR facility and if yes than i have to pay full charge of 64 seat of sleeper or only for 55 I am waiting for your response. Thank you

  28. Hi want to know that if i have to book a 3 AC coach from Saharsa to Delhi in Garibrath or Rajdhani then only 50000 will be charged or with 50000 + per person seat fare will be charge. And if we have to come back to next day with same train should we have to pay the same amount 50000 again ?

  29. I am inclined to know whether I can book a coach for marriage i.e. for 72 seats for journey from UJJAIN to JAYNAGAR via KANPUR, which involves 2 trains. If yes, what will be the procedure and cost involved ? Also, return ticket after 10 days from JAYNAGAR via KANPUR to UJJAIN for 72 seats?

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