Change Boarding Point Online after Train Booking

Want to know the procedures for changing the boarding station after e-ticket booking or reservation? Is it Possible to change the boarding Point through online after the train ticket booked in India. Here is an ultimate guide which explains about the Modify of boarding station of e-ticket Passenger. Follow the below steps to modify the boarding point

How to Change the Boarding Station/Point in e-ticket:

When we were going to Trip to Goa, We personally faced this problem. We booked our train tickets online from Goa. Since we rented the car over there. We don’t to go back again to Goa to catch the train So we wanted to change the Boarding point to Madgaon Railway Station In Goa. when i searched Online and railway forums, We don’t find any Proper answer for changing the boarding station. It was very difficult for us to alter the boring station at the time So I thought to write an article which might help the train passengers like me who wants to do the same. Here I have written my experience and steps for changing the boarding point.

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Does IRCTC Website have option to altering Boarding Station Online?

Yes in the recent update last month, IRCTC website have an option for changing the boarding station online. But Only the tickets booked in online can be changed not the train ticket booked at counter. Find out the steps and procedures to alter boarding point online at IRCTC website

How to Change Boarding Point after booking Online :

People personally feeling  lazy to go to Indian railway ticket counters, fill Train ticket reservation form and pay the money. People started to book their tickets by Online. If they want to change boarding point after train ticket booking online then is it possible to change boarding station in IRCTC website online? Initially there were no option for changing it online. Unfortunately, Indian Railway (IRCTC) Website doesn’t have an option to change the boarding point online for the booked e-ticket. We thought the problem would be sorted out in New IRCTC website. But Unfortunately the next generation Ticketing system doesn’t have the feature to modify the train boarding stations. Only you got an option for changing the boarding at the time of ticket booking as shown in the above picture

But Now in the recent update. IRCTC allows railway passengers to change boarding point Online in IRCTC Website.

Steps & Procedures to change  Boarding Point/Station Online:

step #1 : Login into IRCTC Website with your login creditials

Step #2: After that click on option “Booking Ticket History (New)” 

Step #3: You will redirected to booked train tickets page. There you can select the appropriate train that you want to change boarding point (i.e) Select the train in the radio button. Before selecting make sure you are selecting the correct train (Date, Train ) for which you to alter the boarding station.

Step #4: Now click on “Change Boarding Point” Button

Step #5: It will be navigated to “Change Boarding Point” Page and where you can see the train details that you are going to modify the boarding Station.

Step #6:

Note: You can click on schedule where you can see the train timings (i.e) the arrival & departure to the respective stations. Select the New boarding point with the help of that

Step #7 : Now click on Change boarding point button. That’s it you new boarding station has been recorded and changed in train ticket

Pictorial Explanation :

Step #1:

Change Boarding Station Online [Step 1- Booked ticket History New]
Change Boarding Station Online [Step 1- Booked ticket History New]
Step #2:

Select the train that you want to modifyboarding Point Online
Step 2 – Select the train that you want to change boarding Point Online

Step #3:

Change Boarding Station Online [Step 3]
Verify the train details & Select the New Boarding point based on the schedule. Click on Change boarding Point
Step #3:

Schedule checking and Click on the new boarding point based on that
Schedule checking and Click on the new boarding station based on that

Steps & Procedures to modify boarding point online during train ticket booking:

During Online train ticket booking if you wish to alter new boarding point before making payment then you can change boarding point button as given below

How to Change Boarding Station while Booking Online during train ticket booking
How to Change Boarding Station Online during train ticket booking

Steps & Procedures to Modify the boarding Station ticket Counters:

If you have booked the train ticket at the railway station reservation counter and you want to change the boarding point then you cant modify the same in online. To modify the boarding point , Customer should go to nearest Railway Reservation office with ‘e-ticket’ slip (i.e.) Electronic Reservation slip . Also the Customer should have Original Photo identity proof of one of the passenger traveling in the Ticket.

  • For getting these facilities, customer can now approach the nearest Railway Reservation Office with ‘Electronic Reservation Slip’ print out and photo identity proof in original of one of the passenger travelling in the ticket at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure of train as per extant Railway rules.

