IRCTC Password Change – How to do in IRCTC Website

Want to change IRCTC Password in IRCTC Website? Did you forget your login password in IRCTC? You know your IRCTC password but still do you want to change login password on Indian Railway websites (i.e.) Didn’t find any option to modify password? Here is an ultimate guide for online train passengers to reset the new login password.

How to Change or Reset New IRCTC Password:

When you create an IRCTC login account or do IRCTC registration, you would have received mail with IRCTC credentials where you will have a user name and the password. The password created by IRCTC will be auto generated one. Also whenever people want to access the IRCTC website, then they need to go their registered IRCTC email and copy the password & paste it on the website. It is because the auto generated password will not be easy to remember. So people want to change password after registering the IRCTC account. Also few people want to alter it for security reason.

The below guide will give the steps to alter IRCTC password on IRCTC website. We want to write this article because many IRCTC users were not able to find the option to change the password in their IRCTC website. It is very difficult for them to find the option on IRCTC? Here is an exclusive tutorial for those people who want to reset IRCTC password.

  • If you know your IRCTC password & now you want to change old IRCTC password to new then you can follow the IRCTC Password Change #1:
IRCTC Change Password Option
IRCTC Change Password Option


IRCTC Password Change
Update Profile Option for Modifying Password
  • If you forget IRCTC Password and you just remember answer of the security question or the registered mobile number that you have entered during IRCTC registration then follow the IRCTC Password Change #2

IRCTC Password Change #1:

Step #1: Log into with your IRCTC login id & Password

Step #2: Go to my profile Option under menu & Click on update profile.

Step #3: It will get redirected to old IRCTC Website where it will ask for your password.

Step #4: Enter the old password

Step #5:  In the left tab Menu, Choose User Profile Option and now the options will get expanded inside the tab and you can see Change Password Option. Now click on Change Password option

Step #6: Now enter the old Password, new Password & Confirm Password. Click on Submit button. That’s it your IRCTC login password are modified. You will get the message saying “Your Password has been changed”

Now you can check the new password by login into IRCTC account by entering the new credentials (i.e.) new Password

IRCTC Password Change #2:

Step #1: Go to

Step #2: Click on Forgot Password Option.

Step #3: It will get redirected to Old IRCTC Website.

Step #4: Now enter the user name and click on submit button

Step #5: Now enter the answer for the security question and click on submit button.

In case you don’t know Answer / Security Question is not updated in profile, press Click here  option to get verification code on your registered mobile number and verify your request by entering the received verification code.

Step #6: Once the verification code is received in your registered mobile number, enter the verification code to change forgot password.

Step #7: Now Click On submit button.

Step #6: Now you will get a message saying that “Your password has been reset and an email has been sent to your registered email id”.

Forgot you registered email id. Check out our article on “how to find registered email id in IRCTC”

Hope you have changed the IRCTC password with the above steps. Comment us back if you got any issues during resetting IRCTC password

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