How to Book Unreserved Train Ticket Online

Do you do unreserved ticket booking often in railway station counters?  Are you a passenger who travels frequently by train?  Will you travel in suburban trains often across location? Are you wasting your time by standing in queue to take your unreserved tickets in Indian railway station?  Do you forget to take Suburban train ticket? Do you lost your unreserved & local railway train ticket? Don’t worry to solve your problem and to book unreserved tickets faster, IRCTC has introduced a new feature for their train passengers.

How to Book Unreserved Train Ticket Online – Guide

IRCTC has rolled out a new feature last week for unreserved train ticket booking online faster. UTS an official Unreserved Ticketing Service IRCTC mobile app was introduced to book unreserved tickets online. The ultimate goal of this unreserved ticket booking app launching is to initiative for paperless ticketing. It’s just a beginning; IRCTC has launched paperless unreserved ticketing application. In future they may extend to normal ticket as well

UTS Mobile App
UTS Mobile App

About UTS:

You can download unreserved ticket booking app in Google Play store. Unreserved mobile ticketing services app is developed by Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS).  As of now Unreserved ticketing mobile app is available for Android & Windows. Based on the people response, they are planning to introduce to blackberry.

Download UTS App For Android

Download UTS App For Windows

UTS on mobile is an Indian railways official android mobile ticketing application which allows, train passengers to book their suburban train tickets online in Chennai & Mumbai suburban area using their smart phone. The application is designed in a fabulous way (i.e.) It’s very easy to use and train passenger can book ticket, cancel ticket. Also they can maintain their profile & mange frequent travel routes etc… The best advantage of this unreserved ticket app, after booking your unreserved tickets, you no need to connect internet and open the ticket. You can directly connect in offline


  1. Rail commuters can book the unreserved ticket using the UTS app; Instead of taking print-out of the rail tickets, they can just show the soft copy on the smartphone to the TTE.
  2. You can also book all type train tickets like normal, open, season ticket, and unreserved Train tickets.
  3. You will also have option to renewal your season ticket.
  4. Money for buying the unreserved tickets will be loaded through e-wallet mobile payment system. E-Wallet can be topped up in online by IRCTC website through credit /debit card. Also you can loaded up in railway ticket counters
  5. As per the suburban sections, passenger has to use the booked ticket with in a hour from the hour of booking the ticket
  6. The tickets can’t be forwarded to other since it has distinct color scheme everyday

Steps to Book the unreserved train ticket on UTS App

Before booking we would recommend you to check out the local & suburban railway station codes

Step #1: Download the UTS mobile App for your Android or Windows mobile Phone

Step #2: Now click on sign-up on the UTS mobile app. enter the mobile Number, Name and Select City, Select your ID card type and enter your Id card number. Click on Generate OTP.

Step #3: One time password will be sent to your mobile phone. Now type the one time password that has been sent to your mobile phone. Click on Confirm OTP.

Bonus Tip: Did you forgot your IRCTC Password ? Here is an ultimate guide to Reset/Change IRCTC Password

Step #4: Now select your default train type (i.e.) Ordinary, Express or Supper fast, select default payment type (i.e.) only Railway Wallet available now. Select class (i.e.) Second class, First Class

Step #5: Now select default ticket type (i.e.) journey, Return, select how many adults and child usually travel with train with you.

Step #6: Wait until the station gets sync with mobile app. Now add the route that you travel frequently. I personally travel in suburban train from Tambaram to Guindy because my office is near Tambaram station and my home is at Guindy. So I have selected the local train route from Guindy to Tambaram. You have also option to skip this.

Step #7: After selecting click done. The password will be sent to your mobile phone

Step #8: UTS mobile app the user will get registered and the railway wallet is created for the user. Initially the railway wallet will have zero balance  You need to recharge e-wallet in railway counters or in online.

Check Out: How to top up or recharge your e-wallet online through UTS on Mobile

Step #9: Log into the UTS suburban mobile app and now enter the mobile number and the registration password that has been sent to your mobile Phone.

Step #10: Go to “Normal booking”. Select the route, then how many are travelling with you. Specify it under alerts & child, enter the ticket type, and select class train type & payment type. Now click on get fare. If you have enough amounts it will go for payment. If not then it will show a warning message saying “Wallet have insufficient amount. Please recharge it”.

Step #11: After click ok. Ticket will be booked automatically and it will be on the booking history. You can just show the softcopy to the local suburban train TTE.

Note: As of now the UTS mobile app is introduced in two cities Chennai & Mumbai

Pictures of booking Unreserved Train Ticket app

UTS Suburban Ticket
UTS Suburban Ticket

Kindly share the articles to your friends who travel by local suburban trains frequently. It will help them to save the time and book the local train tickets in a smarter way. Hope its easy now to book local train ticket online Thanks in advance for sharing

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  2. Hey Prem,
    Could you please let me know the meaning of each term that is being displayed in a suburban railway ticket. I need it for my school project.
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Does i have to pay any extra service charge behind the ticket every time when I will buy a train ticket online?
    Please reply me.

