CKWL Status & Confirmation Changes in IRCTC

What’s is CKWL in Railway Reservation? CKWL Means ?  Full form of CKWL ? Whether CKWL railway ticket will get confirmed ? How about the chance of confirmation of CKWL in IRCTC? CKWL Meaning in IRCTC ? Do you want to know the answers for the above questions in IRCTC ? Confused with the terminology used by Indian railways? Here is an ultimate guide information for indian people to know the CKWL exact meaning & waiting list type information on the terminology that is used in IRCTC

CKWL- Tatkal Waiting List Meaning :

            More passengers started to book train tickets & started to travel by train frequently in India. There will be some fixed number of tickets for reservation before 3 months, So people who ever missed to booked to their tickets they will book the “Tatkal Ticket”. Just like an urgency ticket. Tatkal ticket will get normally opened before a day. If you are going to book tatkal ticket, read the article Tatkal Fast Booking tips . It was written based on my experience. We are sure that your tatkal ticket will not be wait listed (CKWL), it’s a 100 % working trick for booking Tatkal Ticket.


Checkout : Before cancelling the CKWL ticket checkout the CKWL Cancellation charges in IRCTC .

What is Waiting List in IRCTC?

            Waiting List tickets are like Waiting for the ticket to be confirmed. (i.e.) If a person cancel their confirmed ticket, automatically the first priority member in the waiting list gets confirmed. There are different type of waiting list in IRCTC. If interested you can refer our previous article on short description & Meaning types of Waiting list in IRCTC.


CKWL is a kind of Waiting list in IRCTC. The Acronym CKWL Stands for Tatkal Waiting List. This quota for all type of train passengers who live in major cities and metros. CKWL waiting list is like the normal waiting list, but this type of waiting list are seen while you book your tatkal tickets. (i.e.) For tatkal tickets , the waiting list issued as CKWL instead of GNWL.

Do you know why it is name as CKWL in IRCTC but not TKWL because CKWL was originally coined from the CK. CK is the code name for Tatkal Quota in Indian Railway reservation system. That’s y it was coined as CKWL

Also when the CKWL ticket goes up automatically it directs to confirmed , it will not into the slot of RAC as like GNWL. But Please do keep in mind that during Chart Preparation the general waiting list (GNWL) is preferred over CKWL. The Confirmation chances for CKWL Tickets is depends on the day (i.e.) If it is festival day or weekend the tickets won’t get canceled everybody will be moving towards native or return from native. If it weekdays there are Chance of Conformation if your CKWL slot is less than 5.

Note : The status of ticket can be checked using the 10 – digit PNR number on any railway station or online sets.

Comment us your train number & the CKWL status we will revert you back in a day whether your tickets will be confirmed or not. if you are frequent traveler , feel free to post more information about the experience of CKWL ticket which would be really helpful for the passengers. Thanks in advance.


  1. Train Number : 22633
    Current status : Ckwl 3
    Will there be any confirmation chances?

  2. I am vijay my tatkal train ticket was waiting list.Current status is CKWL2. whether will my CKWL ticket get confirm?

  3. CKWL Train ticket got confirmed 🙂 Your Chance of Prediction Works Thanks for helping me 🙂

  4. Hi my train no is 12829 and current booking status of CKWL is 3. PNR Number is 4633019828. any chance of confirmation for CKWL train ticket ?

  5. No you should travel with CKWL train ticket. if CKWL train ticket is not confirmed as like other waiting list it will be auto cancelled. If you are still travelling with CKWL train ticket then it will be treated as without train ticket. So make your ticket gets confirmed before boarding into train.

  6. Train Number : 17229/Sabari Express
    PNR Number : 4742639319
    CKWL : 11 Is there any chance for the Tatkal train Ticket will get confirmed?

  7. PNR: 4322698424
    Train Number: 16724
    CKWL 29, 28
    What about my CKWL train ticket confirmation Chances?

  8. Train No : 12244
    Waiting list Status: CKWL 10
    Is there any chance of ticket getting confirmed ?
    Do I want to cancel train ticket manually or the waiting list train ticket get auto cancelled ?

  9. Date of Journey : 31st August
    Train Number/Name : Prashanti Express/18463
    Booked CKWL Status : 15
    Current CKWL status : 11 (After 1 hour)

    Is there any chance of confirmation for CKWL train ticket?

  10. Train No : 12679
    PNR No: 4323317408
    CKWL Status: 37
    How about my confirmation chances for above CKWL PNR Number?

  11. Train number 12963
    Current CKWL Status is 89 . Tomorrow is journey day.
    Will CKWL train ticket get confirm?

  12. Booked an Tatkal ticket online for 3 members and got CNF against two but one is still showing CKWL/55.

    Journey date is tomorrow.

  13. Train Number : 12785
    Day of Travel : Sunday
    CKWL Status Number : 74
    Please tell me Whether my CKWL train ticket will get Confirmed ? It’s urgent. Thanks.

