What is Consider for Auto Upgradation in IRCTC?

Do you know about the “Consider for auto Upgradation in IRCTC”? Want to check out how the auto Upgradation works in IRCTC? While booking your train tickets in IRCTC, have you ever noticed a check box option with ‘consider for auto upgrade’. If so do you have any idea on the same? From our research we found that most of don’t know about the option including me.

Consider for Auto Upgradation Option in IRCTC

As I said I am frequent traveler in Indian Trains. Still I am wondering because still now even I have seen the auto upgrade option with the checkbox while booking the train ticket, but never tried the same. And I was not clear about that auto Upgradation checkbox option. So I made a research & explain in detail in this article. Also I have explained Why & When to check the “Consider Auto Upgradation” option & when not to check that checkbox clearly in the below chain

Consider for Auto Upgradation in IRCTC
Consider for Auto Upgradation in IRCTC

Auto upgrade in IRCTC is used to allocate a berth in higher class, if any seat is vacant in the higher berth. For example if you are booking Sleeper class train ticket in waiting list and you has selected the checkbox option “Consider for Auto Upgradation”. After making payment for that sleeper class waiting list, then during the departure date if the booked train ticket got the vacant seat in 3AC class. Then you will get the berth in higher class 3AC

Consider for Auto Upgrade Option
Consider for Auto Upgrade Option

Consider for Auto Upgradation means providing you berth in upper class than in which you are booked

The below examples will give clear idea on the auto upgrade.

  • If you are going to book train ticket in Sleeper class (SL) & checked the Auto upgradation option. During the Chart preparation, if are many berths available free in upper class (3AC,2AC), Since you have opted for Auto upgradation, then you will provided with upper class berths in 2AC or 3AC
  • Passengers who booked train ticket in 3AC and checked the Upgradation option, they were given preference to Tatkal Tickets and then General Category First come First Serve).

Note: If the berths are still available after this process, then Passengers who booked berths in Sleeper class will get these train tickets

Important Note: We no need to pay any extra fare if it got upgraded.

I have not tried this option during my journey. Sure I will try this consider for auto upgrade option for the next time to have luxury travel. Comment us about if you have selected auto upgrade option & whether it got upgraded or not & about the Auto up-gradation charges.

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  1. I book the ticket before 4 months Because I need lower seat LTT o GKP . But as my last journey I have 3 lower and 1 middle seat but when I reach to station and check the setting chart I found that my seats are change because of this am facing to much problem . am paying IRCTC the same amount as the others pay. But I have book the ticket before 4 months for lower seat and comfort. But at the end time IRCTC change the setting arrangements. Am spending so much time to check the date and seat when available. And this time I have book the ticket in July for November journey LTT to GKP. I required IRCTC to please don’t change setting argument this time.

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