How to Parcel bike in train [Indian Railway] – Updated

How to Parcel bike in Train across India ? Find process/steps to transport bike by Train and information on  Bike Parcel Charges & documents Required for bike Parcel. Do you want to know how to transport bike by Train in India? Are you looking or searching the best way to do bike parcel ? Want transport motor bike to the destination place faster ? Does it can be done faster through Indian railway? Is it possible to do motor cycle shifting or transferring through railway transport?  How much it will cost to do bike parcel? Is the motor bike parcel charges is based on the distance that it travels in train? Do you have these questions, if so the you are at the right place. Here you can find the answers for the same in the below article.

How to transport Bike in train – Parcel Bike:

In former, you can take the motor bike by Indian train or in special trains along with you on the same train. But now the process has been changed entirely (i.e.) But now there is separate team of railway authorities will decide which train that the bike should travel. There are actually two ways to transport bike in train across India. The two different ways to do bike parcel. Those Bike Parcel details are given below in detail

  • Luggage
  • Parcel
Packed Parcel Bike to transport in train
Packed Parcel Bike to transport in train

Before transporting Vehicle make sure you got all the proper documents for the bike (i.e.) bike’s registration certificate, insurance photocopied etc… Because you need to submit these documents for doing bike transport in train. Also make sure to empty the petrol tank of your motorcycle if it is being transported by any long-distance train on the Central or Western Railway.

Before booking we would recommend you to Check out the below articles to transport bike by Train 

  • Bike Parcel Charges Or Bike Transportation charges in Train
  • How to Collect Bike Parcel in Train at Destination
  • Train Bike Parcel offices 
  • Documents Required or Mandatory Documents required for bike Parcel or to transport in India 
  • Other FAQ: Recent FAQ on Bike Parcel in Train 

Steps to book as bike Parcel

If you want your motor cycle or bike to be booked as bike parcel, then follow the steps given below.

Step #1: A day before go to the bike Parcel office with your bike that you need to transport from source to destination. So that it will reach you as soon as possible. Bike Parcel office usually located at the back of the railway reservation Counters

Step #2 Find out the bike parcel charges that has been and expected time of delivery/arrival of bike.

Step #3: As discussed earlier, take the bike’s registration certificate & insurance photo copy alone with you

Step #4: There will be strict inspection of petrol tank of bike before they loaded in the train. So make sure you have least amount of petrol in the bike and empty it during packing.

Step #5: Outside railway transport office, they will be many packers to parcel the bike. Make sure your bike are securely packed by that packer

Step #6: Go to Parcel office, book put a value on your bike. Mention the bike’s engine and chassis number in the parcel form.

Steps to book as Luggage

If you want your bike to be booked as luggage, then follow the steps given below.

Note: If you are booking the bike parcel as luggage, then you must be ready to travel along with the bike in Train. If you are ready then you must book train ticket in online or at railway reservation counters

Step #1: Go to the booking office a day before with all the documents photocopies like insurance, bike registration certificate.

Step #2: Empty the petrol tank of bike and now securely pack the bike with packer.

Step #3: Now book it as luggage; keep the luggage receipt & the endorsement of the train ticket. Make sure you are keep it safe because these two are required to receive the bike parcel

Step #4: Wait for the train. Make sure your bike is getting loaded to the same train. so that the bike will be transported along with you on the same train.

Step #5: After reaching your journey, go to luggage office. Show the original ticket and the luggage endorsement. Navigate to the platform or the train compartment to receive the bike parcel.

Note: Since you are emptying the petrol tank you can’t start the bike. Also you can’t travel with petrol filled in a bottle since it is violation of rules. So make sure your friend is waiting with a bottle of petrol so outside station so that you can take the bike parcel directly to your home.

Tracking Bike Parcel Delivery in luggage office:

Enquire at the luggage office about the delivery of the bike that has been parcelled. You will get the information on the motor bike parcel like when motor cycle has been transported and how long will it take to be delivered ? Also the expected time of delivery of bike parcel

Bike Parcel Charges & bike Transport Charges/Cost:

Rail transport Fess are always cheap when you compared to other mode of transportation. Please find the for bike parcel charges/cost

  • Packing / Porter Charges – Rs. 150 to 200 /- . These charges will be needed for both packing and during delivery.
  • Total cost to transport bike or to parcel bike through Indian railway trains is calculated based on the distance & the weight of the parcel
  • If you need the exact cost then you can check out the below website which will in turn calculate the charges or the cost for the transport
  • Insurance charge is based on the value of the bike. Note this cost will be included along with the bike Parcel cost. State the value of the bike as higher because higher the value of bike will get higher insurance fee. Declaration up to Rs.10, 000 don’t have any extra charges. After that the insurance charges will be extra 1% of the declared value

Bike Parcel Transport Rules:

  • Make sure to empty the petrol tank of your motorcycle because during inception if they found a bike with fuel in the petrol tank, then they will put fine for Rs.1000 (i.e.) for transporting the bike with petrol. In some cases, the railway police will have rights to put criminal case and there are changes to put to you in prison for a period of 6 months to 2 years
  • Suppose if the bike is lost because of train accident etc… then Indian railways will repay as per the declared value of goods
  • Make sure you are mentioning the bike engine & chassis number during the parcel form registration
  • If you unable to unload & collect the bike from the train at your destination station, then you can again book bike parcel to the nearest major railway station.