  • Please note that reservation offices can change ‘Boarding Station’ & ‘Passenger Name’ against a request from the passenger as per extant railway rules applicable to other face to face counter booked tickets .

Note : The Passenger who want to change boarding point should come at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure of train. Even we have missed to modify the point before 24 hours of the schedule departure of train. so again we went to the railway station back to the same railway station to board into train.

Happy Travelling 🙂 With this new update train passengers are very happy because they don’t want to the nearest railway station ticket counters to alter the boarding point. Instead of that they can change it in online 🙂

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  1. i have book ticket from irctc and i forgeted to change bording and i booked ticket now i have to change bording what i should do

  2. you can now change boarding station online – look at booked tickets and at the bottom you get the option to change boarding station

  3. Thanks for sharing such an useful information. I have changed my boarding point in the nearest railway station.

  4. No it’s not possible. It’s possible to change while booking in Online. You can’t change boarding point online after ticket booked. You just need to walk to nearest railway station to change the boarding point 🙂

  5. It’s possible there is a option for changing boarding point go to home then click on booked tickets select the ticket which you want to change down there is option to change boarding point that’s it you are done 😉

  6. Vola ! I have alter my boarding station to new railway station near to my uncle home 🙂 your article made it easy 🙂

  7. Even though the option is given at the bottom of the BOOKED TICKET HISTORY to change the BOARDING POINT, it may show in the latest printed ticket as BOOKED OLD BOARDING POINT’s name only – even after changing the boarding point in the above said manner. On inquiry it was found that the updated information will be available for printing sake – only after the chart is prepared., that is well before 4 hours of departure. But to be on the safer side it is always better to approach nearby railway reservation counter to avoid any untoward unpleasant incident during travel period. Thank you.

  8. I’ve changed the boarding at nearest reservation counter, but in PNR status it’s showing the original boarding point. What should I do.

  9. Thanks for sharing 🙂 ! You pictorial representation was really helpful for us to change boarding station quick in online

  10. We are very happy to see that Indian Railway has launched a new update to modify the boarding point online after train ticket booking 🙂

  11. Wonderful Article ! Crisp & Clear for changing new boarding station after online booking. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  12. Hi Prem
    Please check before you give suggetion for changing boarding point online. Now IRCTC is allowing and we can change boarding point of e-ticket from irctc website looked at booked tickets and at the bottom you get the option to change boarding station

  13. This article was published before an year. This new update was launched last month we thought to modify it soon, but didn’t get time. Now we have updated the new steps for changing boarding point based on the new update. Thanks for informing Us 🙂

  14. When you Change new boarding point in Online or at reservation counter. It will get updated in the database. Only after chart preparation the selected new boarding station in train ticket. You no need to worry about it 🙂 Once you change new boarding point it will get automatically reflected.

  15. Thanks so much for your valuable help ! I have modified the boarding station for my train ticket in IRCTC website

  16. Only if you have booked train ticket it will show the information. Also it will show only train tickets that you are going to travel in future date. The past journey railway tickets booked are getting erased from booking History due to the batch job running in IRCTC now.

  17. My reservation e- ticket has two persons under one PNR. However I need to change boarding point for only one person and Other passenger boarding point need not be changed. Is this possible on the irctc webs site , please clarify.

  18. will u pls explain how to change boarding point thru android irctc app? thers no such option. even v cant c in desktop also?

  19. Please add a point that once you change a Boarding point while booking a ticket or after booking a ticket. It will not allow you again to do it, so its just one time activity as of now. I have booked a ticket and while booking a aticket only I changed my Boarding point. Now just for fun I was trying to change it again and see what happens, and website showed a message saying Boarding point has already been changed. So guys whoever is doing it please make sure you really gonna board the train there, else it wont allow you again to Change it.



  21. HI, I booked my ticket through IRCTC Connect Android app. Now I want to change my boarding station. I am unable to find an option in the app. Can you please tell how I can change my boarding. It’s urgent.

