How to access Free Wi-Fi in Mumbai Railway Station

Google free Wi-Fi is live on Mumbai central railway station (BCT). Find how to access the free Google free Wi-Fi feature at Mumbai station. Here are the steps to activate the free Google Wi-Fi on your mobile phone. Is it possible to access immediately without prior approval? Check out in detail below

Access Google Free Wi-Fi at Mumbai Central Railway station

We all know that Google CEO Sundar Pichai to push more internet adoption in India, announcing free Wi-Fi in 100 railway stations as promised to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his silicon valley Visit. Also he stated that Mumbai Central would be the first among the 100 railway stations, getting free Google Wi-Fi connectivity.

How to connect/access-free Wifi railway-stations

At last, Google has launched the first free Wi-Fi connection service in Mumbai central.  Railway Minister Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu inaugurated the free WiFi connectivity server for the railway passengers on the Mumbai central station on last Friday. It is one of the major achievement by Indian Railways because it completes this on the proposed time. As said earlier we can except the other 99 railway stations will get the free Google Wi-Fi features as soon as possible. In all 99 railway station, it is expected to complete before 2017.

Steps to access/connect Free Wi-Fi at Mumbai Central Railway Station:

In order to use the Free WIFI service of Indian Railways associated with Google, you must first authenticate yourself as like any other public Wi-Fi networks. Cool! We do have ultimate guide which will describe how to connect free Wi-Fi at Mumbai station.

Follow the steps given below to connect the Free WIFI  successfully

Step #1: Search for a Wi-Fi networks from your Mobile Phone or Laptop etc…

Step #2: Now you can find the Railwire which will be available in the Wi-Fi networks.

Step #3: Select the “Railwire” from that

Step #4: Now open the Internet browsers such as chrome, safari etc..

Step #5: Navigate to the URL Website

Step #6: Enter the Phone Number in Wifi Login Screen

Step #7: Click on the Receive SMS button

Step #8:  You will receive OTP (i.e.) one time Password to your Mobile Phone

Step #9:  Enter the OTP on the column provided.

Step #10: That’s it. Now you can able to browse free on Internet

Upcoming Railway Station which will get Google Free Wi-Fi: Google Next Go Live plan is for Allahabad, Patna, Jaipur and Ranchi stations.

Are you currently in Mumbai Central now?  Comment us about the Wifi speed & the Wifi access details of Mumbai central railway station. Don’t forget to share it with your friends

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