Bike Parcel Booking Timings:

Parcel 10 A.M  to 5 P.M
Luggage 24 X 7

We hope this article will be more helpful for you. Feel free to comment us if you have any issues regarding the transporting of bike from one place to another.


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  2. Excellent Article with steps for parceling the bike in train! Thanks for sharing such useful information to us 🙂

  3. Hi Prem

    Got the idea on How to parcel my bike in Train ! It was really helpful
    Thanks for sharing !

  4. Excuse me Sir,
    Whoever sends the bike, those people’s name only should be in the RC book? or anyone can sends and receives the bike?

  5. A very useful article! Can you help me with a feq queries?
    My father parcelled my bike to Bilaspur Station.
    1. How will I know when the bike has arrived?
    2. Suppose I cant collect my bike at the required time.What is the rate of fine charged for keeping the bike in the station? I heard its around RS 10/hour.Is it so?

  6. Sir I,m parcel my bike to old delhi railway station to azamgarh railway station same train to going so please help me to luggage rate, documents and time to booking
    My bike is super splendor 125cc

  7. Hi Koushlinder Sharma,

    Bike Transportation Charges:
    1. Packing/ porter charges- Rs.150 to 200/-
    2. Total cost of transporting bike through railways is calculated using distance and weight of the parcel.

    Documents :
    1. RC Book
    2. Insurance Paper

    Make sure your bike petrol tank is empty before parcelling

  8. Brother You should go to railway station and check whether your bike has arrived or not. when i have quick search in google now i found an official website to track railway parcels which might help you to check whether your bike parcel has been arrived or not. I think charges will be minimal but Make sure you go and collect soon because if you have missed it then they will transport it to main north station. It will difficult for you to collect your par celled bike over there

  9. Transporting bike charges depends on the distance of train

    Sample Charges :
    From Hyderabad to Delhi (1650Kms), they charged 1750/- + packing charges 150/-
    From Jammu to Warangal (2400Kms) they charged 2000/- + packing charges 200/-

  10. My bike has been registered under my companies name. Will it create any complication while transporting bike ?. I want to parcel bike from kochi to guwahati and return I will transport again after 14 days.

  11. I need help for transparting my bike from ernakulam to Guwahati. I need to parcel it before december first week…Please help me

  12. Hello sir,
    Will they not accept the bike for parcel if i dont have insurance certificate for bike.
    And are these parcel offices open on sundays at major stations like bangalore.

  13. Good article. I absolutely appreciate this website. I have Parceled my scotty 🙂
    Keep it up!

  14. From my knowledge they will not accept bike to parcel without RC book & insurance certificate. Not sure whether railway station parcel offices will work on Sunday. It would be really great if you ask that reply back while you parceling my bike 🙂

  15. Hi,
    I live in Delhi and yesterday I have visited Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station to transport my bike to Mumbai. But they said that bike without ticket i.e. as a parcel is not possible and you have to do it by as luggase i.e. means you have to be a confirm ticket in the same train.

    Can you please tell me bike as a parcel is still available or not.

    Please also reply on my mail ID
    Your kind reply would remain awaited.

  16. What the cost for bike transportation from Mumbai to belgaum it’s 600km and bike weight 147kg cost of the bike 80000rs can u please calculate it ??

  17. I want my bike to be transferred from Durgapur (West Bengal) to Hyderabad , but there is no direct train from these stations . Is it required that destination and start up point of the train where I will push my bike should be in a direct way.? Can’t I transfer it like first it will reach Howrah and from there my bike will be put in some other train which goes to Hyderabad and I will be able to receive it finally?

  18. sir,
    I need transportation my bike Anand vihar to sitamarhi by train Lichvi express on 31 march.
    I have all proper document.This is necessary travelling is same train and same day.I do not want to go same day. this is possible I book my bike 31st march in lichvi express. 3rd april I need my bike in sitamarhi.

  19. Thanks Prem krishnan Palanisamy for sharing valuable information. I have few more queries.

    My bike weight is around 120Kg and the distance for transportation is around 1750Km.

    Q1. Out of Luggage and Parcel mode of transport, which is economical and required less time to reach??
    Q2. Along with the Luggage/parcel ,is it required that a person needs to travel??
    Q3. For parcel ,the rate chart is available up to 100kg. is it mean that I can’t transport more than 100kg via parcel mode?? Can you share the rate chart link for Luggage??

    Thanks for all your great work!!!

  20. Folks why take so much of tension of transporting a bike?, i would recommend to transport your bike by truck, no need of so much documentation just need RC book xerox copy, and a Id proof, door to door pickup & delivery

  21. I want to take my motor bike with me in a same train from bohdgaya to haridwar how can i take it?

  22. Hi,
    Is there different offices for “send bike as parcel” and “send bike as luggage” ? Or it is the same and done at the same place?
    Talking of new Delhi railway station

  23. Hii Sir what is the laggege office time my because my train time nite 12 o’clock . I have some extra baggage so that time office will be open or not

  24. Im’ Borish and I am planning to carr my bike from Delhi to Dimapur by train.Since its my first time I was a bit confused and I would like to know if parcel or luggage option is a better and safest one.I am looking forward for your compliments and to helped me kick out this confusions.