  22. Thanks a was great piece of information..and really helpful for me to change boarding point Online in 2 seconds..:)

  23. Thanks a lot for sharing ur experience and helping ppl like us out in this situation, ur information has helped in a very crucial situation. Thanks a lot 🙂 🙂 🙂

  24. Dear Prem,

    Very useful article. I have booked my ticket through my mobile app. When I go to the booked ticket history (OLD & Mobile app), I dont find this option available. Any chance I can modify this?


  25. I have booked a ticket from IRCTC Mobile App. I want to change the boarding point now, so how can i do that now ??

  26. Very Informative for Railway Passenger 🙂 Feeling good when IRCTC technology upgrades (i.e) Instead of standing in Queue on railway counter, this change boarding point option was more helpful and saved my time 🙂

  27. I have reserved train ticket via mobile app. I can’t find the option to change boarding station in IRCTC Mobile app. Could you please help me to modify boarding point in Mobile app?

  28. Hi, Can you please tell me if the boarding point can be the earlier station.
    Example: Train starts from Mumbai-CST to Pune. The boarding point booked was Kalyan, can I change it to CST, which is the first station and before the boarding station?

  29. Thanks a ton bro !
    I changed my boarding point today 27-04-2016 online via IRCTC website. Its working.

    Thanks again!

  30. I don’t think its possible to modify boarding point to the earlier station.But I can suggest an idea that you can take open ticket from CST to Kalyan(i.e) Earlier station to the current booked station and you can travel in same coach. If Train TTR ask, you can show the open ticket and the confirmed ticket from Mumbai-CST to Pune.

  31. Thanks for commenting the Problem. Sure, Soon we will write an article to solve the above issue. As of now, I would advise to login with the same IRCTC credentials on the website and change the boarding point instead of trying with mobile app. It would be good if you try & revert us on the same. This would be really helpful for other and to write the article on the same 🙂 Thanks in advance 🙂

  32. We think IRCTC doesn’t have any option for changing the boarding point in IRCTC Mobile app. As of now, I would advise to login with the same IRCTC credentials on the website and change the boarding point instead of trying with mobile app. It would be good if you try & revert us on the same. This would be really helpful for other and to write the article on the same 🙂 Thanks in advance 🙂

  33. We have booked tickets for 5 members from secunderabad to tirupathi. Now can I change boarding point for only 2 persons as Kazipet instead of seunderabad, so that 3 members board at secunderabad and 2 members at kazipet.
    Please Reply at the earliest.

  34. Awesum bhai……thanks alot for ur i think i can change the boarding point easily…hatts of to u!!!!!

  35. Your Post helped me a lot to change my boarding station online without visiting any nearest railway station i am Happy for it,
    Thanks Again for sharing it. Good Job Prem 🙂

  36. We don’t think IRCTC Provides an option for changing boarding to particular passengers tickets. But i have an idea for you guys. If you have booked all tickets together in a single ticket. Then the person who boards at secunderabad should have ticket with identity proof. so that he can show to the TTE and say that the other person went to next compartment, so that they board at the coming station. Make sure TTE know about it else he will give the train ticket to some one 🙂

  37. I want to book the ticket from DIGHA to HOWRAH but accidentally booked opposite. is there any possibility to change the route?

  38. As per the directions, changed the boarding point. This works fine. Thanks for sharing such nice info.

  39. I have to change the boarding point now as train will departure after 6 hr from now. Can some one help it is urgent ?

  40. Train will depart from Bikaner, Rajasthan and we have to board from Nagaur (NGO) because of some problem we are unable to reach Bikaner before Trains departure. The time remains is only 6 hr. to depart the train. Please some one help its urgent. Two Senior citizen are traveling whose are not able to walk properly. please help me.

  41. I booked train from one boarding point , am planning to get the train the next nearest boarding point. whether it is mandatory to change the boarding point ?

