Change Name in Railway e-ticket Online

Do you want to change name in train ticket that has been already reserved? Have you entered incorrect name while booking your train ticket online. Is it possible to modify booked IRCTC railway ticket passenger name on Online now? Do you misspelled or typed wrong name while booking train ticket in IRCTC website. If you one looking for the above questions then you are at the right place. Here is an ultimate guide with steps to modify passenger name in train ticket both online & offline.

Modify/Edit Passenger Name in Train ticket Online – How to

Most of the people are book the railway train ticket online. While booking train ticket online, you want to enter the name, age, gender, berth preference, Nationality etc… in the online reservation page. To get confirmed ticket in both tatkal & normal, people used to type and fill the form as fast as they can. If there is less number of train ticket available for the train that they are going to travel then there might be chance of getting into waiting list.

How to Change Name in Train Ticket
How to Change Name in Train Ticket

So while typing faster and filling the details like name, there might be chance for typing incorrect name, or the name can be mis typed or entered wrong with spelling mistakes. Have you done that? Now do you wish to main change passenger name in railway ticket? Follow the steps given below

Steps to Change Name in Train ticket Online:

Have you entered name incorrectly and your e-ticket got generated. Now, in the same booked train ticket if you ask to alter your name in online and generate a new e-ticket with the corrected name.

As of now IRCTC website doesn’t have any provision for modifying name for train ticket in online. So it’s not possible to change passenger name Online for train ticket. But you can do the same by going to the nearest railway reservation centers. If you want to know in detail about the steps for changing name in e-ticket offline at reservation counters then check out below for the same

Steps to Change Name in Train ticket at Reservation Counters Offline:

As of now Indian railway provides only one option for changing passenger name in train ticket. That we have do it through railway reservation office. To change name on e-ticket, first customer should have following things ready in the hands

  • ‘Electronic Reservation Slip’ (i.e.) e-ticket Print out
  • Photo Identity proof of one passenger travelling the in the ticket

After taking these things, customer should go to the nearest reservation office.

Important Note: To Change Name in train ticket, train passenger should go to the reservation office with above details at least 24 hours before scheduled departure of train.

Step #1: Get the request form to changing passenger name from the face to face counters. Else download Change boarding point & passenger name request form online

Download Request Form Online

Step #2: Fill the correct name and attach the documents mentioned above and submit in the reservation counters

Step #3: They will change Name in the train ticket. Receipt for that will be given to you

IRCTC General Rules for changing Name in Train tickets:

Facility in the name change of passenger holding confirmed e-reservation has been permitted as per extant Railway rules noted as under:-

  1. Where the passenger makes a request in writing 24 hours before the scheduled departure of train to the nearest Railway Reservation office. It can be transferred to an-other member of his family, meaning, Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Son, Daughter, Husband and Wife. He should bring the ‘Electronic Reservation Slip’ print out along with photo identity card proof & a proof for blood relation desired to be changed .
  2. Where the passenger is a Government Servant proceeding on duty and appropriate authority, makes a request in writing 24 hours before the scheduled departure of train.

Note: The request will be taken only once

When they won’t change Name in e-ticket:

As said earlier, if you go to the office before 12 hrs. / 23 hours scheduled departure of train then they won’t change name in train ticket.

Hope you changed name on train tickets with the help of this guide. Feel free comment us if you stuck up somewhere in the middle, we are here to help you.


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  2. I have approached Valsad (Western Railway) to change name in favour of my daughter. e-Ticket is booked for journey from LTT (Lokmanya Tilak) to ERNAKULAM. Application was submitted on 14.10.16 for the journey of 27-Oct-16. on 22-Oct-16, the railway official informed that you western Rly can not do this as the journey is from Central Railway, hence approach Central
    railway. I am based in valsad. Is the railway officer right ?

  3. We have a confirmed online booked ticket for 4 passengers. But 1 of the members has backed out & we want to replace him with someone else. These 2 are not family related. Just friends. Is it possible to change name on ticket? And how?
    Please help.

  4. You can take the same age person with you. TTR will ask only one proof for a train ticket. But Make sure You are replacing the person with same gender and same page.Else you cant change Name in Railway e-ticket Online

  5. I have entered my name as shanshyam sharama instead of Ghanshyam sharma. Please let me how to change name in railway e-ticket online.

  6. I have booked an e-ticket where I have correct name and age but mistyped gender and booked. Please tell how to change gender in e-ticket.

  7. I requested to change the name & Age in the e-ticket , but they have changed only the age. What to do?

  8. I have Wrote First Name in the e-ticket during train ticket booking online. Forgot to write the surname during booking. Is the e-ticket valid without surname?

  9. I want to change name in e-ticket online. I have booked train ticket with incorrect surname. (i.e) It should be C Pradhan instead of M Pradhan. This train ticket have group of 3 members. Please let me know how to change name from M Pradhan to C Pradhan.

  10. I have booked 5 members ticket online. But one of our family member have urgent work so he/she is not coming . In that case can I able to make some other person to travel instead of them like (Changing the Name of the Person in e-ticket online to Travel). If so, whats the procedure?

  11. I have booked train ticket for my mother and Now I want to replace by her daughter in law. Is it possible because as per guideline only passenger can be replaced in blood relations.

  12. As per IRCTC rules, We need to go to the nearest railway station and change name in railway ticket but you have restriction in it. Only you can change name of the ticket to their blood Relation.

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