  4. Can’t take train tickets from Saidapet (SP) to Thriuthani (TRT) at UTS?

    Please Reply!

    Thank you!

  5. UTS should be started in all station. Because a person who want to travel other station how he get a unreserved ticket for other station .There are only some station in that list, if i want to travel jhansi to kanpur in urgent then what should i do ?. There we have no option to go get a ticket without line .And some time even we miss train due to long passengers line. Then we have no choice without waiting or travel with bus.

  6. Thanks I have booked unreserved train ticket through online from Home 🙂 It saves my time 🙂

  7. I am trying to book the ticket from last two days and it is showing me error message like “Please try this service after some time”. I have recharged the UTS app on 10 Aug however no one railway station know how to debug this issue. Do you have any help line to resolved this kind of issues?

  8. I am trying to reach UTS Customer care. But the Phone is switched off. I am using my son’s phone and he was having this UTS app on his phone. i reformatted the phone before using it. and installed UTS app again. Now it is not allowing me to register on my phone Number, asking me to call to customer care.. and there is no customer care available.. What should i do ?

  9. Book Unreserved Train Ticket in app is very good service provided by Indian railways. But I couldn’t able to book train ticket from Ghaziabad to New Delhi. Is this service of booking unreserved train ticket is available only for New Delhi to Palwal?

  10. This is really a great facility for booking unreserved train ticket online with in the city. Why can’t this be added to the IRCTC connect app to book train ticket for General coach ?

  11. It will be an excellant app if Online booking is available for unreserved train tickets to all stations. Unreserved train tikcet online helps in avoiding long Queue. Also you no need move anywhere with big luggages with luggage,,senior citizens can move lesser

  12. Need to upgrade the app.I tried to book unreserved ticket online but Maximum time it shows the gps signal is low & Please try after some time. I would request the developers of the app to look out this problem.

  13. Regarding the UTS app for unreserved train ticket booking you can contact the railway customer care. I heard that the above issue got resolved for booking Unreserved Train Ticket. Please check and book your Unreserved train ticket online now.

  14. You can register only once on the UTS Mobile app with your mobile Number. Try giving forgot password Generate an OTP and try logging in the same. Please find the UTS customer Care number for your refrence.
    Phone: – 7045033646 (for Mumbai users) – 044-25351621 (for Chennai users) – 011-23361955 (for Delhi users) – 138 (for Kolkata & Secunderabad users)

  15. I travel daily to Baroda from Ahmadabad. Can i use this app to book my unreserved train ticket? Is it possible to book my unreserved train ticket online ?

  16. Yes it possible ! Check for the railway station in the Unreserved train ticket app, if the station is available in from and to then you can easily book it from your place instead of going to railway reservation counters.

  17. I am from Mayiladthrurai. Can I download the app in my mobile for booking suburban tickets in Mayiladthrurai.
    Also My wife goes to Chennai every Saturday and she want go to Cheptpat from Egmore through suburban train. Is there is any possibility to get ticket through mobile app.

  18. I frequently travel from Bangalore to Tumkur. Can I use this app to book unreserved tickets? When I went for registration, did not see Bangalore in the list? Does this app work for Bangalore residents?

  19. Kindly convey our need to have an app for booking unreserved tickets like is done for IRCTC app for any train / any station. Thank you!

  20. I tried to book unreserved ticket online but Maximum time it shows the gps signal is low. I tried to book at Mumbai Ghatkopar station, Andheri station which are metro stations but same problem. I could not book even the platform ticket. I have latest updated software on my mobile. I would request the developers of the app to look out this problem. Otherwise how to get the money back from the wallet please suggest

  21. I am in Chennai. I want to book an unreserved ticket online from Palani to Udumalaipet. UTS does not have provision for this. How can i get this ticket online ?

  22. I need to book unreserved train ticket from Delhi to Chennai thorough app ? Is it possible to book unreserved train ticket online?

  23. On Unreserved Train Ticket App. VIZIANAGARM Station (Andhra Pradesh) not there in the list.And all stations should be arrange/ inserted in station list to book unreserved train ticket online

  24. Good Job Prem Krishnan Palanisamy! Awesome article on How to book unreserved train ticket online.

  25. I have installed Unreserved Train Ticket app. I was unable to even register myself in the app. It seems Bangalore is not in the list. Please let me know how can I book unreserved ticket from Bangalore(KSR SBC) to Mysore.

  26. First of all , Unreserved Train ticket is for local suburban station. Also Unreserved Train Ticketing app has been launched few months before. It has been enhanced only Chennai as of now. So you can book only train tickets inside Chennai suburban railway stations.

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