  42. Thank you very Much. U have solved my problem of Boarding change. Thanks once again for the proper guidance 🙂

  43. Wow. The pictorial guidance about change of boarding point is fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

  44. I am unable to change the boarding station, as I have registered with IRCTC old version. That version not able to get the particular window (boarding change). Can you provide us for boarding station change in the old version of IRCTC ??


  46. Hi,

    I have a RAC ticket booked through IRCTC, Kalka to Howrah(Kalka Mail). Now can I change the boarding point (instead of Kalka, board from Chandigarh), does it affect the reservation status anyway?

    In kalka mail few coaches are starting from Chandigarh, When Kalka mail reaches chandigarh these coaches get attached to it, If I change the boarding point can I have those coaches from Chandigarh?


  47. Thanks for sharing it. I forgot my station of boarding through booked train ticket history option.And changed to new boarding railway station.

  48. I came to know the Boarding Point change option through this informative article. Thanks for sharing it.

  49. There are no charges to modify boarding point online. As far as, we have tried only once to change the boarding point after train booking. I think only one time it’s possible because boarding point can be changed after station (i.e) You can’t change to before railway station. so once you changed it will be will your current source point.

  50. I booked my ticket from station window (i.e) Railway reservation station Counter. Now I would like to change my boarding from LTT to Nasik.

  51. If you have booked the train ticket at railway station counter. You need to change that at railway reservation counter only. Check out the section of
    “Modify the boarding Station ticket Counters” in the same article.

  52. For changing boarding points for E-tickets is possible through online. But in every case the boarding point cannot be changed till the entire trip route. I hope some quota system is there. Some one can change boarding stations only if that station available in their station quota limit. (Eg. Train ticket is from mettur dam (MTDM) to chennai egmore (MS). Now for this ticket this ticket the boarding point can be changed up to salem (i.e., Mecheri or omalur). He cannot change the boarding station though online to salem even station ahead. If this to be done then one should go to ticket counter only.

  53. There is possibility to change the boarding station for window ticket OR not ?
    I also wanna know if i booked ticket from GGN(GURGAON) TO JAIPUR and train’s start point is NEW DELHI and i want to change boarding station from GGN to NDLS it is possible or not ?

  54. It allows to select only a boarding point which is subsequent to your earlier boarding point 🙁

  55. Koi meri help kro please….
    Ye boarding station kya hota hai muse malum nhi pad RHA hai koi btao jara vistar se…
    Boarding station me kuch galat hone se kya ho skta hai????

    Me preshan ho gya hu yar….

  56. Still IRCTC doesn’t provide any option for changing destination Station in Online. But I Personally got an experience on the same. Actually i have booked my destination point as from A to B , but i need to get down at c which is next station of B. So I have asked TTR that i want to change my destination station. He told pay some extra amount for the same then he issued the train ticket. Since my changing destination station was near to booked destination station. But we are not sure about long journey. Check with TTR 🙂

  57. Thanks for information for changing boarding after train ticket booking. A trip to ticket counter and long queue has been saved.

  58. After the change of successful boarding point! what will be the new reservation status, if I booked as RAC-3 at the time of booking. What could be the new one. Whether I will get the confirmation ticket or WL

  59. Initially i have called to Customer care of IRCTC said that there is no option of changing Boarding point
    After reading the above article . I understood there is option for changing boarding point and Now I have changed my boarding point successfully

    Thanks once again….

  60. Even though, I could see boarding point option. It doesn’t show up after 9 PM. Is there is any timings to change boarding station.

  61. Hi ,

    I have booked a ticket from Mumbai considering the availability of seats in tatkal, but my boarding station is Pune. We can change boarding point 24 hours before the train starts. But my train will start at 8am tomorrow and it is showing we cannot change the boarding point. What is the solution for this?

    Will TT allocate my ticket to someone else in meanwhile? I am afraid that I can’t reach Mumbai soon to board the train from there..

  62. You are welcome 🙂 You have told that you have contacted the customer care number. Can we know to which number you have contacted for the same. so that we can share it with other people regarding the customer of IRCTC. Thanks in advance for your reply.

  63. Very useful information to change boarding point without standing in long queue. it helped me a lot. Thanks bro

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