  25. Missing Motorcycle
    Missing motorcycle
    Dear Sir
    I booked my bike with PRR NO. 063370 on 29 march 2016 at marwar jn MJ for SULTANPUR SLN . It was loaded in sultanpur Express, 19403 on 29 march2016.Somehow it couldn’t be unloaded at Gaya. I haven’t received my bike yet. I got NR done on 1and 3 march 2016.But there is no trace of the bike till now. Please resolve my problem.

    Abhishek pandey
    PRR NO. 063370
    Mob. 09414200445

  26. No its not possible. You need to take to any nearest station which got direct train and parcel it from there 🙂 If you still want to transport the bike from that place then you can contact packers & movers they will help to parcel bike

  27. Can you please tell me bike owner is required for bike parcel in train?
    If i have original RC book & insurance certificate with me.

  28. Hi Prem,

    Thanks for the information. Few more questions, the following charges are “bike as luggage” or the “Bike Parcel” charges?
    Sample Charges :
    From Hyderabad to Delhi (1650Kms), they charged 1750/- + packing charges 150/-
    From Jammu to Warangal (2400Kms) they charged 2000/- + packing charges 200/-
    And can the bike be parceled from Jammu to Secunderabad or Hyderabad?

  29. Which is better option to transport motorbike from Allahabad to Aaharanpur. Whether parcel or luggage?
    I don’t have any confirmed tickets with me on the trian. Pls tell me safe option to parcel my bike

  30. Good Information provided in small words. I have Parceled my bike to my native:) Thank you So much 🙂

  31. Hi, Today I have parceled my motorbike from chennai to thanjavur at a cost of 650 rupees (200 for railway bill & some charges for workers + packing charges ) Thanks for your valuable information provided by you which helped me to transport my bike easily from chennai 🙂 Hope I will receive my bike tomorrow or day after tomorrow.

  32. Hi,

    This is venkatraman from Gandhinagar, Gujarat.
    I am physically challenged person. I need to take my Honda Activa Invalid carriage vehicle to Chennai on 14th May 2016.

    Some people are telling that handicapped people can take their scooters at free of cost in travelling train itself.
    But in Chennai central railway station they charged Rs. 3000/- for my scooter while i am coming Gujarat.

    Can u please help me on this
    1. Whether it is free for handicapped persons?
    2. what is the charges from Ahmedabad to Chennai central (1870kms)?

  33. Nice information man appreciate it. But I have only one question left that is do you need Original invoice also for booking? If u have RC And insurance but don’t have original invoice then is it possible to transfer the bike?

  34. I have parceled my bike 6 day ago. Today bike will be transported to native. But I have paid 1150 rupees more because of corruption.

  35. Thanks Prakash 🙂 For commenting out the total cost for transportion of your bike in train. This would be really helpful for some one 🙂 So total cost for Transporting bike from chennai to thanjavur is Rs.650 (i.e)200 for railway bill & some charges for workers + packing charges

  36. We are not sure about the transport cost for handicapped persons. But from my guess there will not be any free cost for transporting your bike from Ahmedabad to Chennai central. I think only for train ticket there is concession for handicapped railway passengers

  37. I badly need your help Prem. I am living in Ahmadabad and my bike (including Bike’s RC Book & Insurance Paper) is with my friend at Dhanbad, Jharkhand. Now the question is, can my friend dispatch my bike to me, if yes, then tell me the procedure of parceling the bike and what kind of documents, I will have to produce to parcel office at Ahmadabad to collect my bike (considering the fact that I don’t have RC Book & Insurance).

  38. Wonderful information given on to parcel bike in train. Very helpful for me at this time.


  39. Can I transport four wheeler by train. I need to parcel my jeep to my native place. Is it possible to do car parcel in train?

  40. Is parcel office in bhopal is closed now due to kumbh mela ?
    How can I know about that , there are no numbers online of bhopal parcel office.

  41. This information is helpful but I have something more for you. Can we transfer four wheeler? I have Tata Nano to transfer from Pune to Hyderabad.
    Will I get packing facility at station? Any extra things specific to four wheeler transport? I am not going to travel along with transport.

  42. can anyone help me to how to transport my bike from Delhi to Kerala in Ernakulam. I don’t have any idea so please help me to do this. I like to send my bike next month.

  43. Sir pls tell me if I had to change my train in between and I am taking the bike with me. Who will shift the bike from one train to another. How to coordinate that?

  44. I need to transport bike to New Delhi. I have the original papers with me but its in my cousin brother’s name. Is it OK? Can I parcel bike to New Delhi and get collected by someone else ?

  45. hi i want to carry activa from hyderabad to mumbai by train,
    can u please tell me how much it will cost me ?
    whether it will be less than Rs. 5000 or more?

    Plz reply

  46. Hi, I need little bit help plzz help me !!! Some questions are below
    Q 1.)there are around 600km distance to parcel my bike which is other state.
    Q 2.)how many fares will be charged and how much time will take.
    Q 3.)is it needed the NOC document ???

    Please reply us, thanks a lot!!!!!!

  47. You information are very useful. Whether RC Owner of the bike should do bike parcel in train ? Because my father is the RC owner of the bike and whether is it possible for my friend to send the bike from there? Also can i receive the bike without parcel receipt?

