Book Battery Cars for Old Aged & Disabled People

Battery Cars are introduced at all Indian Major Railway stations. The battery operator cars are used for physically challenged (i.e.) fordisabled Passengers & also for old aged people. They will pick up through the battery car near the train coach (i.e.) they carry disabled & elderly people on railway platforms and drop you at the entrance of the railway station. Battery cars are actually run by private parties.

How to Book Battery Car at Railway Station:

The service of booking battery car at railway station is free of cost. Also the private player will not charge any money from the passengers or Indian railways. Indian Railway has decided to help the private player earn some revenue, railways allow to operators to advertise on the battery car Vehicles. Also vehicle can be charged in the railway station which is also free.

Battery Operated car at railway station
Battery Operated car at railway station

The train passengers are advised to contact the following mobile numbers will in advance of the arrival/departure of the railway station to their battery operated car. When advance information is given to private party who operates battery car then the battery car will available at the desired place & time.

Currently Battery Operated Car vehicles available atChennai, Bangalore & Mysoreandalso few other Major Railway stations. Battery Operated Car is available at both Chennai central & Chennai Egmore railway stations.

Station Name Contact Details
Chennai Central 99403 56789
Chennai Egmore 99520 56789
Bangalore 99007 89789
Mysore 99000 12333


Note:  The passengers will be taken into the car from the nominated points at the railway station platform. Also it is restrict that only old aged & disabled persons are taken in battery cars available at railway station

Please comment us about the station Name & Phone Number, if you have already booked for battery cars at your railway station. It might be really helpful for the other people who read this blog like you Jif you find it useful Please interesting share it with your friends


  1. My family is travelling to Mayiladuthurai from Chennai Egmore railway station in 16853 Trichy Express with a aged grandma who underwent an operation. The train departs from platform 8, we were told. When I tried to contact the battery operated car mobile No. given in this website 99520 56789, I am getting the message that it is either switched off or not reachable. I tried several times and still getting the same message. I also read in some website a 2014 post that the battery operated car can take passengers to platforms 1-4 and not beyond that.
    Can someone clarify
    i) whether the mobile No of the battery operated car booking changed and if so what is the new number?
    ii) Whether the battery operated car can take passenger to platform 8?


  2. For the Updated Mobile Number , We will check with the railway station help line and get back to you. But I think battery operated car should take railway passenger to all platforms it will not be for particular platform. Any way we will confirm and get back to you. Thanks for updating us about the issues 🙂

  3. Hi, Thanks for this article. The phone number for the Mysore station seems to have changed. The number given over here does not belong to battery car services anymore. Please check with Mysore railway station and update the latest number here.

  4. Need assistance of battery operated vehicle @ Mysore railway station. Arriving by Shatabdi express C9. Aged parents who is paralysed.

  5. Its true that d phone is switched off. No. Is 99403 56789 central station.I want to catch shatabti express along with my father who is by Gods Grace is 100 Years old. Pathetic service, my suggestion is paid service will do justice both ways, at least we create competition like with d porters.

  6. I want to book the battery car at New Delhi Rly station. Kindly share the number please. V K Tripathi

  7. We to book a battery car in old Delhi railway station now. Platform Number 11. Could you please help us.

  8. Thank you in advance I want to book the battery car at Bangalore city junction Rly station. Kindly share the number &Whether the battery operated car can take passenger to platform where kochuveli express land .

  9. We are in process of collecting numbers for battery battery car booking in each railway station. We will share it as soon as possible. If you need urgent then you can contact the customer care for the same.

  10. Required to book battery car for aged person in Howrah station. I will come by Janshatabdi Barbil To Howrah. My coach no is D6. Please let me know how to book battery car for Howrah station.

  11. We are very old and my wife is a COPD and arthritic patient .We will be arriving at Chennai central at about 5.50 Am on 24.2.17 (tomorrow) by Hyd – Chennai Express ( 12604 ). In A2 coach, I will be highly obliged if you could arrange a battery car at A 2 coach , Hyd-Chennai express (12604) at .5.50 Am tomorrow (24.2.2017) and confirm

  12. Need Pune railway station battery car booking number. If not, please how to book battery car at Pune railway Station.

  13. I m patient and need battery operated car at Mumbai central railway station at 10:15 hrs. Please tell me how to book battery car and share me the number to book battery car at Mumbai Central railway Station

  14. Thanks for sharing such important information with us..Can you please help out to book battery car at Nagpur Railway station. Please share me the number to nook battery car at Nagpur Railway Station.

  15. We to book a battery car in Lucknow junction railway station now. Could you please share me the battery car number for Lucknow Railway station ?

  16. My parents are travelling to Hyderabad. Could you please give the phone number to book battery operated car in kachiguda station.

  17. The person picked up the call (Bangalore number) and asked me to wait for 5 min and after 2 min he cut the call! This exactly is the problem with general public services…. NO BODY CARES! We end up running around round and round and round till our knees break! What a apathy situation.

  18. We are Sorry for the inconvenience caused by Indian Railway for booking battery cars. Please give a complaint at railway office on the same. So that they can take necessary actions in order to avoid the problem in future.

  19. I have my Paralysed father aged 64yrs travelling to Pune on 9th Nov 2017 by LOKMANYA TT Exp( 11014) @ 4pm, from SBC -Bangalore to Pune, accompaning him is my Mother 58yrs. I have spoken to a Battery car driver over the phone, he has asked me to call back on the day of travelling but there is no confirmation from his end, I am confused on to relly on him or book a wheelchair separately. Also need to understand how many hours before passengers need to reach station for hassel free service, Please suggest.

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