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I am Prem Krishnan P a Part time Blogger. I manage & run TechieBeat. I have completed my B.E Computer science engineering & Currently working in an MNC as .NET Developer. To be specific I am Passionate on Technology & business. I hope this a good platform for me to share and learn with passion and vigor :) Apart from blogging and being a techie geek  I love travel and to hangout with friends and family :)

About IRCTC Station Code:

IRCTC Station Code is blog which gives you complete information on Indian Railway IRCTC Website.  You can find the information like the Railway Station codes list. Also search the IRCTC Station Code for particular place or junction, Tatkal Ticket Booking Tips, Waiting List Types,Class Codes, Quota Codes , IRCTC Mobile App – Blackberry, Windows, iPhone , Android Phones& Mobile Phones, IRCTC Service Charges, Special Trains, Retiring Room Details, IRCTC forms, Train running Live Status & Railway jobs. We created this websites to help people to know how to book ticket in online & how to avail other services in IRCTC. We offer easy guide for you.

IRCTC Station Code

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