Tatkal Reservation & Cancellation Forms PDF Download

Do you live in India? Do you often travel through Rail transport? Then we are sure that you might have faced the problems in railway station while standing in the queue.

Then you might have noticed the railway ticket counter fellow will used to tell that the
“Indian Railway reservation form” got over. Then you should keep waiting for the railway forms. Because to reserve a normal or Tatkal tickets, you need to fill out the respective forms and submit in the counters. Even to cancel the booked train ticket you might need the cancellation form the same.  Moreover, you need to get the forms from the train reservation counter & fill it over there, where most of the people won’t bring their own pens including me.

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So you might need to borrow the pen & fill the train reservation forms. If the people are uneducated, then they will not know how to fill the forms provided by the Indian Railways. I personally struggled a lot with the above problems. Is it possible to solve all the problems? Yes find the Solution for the problem below.

Man Filling up the Form Photography
Man Filling up the Form Photography

Download Indian Railway Train Reservation Tatkal & Cancellation Form Online:

Now download the Railway Reservation form Online to book your railway train tickets. Download the PDF format of the train reservation forms and you might fill out the columns on the respective forms and print the filled form from the Computer. By this you can save the time by standing in queue in railway station and waiting for a long time to get the forms. You might see a sample railway reservation form filled below for your reference.  If you want to cancel the ticket you should need to fill the IRCTC Cancellation Formyou can download the Official  Train Reservation Taktal & IRCTC Cancellation forms. Before cancelling we recommend you to check out the Ticket Cancellation Charges 

Free Download IRCTC Tatkal Train Reservation Form & Cancellation Form 

Sample IRCTC Form Filled :

Sample Indian Railway Reservation/ Cancellation Form Filled
Sample Indian Railway Reservation/ Cancellation Form Filled

Alternative Ways to book the tickets without filling forms:

The other best fastest method is to book the tickets online, because you no need to fill the form to book the tickets. You can just simple login to book the tickets. Even to cancel the tickets it very easy to do it online than filling the forms, just a single click which allows user to cancel the tickets in a fraction of second. You might also have look at the steps to cancel the booked train ticket online. Do you want to reserve the forthcoming train tickets by online? Do you need a Guide? Then Checkout the steps to book the train ticket online.

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  1. I want to download reservation form. Please tell me how can i download the ticket booking reservation form in Online.

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