  48. I want to Parcel my bike from Mumbai to Srinagar
    What will be the charges for It can you please help?

  49. Hi I want to take my bike (Splendor Pro) form Mumbai to Delhi.
    Could you please tell me how much I have to pay to Indian Railway ?
    Please help me I someone has any Idea.


  50. Is it mandatory to have bike on your name if you want to send it by parcel?
    My bike is on by brother’s name Can i send it through bike parcel in train ?.

  51. This is Nilesh form Amravati, Which type of insurance need to parcel 2 wheeler bike ? My bike is 12 yrs old and i don’t have insurance. Please help me

  52. I need to transport my cycle interstate. Is there a way to do so? It’s BSA Ladybird and it is very dear to me..

  53. Thanks for the information. My ticket is not confirmed. It’s in waiting list. Is it possible to carry my bike with me?

  54. I parcel my bike from Haryana to Gaya Bihar by luggage ticket on 2 June , but We couldn’t track parcel luggage ticket Number. Plz help me I need to take my bike as soon as possible.

  55. How many days before i should parcel my bike ? I want to parcel my bike 6 days before? Is it possible or not?

  56. hey i want to transport my bike royal enfield from Delhi to kerala kottayam by train. Plz tell me how much it going to cost me and how many days will it take to reach there. Do you know any parcel in Delhi?

  57. Hi Friend,i Want to Send My Bike to My Destination (700-km)
    I Have Confirmed From Old Delhi, there People Said Us “If You have to Confirmed Ticket you can take it along with u”
    But Mine is in waiting list what to do ? Please suggest us
    Bipin Kumra

  58. Sir, I want to parcel Pulasr 220 and bullet 350 to a distanc of 400 Km. is it possible to transport through train? Also when can my friend receive bike without me ?

  59. Cn u pls tell. Suppose i have to send my bike from delhi to ahmedabad. My reservation is from ghaziabad to ahmedabad but boarding station is delhi.
    From where i can book bike.
    From ghaziabad or delhi.
    Reservation is from ghaziabad to ahmedabad
    Boarding station is delhi

  60. Hi Prem,
    I am using bike, which is on my borther’s name. Is there any issue while parcel through train.
    As my brother is not staying here and So I have to parcel the bike without his presence. Please guide further.

  61. How much it will cost for a transportation of my Bike “Passion Pro” weighing 110kgs, from Coimbatore to Mumbai ~1400kms.

    Could someone pls calculate and tell me an approximate round figure? And also do I need to pay while I take my bike in Mumbai?

  62. I am going to buy a bike from Kalyan in Bombay. I meet the person through Olx. He told he will help me for shipment and i am from Kerala. But He also told that didn’t have valid RC and Insurance. Is it possible to parcel bike without valid papers. could you please help me.

  63. Brother My dad is parceling my bike so is it possible to receive the bike without the bike parcel bill/ train ticket. Also I don’t have insurance for the bike ? Will there be any problem while receiving.

  64. I have got my cousin bike. Since my office got shifted, I would like to take this bike to Mangalore with me. What will the approximate cost, to do bike parcel?

  65. Sir I want to take my bike from Talcher road to Hawrah. Please let me know can my bike be transported on the same train that i will go usually.It is an weekly train .Please help me out and should i approach the parcel office one day before the Journey ?

  66. Sir I have bought a new bike and i want to transfer it into another state for 10 months currently i didn’t get the RC because it takes time to process and I have all rest documents including challan of RC. Can i transfer my bike???

  67. Thanks a lot for such a nice and helpful article Prem! Its really helpful for to parcel my bike to my native!

  68. I want to send my bike to erode through train. Could you please tell me, how much will it cost?

  69. You didn’t specify from where you are transferring bike ? It completely depends on distance that your bike travelling in train. Approximately I could say Rs.1500 – 2000 from Chennai to Erode. You need pay that in railway ticket counter. Also you need pack before you take to the railway station for bike packing it will take Rs.250 – Rs.500. You can also ask local transport to transport your bike like KPN, where they will also pack the bike and parcel it to your destination. The cost will be more less same +200 -200 between train and bus.

  70. We hope RC Challan would be enough to transport bike in train. But we highly recommend you to go railway station with these documents including insurance of bike and ask them whether is it possible to parcel bike with these documents. If they said ok then take your bike to railway station and parcel it. Since it is new bike, make sure bike is well packed before transporting.

  71. If the train starts from Talcher road and ends at Hawrah. Then it is possible to transfer the bike before a day. else you got an other option where you can take the bike in train with you. That you can do it on the day of the journey. But we highly recommend you to go to parcel railway station office and verify the details one day before the Journey. So that you can get prepared for next day journey.

  72. I have to transport the my Hero maestro scooter from Kanpur to ghaziabad. Currently I don’t have the insurance papers. Please tell me whether i can transport the bike Hero Maestro scooter in train. Also please let me know the full cost for transporting it from Kanpur to Ghaziabad

  73. Cost for bike transportation is completely depends on distance. And We think you cant transport bike without insurance. RC + Insurance book photocopies are must. Please enquire about this in nearest railway station. Also it would be great if you share it over here, so that it will be useful for the people.

  74. I would suggest you to go directly with the bill to take the transported bike.So that you no need pay any money for the worker. If you ask someone like labor then they will ask for charge.

  75. Sorry Vishnu We are not sure about it.But from my view you will not have any problem. But please enquire it nearest station before taking your bike over there for transportation. But to parcel in bus we are sure that there will not be any problem to parcel bike.