  14. I have booked a Tatkal ticket in Guruvayor express. But my ticket status is CKWL-5.
    But still 25 seats are available, from the next station (TRIVANDRUM) of my boarding point.
    If I will change my boarding point as TRIVANDRUM, then will ticket status get change ? If so Is there have any chance to ticket confirmation?

  15. Sorry Anish. From my opinion, I think you will receive the confirm ticket if you have changed boarding point (i.e) Your CLWL ticket waiting list 5 ticket will get confirmed. But We are not sure about this. Please share your experience after you do so that we can share the same to others. Thanks in advance for sharing your experience.

  16. Train Number is 16352
    And RLWL Status are 9, 10, 11
    PNR Number: 4844067035
    How about my confirmation chances for above PNR Number RLWL train ticket.

  17. CKWL status confirmation will be rare since it is a tatkal booking the confirmation of CKWL train ticket are rare. It got decreased because any people in CKWL queue from 6 to 15 might cancelled their tickets. That’s the reason your CKWL status got changed. Thanks.

  18. If your tatkal ticket is booked then it will not have the status as CKWL. CKWL means it’s in tatkal waiting list. you need to check with PNR number to Confirm whether it has moved from waiting list to Confirmed (i.e) Booking status from CKWL to Current status CNF . If it is not booked then the tatkal ticket (i.e) CKWL ticket will get auto cancelled and refund will be processed to your bank account in 2 -4 days.

  19. PNR NO-4536757089
    CKWL Waiting list Status : 6
    Do this ticket have Confirmation Chances ?
    Please Reply

  20. I have booked a ticket for Tomorrow, the status of ticket is CKWL2 in second class. Will the amount be refunded if its not confirmed? If it is confirmed – By when will we know?

  21. e-ticket for 2 Passenger ONE CONFIRM AND CKWL 1 in 3A HW-JSM? What is the chance of getting confirm ? Shall I be able to travel with this ticket?

  22. What is refund process of CKWL. I heard like if the tatkal ticket is not confirmed then automatic full refund will be process is it true?

  23. Tried to book a tatkal ticket and got ckwl 31. will I get my money back if the tickets are not confirmed? When should I cancel the tickets?

  24. Wonderful and very informative . CKWL has threadbare explanation of the railway terminology. Thanks.

  25. Train No.: 11088
    DOJ : 20-Oct-2016
    CKWL: 1
    Is there is any confirmation Chances for CKWL 1 train ticket ?

  26. My Tatkal Status is CKWL 40 in HWH EXPRESS. If its not confirmed What is the cancellation process for CKWL tickets???

  27. I m having CKWL 4 in train Number 18406 Can it will be confirmed tomorrow 10 pm ? My PNR Number is 8152395078.

  28. Confirmed ticket can be traveled in Train, but if you are travelling with waiting list ticket then it will be considered as without train ticket. The CKWL status of Confirmation Chances are high , so you no need to worry unnneccssarly.

  29. Train : 14011 , 28-Oct,2016.
    CKWL 65 , WL 39
    Sleeper Class
    How much will i get money back if train ticket is not confirmed ?

  30. Train No – 16315
    PNR – 4325153928
    Age Booking Status Current Status
    32 CKWL/26 CKWL/14
    28 CKWL/27 CKWL/15

    Please confirm whether my ticket will be confirmed

  31. PNR.2705214513 – 2A from Bareilly to much chances of confirmation as my CKWL is 2 & 3 for travel on 6th Nov.’2016 (Chhat Pooja Rush is also there, Pls advice.

  32. Train no 12401
    Train Name : Magadh Exp
    PNR No : 6558356252
    From BXR to NDLS
    Current Status CKWL 03 and CKWL 04.
    DOB 11.11.2016 CL- 3AC.
    Pls tell me chance of confirmation.

  33. Train No –12625
    PNR – 442-5903911
    CKWL-10, 11 SL
    From CBE to tpty
    Date of journey 18-11-2016

    Will My CKWL Ticket will get confirmed ?

  34. Hi my train no is 12980 and current booking status of CKWL is 9 and date of journey is 5/12/16. Any chance of confirmation for CKWL train ticket ?

  35. You Should travel with train ticket CKWL 5 status. When the Chart is prepared your CKWL train ticket will get auto cancelled if it is in tatkal waiting list (i.e) CKWL. Only if your CKWL ticket get confirmed you need to travel on the train.

  36. Hi my train no is 16273 and current booking status of CKWL is 1 and date of journey is 13/01/17. Any chance of confirmation for CKWL train ticket ?

  37. Train Number 12785 : we booked in Tatkal Quota. Tatkal Waiting ticket status : CKWL 22 and 23. How about confirmation chances for this CKWL ticket.

  38. Train Number 12225
    CKWL Status : 1
    Date of Journey : 13 March 2017
    Any chance of getting confirmation ?

  39. My CKWL Status is 2 in Mangalore express from thane to Madgaon. Date of Journey 17/04/2017. What are the chances of confirmation?

  40. Train No is 12023. Current booking status of CKWL is 32,33,34 .Date of journey is 18/04/17 .
    Is there is any chance of confirmation for CKWL train ticket ?
    Additional details for the CKWL Ticket: PNR Number – 8158362258

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