  76. Yes! if train routes are available then you can transport bike. It’s not necessary that you should be there to take the bike. You just need to courier the paid bill for bike parcel to him. He can show that and get your bike.

  77. Perfect information Thanks for this helpful data. With this information i have transported bike to my friend.

  78. To transport bike from the source point (i.e) Boarding Station you need RC Book & Insurance Paper of the Bike . For receiving the bike at the destination station you don’t need to have RC book & Insurance paper. You just need to have bill given at the train station counter for bike parcel.

  79. I don’t think you can’t change bike from train to train. But you can do one thing. You can book bike parcel to the intermediate station as destination point from the source railway station. From the intermediate book again the bike parcel to your destination station. But before doing all these make sure that the intermediate railway station has the bike parcel service.

  80. You should enquire that in the nearest railway station reservation counter. They will give all the details. If your destination station, is not big then it will sent to the nearest big major popular station. Then you need to collect it from the bike.

  81. Yes anybody can send bike with RC book & insurance. But while receiving the transported bike you need to have that receipt with you. Ask them to courier the bill to your address so that you can collect the bike with the bike parcel bill. Make sure they are taking photocopy before sending it.

  82. No you must the receipt/bill which was given to your father during bike parcel at the station counters. Ask him to courier it so that you can collect the bike. while receiving the bike , insurance will not an problem.

  83. Bipin you can take a unreserved open ticket. So that it will be acting as a confirmed ticket and you can travel in train along with you bike on unreserved quota. Hope this information will be help to do parcel.

  84. If you taking directly in Mumbai with the bike parcel bill/receipt. No need to pay anything. But if you giving to some people like porters then you need to pay for them. Cost will be calculated based on distance + packing charges

  85. I am willing to transport my bike from Mangalore to Secunderabad . My bike weight is about 120kgs. May I know the whole cost to transfer?

  86. I have a query, I have purchased new bike so it will take around 20-30 days for RC copy to come. I just want to ask that is RC copy is compulsory?

  87. You need to pay like for the distance bike going to travel in train. Other than this before you parcel the bike, you must need to pack your bike. For that you need to pay to third party vendor not to Indian railways.

  88. Sorry for delay reply..To parcel your BSA Ladybird , It’s good to transport by bus than by train. When you give to private vendors like KPN,Sharma service will be always good. Before doing parcel make sure you well packed your cycle. so that it wont be get damaged.

  89. Is original copy of bike parcel receipt required to collect the bike from destined railway station?

  90. Does the person who owns his vehicle should be with us or his relative would take it ,is it possible to do so

  91. I want to parcel my scooty from Howrah to Pune. RC book and Insurance papers are there for the scooty bike. But the paper has my mother’s name as owner.So any document like voter card of my mother is needed? And whether both front and back number plates should be there?
    How much time it will take to arrive?

  92. Hi Prem,
    I have transported my bike from my home town Delhi to Bangalore which is my current location and I have not changed it’s registration yet. My NOC from Delhi has also expired. I want my bike to sent it back to Delhi.
    Will I be asked for any other document apart from RC and Insurance.
    Please guide me.

  93. Wonderful information.Thanks a ton Prem for sharing it. I have transported bike to my native in train.

  94. No Shilpa. We don’t have any. It would be better enquire at the counter than to enquire in Phone. Usually Government staff may not attend or will not answer your bike parcel queries properly in mobile phone.

  95. Debasmita, No documents are needed other than Insurance & RC book. Bike will be packed so you no need to worry about number plates. But Make sure you are not getting caught by traffic while driving the parcel bike from destination station.Estimated Time will be based on train availability to the respective stations. Make sure you keeping the bike parcel receipt and scooty bike key to take the bike at destination station.

  96. I have only RC book and I don’t have Insurance.
    Can i still book it ?
    Also I want to book from Secundrabad to Nizammudin but the it stops in Nizzamudin for 10 mins only. If I parcel it will they drop parcel bike at Nizzamudin or new delhi. And Also Which is best parcel and carrying in the same train as luggage?

  97. Cost for transporting Pulsar 220 bike to bangalore ? It’s approx 500kms and weight is 153 kg.

  98. Its just a normal bike insurance. For every year you need to renew it. You can take that in United India Insurance or some third party Insurances. Usually In major cities Insurance can be taken at even petrol bunks.

  99. Cost & time depends on parcel services. You can book bike parcel at railway station parcel office or to the private party vendors like sharma, KPN, etc.. But They will parcel your bike in Bus.

  100. How Much charge for bike parcel from Chennai to Pathankot Cant. Also How many days will it take if i send as bike parcel in train

  101. HI want to transport bike Pulsar 150cc, 160 kg, from Mumbai to Kolkata railway station distance is around 1800km. What will be the charges for bike parcel?

  102. Hello Prem,
    You have been responding to a lot of queries here, I also have one query, Is it mandatory that the person who owns the vehicle needs to travel along? And only the owner can collect the parcel at destination?

    Thank you

  103. If my bike is delivered on 01.08.2016 at the destination station. Till when is it free delivery and what is the penalty or late receiving charges.

    Please publish all the information on the website.

  104. My Insurance Validity End in last Month and I Want to Transport Bike Through Train now. Is it Compulsory to carry Valid Insurance ?

  105. Hi Prem,

    Thanks on everyone’s behalf for answering all the queries!

    My bike is register in Hyderabad but currently it’s with me in Mumbai. I want to transport it as parcel from Mumbai to Delhi.

    Will the RC and Insurance xerox copy be sufficient to transport the bike as parcel? Or do I also need NOC from Mumbai for Delhi RTO to transport it.

    It’s bit urgent! Please help me with the query. 🙂

    Best Regards,

  106. I need information about to parcel bike from Bangalore from Delhi. When I went railway station and to parcel bike. They are asking confirmed travel ticket to parcel bike? Is it necessary to have confirmed ticket to transport bike ? Please help me on this

    Note: I have got all necessary bike documents like RC & insurance.

  107. Payyanur to kottayam about 380km Royal Enfield bullet weight of 187kg. How much it will cost to transport my bike to destination ?

  108. My Bike is in Hyd and want to transfer it to Bhagalpur but there is no direct train, best option is to get it delivered from Hyd to Howrah and then from there to Bhagalpur.
    Do you have idea if this can be done as a parcel service?

  109. Prem,

    Your attitude is amazing.

    Thanks for taking the time to do this blog and still replying to all the queries.

  110. I am waiting for my parcel bill to come, will they keep the bike in the station or should I tell them about the delay? Thank you in advance.

  111. Very good information. but I have one query?

    Can I parcle my bike from one station to other when there is no direct train?
    I want to parcel my bike from Nashik to vadodara. But direct train is not available. Train travels from Nashik to Mumbai and from Mumbai another trains goes to vadodara?

    Please guide me to parcel the bike

  112. Can i book bike parcel online ? Is the option available or we have to go railway station for booking ? If the online bike parcel facility is available then it would be easy for me to calculate the bike parcel charges.

  113. I need to transport Platina Bike from Chennai to Panvel. I have few queries which are given below

    1. What would be the approx parcel bill cost?
    2. How much porters will collect for packing the bike?
    3. How many days before i need to book the bike – i.e. Train MAS ADI EXPRESS b/w Chennai-Panvel on every Thu & Sun

    Please help me.

  114. I am Nisha, I booked a parcel from Howrah to Coimbatore on 12th September , Today 7th Day ,it has not been received by the concern person. Coimbatore parcel agents saying it has not reached to Coimbatore yet.
    Can you please help me find out where the parcel is?
    PWB No. – 541237

  115. Nisha, Usually it will take some extra time to reach the destination station because there will not be frequent trains to parcel bike from source to destination. So in your case Howrah to Coimbatore will not have frequent trains. I hope you will receive your bike parcel with a week. Please let us if you have not received still after a week.

  116. Sure we will help you to parcel bike from Chennai to Panvel.

    1. It depends on distance, you can enquire that in the railway counter.
    2. Packing charges will depends on area. If it is Chennai then it will cost around Rs.200 – Rs.400
    3. It better to book bike parcel before two days so that it is very easy for them to parcel bike easily on the same train.

    Hope We have provided are sufficient. Kindly let us know if you need any more help further.

  117. No you cant do bike parcel like that. Only thing you can do is you can parcel from Nashik to Mumbai. Then again you need to collect bike parcel in Mumbai and again you need to do an new bike parcel from Mumbai to Vaddara. So you need some person to be there near the station to collect and send it back. Also it would be difficult we might not know at what day the bike arrives.

  118. Hello Prem. Hope you are doing well. Just wanted to ask you 1 question.

    How much time does the whole procedure take? I mean do we need to book the bike first and they will send it whenever there is a slot free for the transportation (As parcel) or do they send the vehicle on the same day. Should I need to drop the vehicle in the railway station for transportation.

  119. hi Prem, Parceled Bike is missing. I am not getting proper information from KR Puram railway parcel booking office and the station Master is ridicules about information. My name is C N R Raghavendran Kotha. I booked my bike (Pulsar 150 cc AP37 BH 9153) from Pune junction to Krishnarajapuram(KJM) on 26-09-2016 along with my railway ticket PNR NO : 8538635067. BIKE PARCEL LUGGAGE TICKET NO : B630893. I booked my bike along with my ticket parcel fair 2300/- . When I arrived Krishnarajapuram next day in luggage couch my bike is not available but in Pune booking office person said we are booked we don’t have any more information about my BIKE. Please inform how can i approach them. Please find my details below. they are just simply saying to wait for other two more days.

  120. Usually they will keep it in the railway station. If it is intermediate station they will keep it for about a week, after that they will transfer it to the main railway station. You can show the bike parcel bill and collect it from there

  121. Yup you can go some private parcel service like KPN etc… where they will transfer your bike from Hyd to Howrah. IF you still want to use bike parcel service in train then you need some person in Howrah to collect the bike and again get a new parcel bill and transport the bike from Howrah to Bhagalpur.

  122. Raghu I could understand your problem and the situation you are in. First Question, Whether have you seen your bike loading into train that your traveled from Pune? Some times , By mistake there are chances for transporting your bike to other destination. From the content i could understand that railway station master told to wait for 2 days. I would request you to do the same , wait for other one week. If the transported bike from Pune is not arrived then ask them take a complaint on the same. Also call railway help line and ask them what to do for this ? they will guide in a proper manner. Please do write to us if you still have issues with the transported bike.

  123. The whole procedure will take at-least half of your day. If your destination station is main station then they will send it whenever there is a slot free for transportation. If not you need to book the bike parcel as luggage and you need to carry along with you. I would highly recommend you to go before a day and enquire all the details so that you will get an rough idea on it.

  124. For few destination there will not be parcel service available directly through railway stations. At the time you need to do bike parcel as luggage.(i.e) You can take it as luggage along with the same train you are travelling. So you can get a confirmed ticket or open ticket from railway reservation counter and travel with the same.

  125. Yes! It’s compulsory to have valid Insurance for bike to do bike parcel. I would suggest you to take and transport the bike. To ride bike in the destination city , any way you need to take bike insurance. So I would request you to take immediately as soon as possible.

  126. Usually if you not taking the bike from railway station for a week after delivery. Then it will bike will be parceled to main station. You need to go and collect bike from there. There will not penalty or late receiving charges for the same.

  127. can you guide me to transport my Cane Chair Sofa Set (Two single seater, one three seater, one centre table). how it will possible for New Delhi to Darbhanga by train and what will be process, basis of charges.

  128. Please suggest how can I transfer my bike from Lucknow to Vishakhapattanam station. I can see no direct train is available from Lucknow station. Thanks in advance !

  129. I want to know whether NOC is necessary to receive bike at railway station.I want to transfer my bike from Odisha to Goa.. but confuse about whether they will ask me about NOC or Not at the time of receiving at Goa.

  130. I don’t have insurance of my bike and i just have bike registration certificate so can i take the bike as Luggage during the travel.

  131. Hello
    How much amt they will charge for transporting from my bike from Dadar to Howrah Junction.
    Please send with calculation.

  132. You can take it without insurance of bike if they allow in railway station. But from destination station you will be travelling on road with bike at the time you need insurance of the bike else you need to pay the fine to traffic police.

  133. Thank you sir for providing such a precious and useful information to us.I hope by using this information I can easily Parcel my bike to my Workplace.

  134. I want to Parcel bike From Delhi to Patna. Please give information as soon as to my mobile Number 9971272208.

  135. Even if it less price compared to other parcel service, We highly recommend not to transport House hold items because it will get broken in Train. Please transport only bike train not the house old items.

  136. You can enquire the bike Parcel Charges at railway reservation counters. It will usually get delivered within a week, it also depends on train frequency. NOC document is not needed to parcel or receive bike.

  137. I have buy new bike , at that time I have only bill .
    I don’t have RC at present ,
    So can I parcel my bike .

    Or I will have to wait till the RC coming

  138. Can one take someone’s bike (as Luggage) in the train? I mean to ask, Can I take carry my friend’s bike/ my train ticket and bike documents with different name?

  139. I’m sending my bike as luggage in train. Is it possible to receive the bike by me on the same train?

  140. My bike insurance expired last month. I need to parcel bike from Bangalore to Pune. Is it possible to transport bike and also i wish to travel along with my bike. Can you please help me on the same.

  141. Hi. I am Jinu. I have to make parcel my bike from Mysore to Varanasi. It may be send my brother. So can I receive it without the original invoice.Basically how many days would be for reaching this ?

  142. Can anyone transfer bike from one place to another place in trains if that person has RC book and insurance certificate of that bike?

  143. Can my brother or friend parcel my bike ? And while receiving the bike is it possible to show the xerox of RCbook and insurance?

  144. My bike arrived at nearest railway station. But I don’t have original bike parcel bill or paper copy of the bike parcel. Is it possible to collect the transported bike from with Original Pan card or some other documents of bike. Please answer me asap.

  145. We would like to take our two bicycles as luggage with us on a train from Delhi to Varanasi. We don’t want to send them as parcel .
    Is it possible to take them with us?

  146. Is it possible that the bike parcel receipt also be sent along with the bike (with the RC and insurance) from the source station and I can show my ID proof at the destination and collect it?? Please update ASAP

  147. I have changed the color of my bike but haven’t updated it in the registration document. Will that be a problem ??

  148. Hi Prem,

    This is Satish, I have a big query. Hope you will help me here. I would like to transport bike (TN Reg) from MAS/TMB to HPT (Hospet). There are no direct trains from source to destination. So below are my queries.
    1. When I purchased the bike 2nd hand, i didn’t not transferred the bike on my name. RC with owner name and insurance with my name –> will they(Railways) allow me to book the parcel/luggage.?
    2. As there are no direct trains from MAS to HPT, how do I book parcel/luggage?
    3. Is it mandatory to travel with bike or I can book bike 2-3 days advance, so it can go to destination before I reach?
    4. Which is best and safest way of transport — Parcel or luggage?
    5. Where is the parcel booking office in Chennai?

    Sorry to load you with many queries. Please answer me as soon as possible. So that i can parcel my bike.

  149. Chennai bike Parcel office is located at Chennai Central & Chennai egmore Railway station, based on your train frequency you can choose the railway station. Parcel or Luggage both ways are safe of transporting your bike. Yeah you can book it in advance. If you don’t have direct train , you must have any people at the intermediate station to collect your bike and parcel it again from there immediately.

  150. Sir I have no bike insurance and how to parcel my bike without insurance from Ratangarh to visakhapatnam

  151. Well I would like to ask that i m willing to travel from my home place (fatehpur) to New Delhi by train. Also I want to take my cycle along with me.. Is it allowed to keep a cycle on a sleeper class ? If not then how can i take my cycle to Delhi.

  152. You can’t take the cycle in the Sleeper class. You need to go to railway parcel office and book your cycle parcel as luggage where you need to show your confirmed ticket. They will make bicycle parcel and place it in the parcel container of train. Once you got down at New Delhi, you can show the parcel luggage receipt and take it along with you.

  153. Any idea about parcel charge for bike with weight 108kg and travel distance about 700KMS (Vijayawada to KJM)?

  154. I want know the information about bike parcel or luggage charges in train from Gorakhpur to Agra Fort.

  155. My dad wants to book an enfield bullet from csd canteen, Chennai(only delaer for csd canteen option bullet in South india). How my question is since it’s a brand new bike there won’t b any RC book only Insurance and invoice copy will be there. so how can I transport the bike through train?. Pls help me. Your reply is very much appreciated…Thank u

  156. I have an E-ticket, will it work as a journey proof? I know the steps as i have transferred my bike from Pune to Lucknow, but at that time i had a counter ticket

  157. I am udayvir singh and a farmer. I want to send our Mahindra Tractor from Bhilai to Meerut city by train. May i know the transportation or the parcel charges for the same.

  158. Thank you for the information.

    I want to send bike fro T.P.Gudem to Hyderabad..
    Bike Parcel charges : Rs. 750
    Bike Packing charge : Rs. 500 demanding..
    Please help me ..
    How and where I can complain about this?

  159. If there is no direct train between the source and destination, then also will the parcel service of railways will transport the bike till the destination by using connecting trains?

  160. I have purchased a Honda Activa from Bangalore and I want to parcel it to kharagpur. I have the original insurance copy and photocopy Of RC book. Can i book it now with these documents?

  161. I want to book my bike from New Delhi to Darbhanga but i am the third owner and RC not on my name. Insurance has also expired. Can i book my bike in train without any extra effort ?

  162. Prem can you please help me? Actually I want to transport my Pulsar 150 cc which is of 144 kilos. I want to parcel it to Mumbai so How much will it cost ?

  163. Can I carry the bike as luggage in any train?. If I send the Bike as Parcel, in how many days I need to collect the Bike from destination station?

  164. No Railway Parcel service will not do bike parcel for connecting trains. You can reach the intermediate destination to collect your bike and from there you manually need to parcel it again to your destination.

  165. Yes ! You can take the bike as luggage in any train if the luggage service is available for the train. If u send as Bike Parcel it will reaching to your destination in a week (Max One week, Minimum Two days) Also it depends on the frequency of train that you are sending from source to destination.

  166. Saikh thanks for commenting us. As said already the bike parcel charges depends on the distance it’s travelling and the weight of the train. From Your comment i could understand that your destination is Mumbai but how about the source station ?

  167. We are not aware of large vehicle parcel charges in Train. It would be good if you enquire in railway parcel office. Also please revert us on the same. so that we will update the article which might helpful to other readers.

  168. Raj you can book the bike in Chennai and transport through the bike in bus. I Would personally recommend you to transport the bike in Bus. I think the CSD Canteen will deliver the bike to your destination, so Please enquire with them and also in railway parcel office whether is it possible to transfer the bike with the invoice.

  169. Planning a Cycle ride to Leh from Manali.
    I am from kerala. How can i parcel my cycle to Delhi?
    How much it cost? Is it safe to pracel cycle in Train?

  170. Cycle Parcel in Train is same as bike Parcel in Train. But you doesn’t need to submit RC book & Insurance Papers. Just go to railway station with cycle and parcel it. Cost of transportation of Cycle in Train will be cheaper than bike parcel. Please enquire the cycle parcel charges in parcel counters.

  171. I want to parcel my bike from New Delhi to Hyderabad via train (IRCTC), but I am not travelling in direct from Delhi to Hyderabad, I will travel via my native to hyd. Is it possible to parcel my bike while I am not travelling. Please suggest is there any possible way for parcel or luggage the bike.

  172. I need to parcel a bike from Mangalore to Delhi or Bangalore to Chandigarh via train, Below are the list of questions I have in my mind.
    1) I am not the owner of the bike, will that be a problem ?
    2) I do not want to travel along with the bike. So will that take extra time for parcel than luggage? or I can reach there before the train reaches and still get it same day that the train reaches.
    3) Once I’m down in Delhi I will be there only for a period of 15 days, Do I have to make an NOC for the same because I will leave to Himachal same day and wont be in each state for more than 3 days?

  173. I want to take my motor bike Activa along with me to Surat from Borivali. I wish to travel from Borivali to Surat in 12935 DN BDTS SURAT Exps on 16th October 2017. Can I take it in luggage compartment and collect it at the destination point Surat station.
    Please suggest me the proper procedure and charges.

  174. If bike RC and insurance is with me at Mumbai.
    Can my friends parcel it from Jaipur
    With Xerox copies of that
    And can I collect my bike at Mumbai
    Without parcel booking receipt in original if I’m having my original RC and insurance

  175. I want to transfer my bike from Chennai to Delhi which I bought from second hand. I haven’t change the owner name yet. Will I face any issue to parcel the bike? Do I need any other documents other than RC book and Insurance? Is it necessary that the sender and recipient name should be in RC BOOK?

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